Callers Give Donkey Of The Day To DJ Envy, Kimora Lee Simmons + More

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43 thoughts on “Callers Give Donkey Of The Day To DJ Envy, Kimora Lee Simmons + More

  1. All you fathers think cause you work you were a good father ?? Never speaking or having an actual deep convo with your children don’t even really know your kids smh

  2. Y'all killing us with Jess! Come on!! Ain't nobody else available but Jess? This is overkill! She has nothing intelligent to add. Not watching the rest of this week.

  3. y’all obviously not listening just going off emotions just want them to tear down russell envy clearly said he doesn’t want to give the kids donkey.

  4. ALL THE HIT DOGS LOL if you a good "father" then what the next hypothetical y'all bringing up wouldn't matter. ACCOUNTABILITY MY BROTHER WTF.

  5. The breakfast club donkey of the day is the best show on radio dang Envy got that monster in them 1's dang not Russell Simon kids wow yeah black parents it's hard they earned their diploma so

  6. I do not like my ex-husband at all………. but my kids think I do, because I pride myself on being the best MOTHER I can be. To criticize or belittle him to my kids would be the equivalent of demeaning their DNA, which would cause self-doubt and eventually self-hatred. I divorced 20 years ago, and our children are grown now at 23 and 26. Yes, he was absent most of their childhood and he has let them down many times. But I tell them all the time, you don't have to like him as a father, but you MUST RESPECT HIM AS A MAN and HONOR him so that you can have a long and prosperous life. When they get angry with him, I remind them that they have a right to their feelings, but never a right to be disrespectful.

  7. That caller ain’t finna discredit Kimora she has all 5 of her kids and she has a name for herself! These men have the nerve to have something to say and beget have their kids … foh

  8. Rush is definitely not broke he might have some money problems but as usual woman call you broke when you cut them and the adult kids off 😅

  9. “Whatever he did it was a mistake” YALL DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT HOUSE. SHUTUP 😂

  10. The caller went off and I’m glad he stood on his point… I’m so sick of mother’s turning their children against fathers… it’s obvious that lil girl is brainwashed and being emotionally manipulated by her moms… Black people never stand by Black fathers… normalize not letting anyone speak negatively about fathers on our one day of the year… they knew what they were doing by pulling this crap on Father’s Day smh

  11. Shouts to the caller who gave the Simmons family donkey of the day. Dude was spitting straight facts! ✅ America didn’t need to know about any of that! 🫡

  12. Damn right! Russell Simmons kids and baby mama deserve donkey of the day for that foul shit they did…the kids was poisoned by her

  13. Kimora being upset that Russell is broke, yet selling Russell's shares in celsius so her husband could avoid jail is wild, but I digress.

  14. I think they need to go back and listen to their videos because the way he talks to them is crazy to me. He cuts them off because thats his way of having CONTROL. If they don't take his side he cuts off their money..this man calls his daughter's bitches to their faces, and that aint cool. If my dad talked to me that way all bets are off and i will never talk to him again.

  15. I see its always some throw the man under the bus sh#t going on in the comments… The brother who called was 💯 % on point… Russell provided a life that NEVER had to struggle so it should never be any disrespect…

  16. The same people mad at the celebrations are the same people wanted all this gay trans bs in schools so your welcome you got what you wanted with these weirdos 😂

  17. I dont know whats going on with Russell family but oh dude said a mouthful. Black father have it so tough, women have so many example of how to be a woman and men have to figure it out as we go. To catch hell from the children mom is one thing but when your children against you is entirely other hurt. My daughter mom dont work and just ride to her mom house and sister house bs everyday and now my daughter is saying she tired of school. Yea because you watching your mom do nothing, and think Im the enemy because I want to be successful in life.

  18. Boooooooooooooooooooooo🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  19. It’s not abuse when you get cussed out by your parents. We don’t know those people situation at all, we don’t know what led these people to this.

  20. 4:57 “I always come to Breakfast Club, ain’t no breakfast. So I feel you.”

    Reminded me of the video / skit when Fatboy SSE flipped out because there wasn’t any breakfast at the Breakfast Club 🤣.

  21. Not to long ago, wasn't there a story on the breakfast club where
    Kimora and her recent husband stole money from Russell so that her husband could stay out of jail for taxe fraud. Russell took them to court and it still on going? He probably had to cut them off because she stole all his money. He's probably bitter about that and taking it out on the kids. Didn't he get me to and was mad that no one stuck up for him?? Seems like they all are handling things poorly. On both sides.

  22. No ya see some of these callers think finances mean being a great parent and that is not the case. Parenting goes beyond finances and these girls say their father has called them and their mom bitches and whores, cut them off while they’re in a whole other country, berates them and have people looking for them. HELLLOOOOO. How is that being a parent? Some of ya’ll don’t deserve to be parents. Don’t bring being black into this either because being black don’t eliminate responsibilities of being a parent.

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