13 y/o Carjacks Pastor At Gunpoint Then Crashing Shortly After

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22 thoughts on “13 y/o Carjacks Pastor At Gunpoint Then Crashing Shortly After

  1. Ray J is the kid robbing the pastor 🤣 straight clowning out here, im dying.
    But Big Char Man is right, I would be wondering what the hell I did wrong. But then at 13 too, kids really be trying to fit in to their environment so maybe the kids around him need to be checked too, no? I bet that took some big heart from the mom, I would be at my wits end… at that point, if she done did everything she possibly could, the fact it was a pastor too .. that's insane.. yeah, that ain't right.. at that point you really not only teaching his ass respect that's morals right there. Uuuhh uhh no ssir.. noo maaaammm. Byye byye hunnay..

  2. 😂 not Ray J asking "did he take the whole tube" followed with needing to know madd details 🤣 likkkeee….your kid is crazzyy wild & needs serious help

  3. That’s my mother if I ever did something stupid like this. She would still love and support me while I’m getting ready for my trial date.

  4. And this is why Black men not being held accountable for their actions,Envy and Ray J sound stupid as shit!Im Black might I add the asswhippings clearly didn’t work! His little ass taking a seat for a while might be better than a early trip to the funeral home!

  5. This mom is a real one. She knows if she doesn't do something now, it'll only get worse. I'm side eyeing Envy and Ray J.

  6. This is crazy. I know in NC people been breaking in cars even pastors' cars. I mean if it is 2 cars in the parking lot, one is probably the pastor's. Whatever happened to street morals? Wrong is wrong but they ain't scared of God or Karma if you believe in that?

  7. These two clearly weren't listening….smdh. I would definitely turn my son in. My son's are adults, I told them when they were kids I'd turn them in, put the fear in them early!

  8. This made me think of a story out of DC a few weeks ago. A 13 year old boy was shot (I believe he died I think). Thing was, him and his friends were out at 3 am breaking into cars. A guy was up, getting ready for work and heard some commotion outside at 3 am, so he got his gun and went outside, saw the group of people and said one of them charged him. As it turned out, it was a group of teenagers. I saw so many people on Twitter saying the guy was wrong and he should not have done that to a teenager and my first thought was, why are a group of teenagers out at 3 am breaking into cars? Where are their parents? My next thought was, there appeared to be evidence that the teen charged him, what exactly was he supposed to do? If I make myself known and you are doing something you shouldn't be doing, most people run the other way. If you charging somebody, you want the smoke. I hate that lil dude died but we can't let criminals get off just cause they are 13 years old. 13 year olds kill people too.

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