Dallas Police Officers Laugh At Disabled Military Vet Who Urinated On Himself

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46 thoughts on “Dallas Police Officers Laugh At Disabled Military Vet Who Urinated On Himself

  1. Give yourself and Tezlyn a serious donkey of the day Lenard. Larry Elder sharply embarrassed you and that loud mouth b!tch. DJ Envy tucked his tail early because he knew that wasn’t his fight.

  2. Great job Envy making it about you again as always linking you being denied a private employees only rest room in a business to the plight of a disabled military service member needed some assistance in his unfortunate life circumstances!! 👏

  3. Who does this surprise the US shows by the politicians that they elect that they don't care about military service or war veterans and this has been the case inperticular for blacks and Hispanic when they come home from wars! And the cops laughing and then take a position that they themselves are in war in our city streets and want respect and support because of it!!

  4. Y’all act like y’all care but voted against immigration which got Vets getting kicked outta housing in just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Breakfast club, learn your history before you bring black so called black Conservatives on your show, larry elders ran a mock of bs to you guys and made you look stupid. He was twisting history fact to favor his white supremacist talking points.
    Let be clear here, yes father in the home is very important , no doubt, but UNITY in the black communities is a bigger issue, because it takes a village to raise a child. They didn't kill black men like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, just to name a couple because they wasn't in the home with their families, they killed them black men because they had the power to Unify/ United the black communities. And it worked. Now the white supremacist are using other black people like larry elders, candace owens, tim scott ect to accomplish what they can't say or do and be accepted. See those so called black conversative NEVER goes on Roland Martin show( like him or nor, call him an uncle Tom ect) because he would have wiped the floor with Larry elders, with facts & receipts) that's why you never see any black conversative come on his show.
    It's a war going on in the USA and we the black communities are the targets.
    Learn your history guys you'll see those black so called Conservatives back off.
    If you haven't read the book The Color Of Law, check it out, you see how the goverment actually created ghetto, created hoysing segregation, made actual laws to prevent black Americans from owning homes, you see how the government denied black soldiers from certain parts of the GI bill at that time.
    Education Is Really Elevation.

  6. Bro is out here taking the time to show paperwork and sounds very articulate, but nobody can feel for him in the moment? I mean I get it, crazy and violent homeless crackhead types doing outlandish shit have soured most peoples perspective on helping others, but dude's energy is clearly respectable.

  7. Damn…. that's messed up and I live here in Dallas. We are screwed. We are living in the last moments of this empire. 🤔

  8. I don’t even ask to use the restroom… I just go! Unless I need a key to get in… I’m not asking AT ALL.

  9. Because of the migrant crisis people want to act like they care about veterans. They really don't, they just hate seeing so many non whites in one place getting government assistance.

  10. You would think in texas the police would have more respect for a veteran. The man gave his body for our country and the cops show no respect. Then they are gonna cry when people dont respect blue lives… despicable.

  11. As an Army veteran this is America in a nutshell with straight hypocrisy. These so-called politicians and patriots mainly conservative Americans are always using the military for clout. In reality they don't care these same people running around this country calling people woke because they have different political beliefs. As we speak you have a conservative politician holding up promotions for our military brass because he says the military is to woke. This clown has not lifted a finger to protect this country.

  12. Whatever you may think about the war in Iraq/Afghanistan, this guy ACTUALLY put his life on the line. Unlike these two cops who spend 90% of their time sitting on the freeway eating jelly donuts.

  13. It’s CRAZY the police department is saying it will conduct and Administrative investigation when the Internal Affairs (the administrative investigation) said there was no wrong doing. An Internal Affairs investigation is the administrative investigation. So in other words since we got caught, we will now conduct an investigation. Okay

  14. The police officers would have let a woman use the restroom. They just hate the average man like the rest of the world.🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. If this is the treatment for America's soldiers…imagined how America feels about it's everyday regular citizens…really think about it…👀🧐🤔😏

  16. He must’ve been black. I don’t respect the Vietnam Veterans or Korea Vets because they didn’t win shit & all the krackers were racist asf towards blacks in the army 💯% . Out here in Las Vegas there’s hundreds of white homeless old vets, I degrade them and throw them a penny every chance I get 🤣😂🤣😂

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