‘Dilbert’ Canceled After Creator Goes On Racist Rant & Labels Black People As “Hate Group.”

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49 thoughts on “‘Dilbert’ Canceled After Creator Goes On Racist Rant & Labels Black People As “Hate Group.”

  1. Sooooo I'm interested in the poll of how white people feel!!!! Wondering how he has felt for years about the KKK bombing men, women, and children!!!! About the proud boys, Charlottesville!!! And you see he was really acting like he was really on black folks side!!!! He gave his damn maid or nanny some old shoes and clothes now he telling white people this BS!!!!

  2. So if he was identifying as black for "years " why is he mad at a poll where blacks are saying they dislike whites?..

  3. I stopped @ 1:36. Did they survey white Americans also? I will continue watching the video when time avails. As well as, research this organization shortly 🤔(or in T.I.'s, voice, Expeditiously)!🤣🤣🤣

  4. It’s ignorant how he tried to make the correlation between Black people and littering as if to say we as Black people are innately dirty. I am Black and I know how unsettling littering is for me. There are so many Black neighborhoods and Black suburbs that are not covered with litter just like there are trashy white areas and mostly white trailer parks that ARE dirty. It’s most likely the area that makes a place dirty, not the race of people living there. It’s also disturbing how many white people I see commenting saying they agree with his obvious ignorance and racism. It’s so bizarre. It’s reminding me of when Mac posted a picture of a Black woman’s lips. So many racists commented with anger under the post that it went viral ..just for posting a Black woman’s lips

  5. They have a concept of history. The new trick is to gaslight us into silence so it can be repeated.

  6. Would it still be racist if a black person was upset at a poll that said half of white people think its not okay to be black? Somehow i think not. Being upset at racism does not automatically make you a racist. So far the biggest racists I've seen are people like you. Instead of trying to understand why he was upset and rightfully so, you immediately call him racist because he's angry about racism towards whites and not blacks. What he said may have been incorrect, but the only racists here are the ones saying he's not allowed to be upset over racism towards his own people.

  7. Na fam Trump used to be the Black Man hero even was on an episode of Fresh Prince, but we did not take him in the “Racial Draft” (Chappelle Show) lmao😅

    And y’all saw whose team he was on lol

  8. This was a general poll of all races meaning it speaks volumes about our controlled media and pop culture creating a white equals bad Always no matter what mentality.. so this cartoonist had better realize this means he is surrounded by also white people who look at him and assume the worst at all times. On YouTube we used have Tommy Sotomayer who was very frank about the propensity for violence against Asians and whites by African-Americans as well as of course each other. but all the African-Americans particularly women managed To flag him sufficiently to make YouTube ban him. For about 4 months in 2021 our controlled media pretended to care about Asian Americans and tried to take all the incidents of violence against Asians and sell it to us as whites beating up Asians. That was 4 -5 months of them blurring out faces and hands to try to sell the idea that these are white doing it. More and more people were starting to realize the deception so they gave up. Gave up means also the leaders of Asian groups suddenly couldn’t get their calls returned by the media Because their plight was not going to add to the white people bad narrative. During those 4 to 5 months of fake caring spike Lee was never asked if his decision for 1989 to include an Asian merchant in the film do the right thing that is mocked and ridiculed and used as comic relief for his struggle with the English language By a black character was not spike encouraging future animosity toward Asians by blacks.

  9. Transracial is a thing now???? LIKE A REAL THING??? ISN'T THAT CALLED CULTURAL APPROPRIATION???? IJS 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. All the people on the "left" will waste their ENTIRE life blaming everyone but themselves, not take accountability, & call you a racist. DON'T HELP THEM, DON'T TALK TO THEM, & LET THEM LIVE IN THEIR OWN ECHO-CHAMBER

  11. As a mother of 2 mixed children. I still know Im white. So please dont put us all in that same racist list.

  12. Do America a favor and distance yourself from these so-called social justice warriors. They're gonna call you a RACIST either way

  13. White people couldn’t stay away from blacks if their lives depended on it. They have “an obsession with inclusion” 🤣🤣

  14. All you liberals, BLM supporters, social justice warriors, antifa, & any other name you claim to be… ALL you know how to do is hate.

  15. Sooooooo if he TRULY identified as and saw himself as Black, why would he care about how Black people viewed 👉🏾🤚🏻 people? 🤔

  16. Please Dr. Umar would have agreed with everything he said. Races staying away from each other is exactly what that guy preaches. He is against interracial dating for gods sake. I will never understand how both people are not considered trash.

  17. Hmmm I see they are laughing with the idea of transracial.i hope they keep that same energy when someone is saying…..yup imma woman now

  18. BLM is a hate group I agree with him there. However I know many idiot whites that are in the BLM cult and I know blacks that laugh at BLM. Not a white or black thing it's an informed and uninformed thing.

  19. those 50% of black people should learn they skin-color of taxpayers who load their EBT cards ups

  20. A key bit of info that keeps being left out is that the poll had a sample size of 1000 people, with only like 130 being black. In the end it was 61 black people who disagreed with the statement "It's okay to be white". So Scott was willing to write off all 42 million black people in the US over the opinion of 61.

  21. Man I would think black folks here would be appaled about that poll but it turns out the poll is right based on this video and the comments. We need to seperate as soon as possible.

  22. He helped black people so he identified as black?? I could help a disabled person cross a busy street but I’m not go buy a wheelchair

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