Hunter Biden’s Ex-Stripper Asks To Change Her 4-year-old Daughter’s Last Name To Biden

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46 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s Ex-Stripper Asks To Change Her 4-year-old Daughter’s Last Name To Biden

  1. I actually disagree with this Donkey of the day only because outside of a few right wing people she would have a more peaceful upbringing. She’s 4 let her change it if she wants to later in life.

  2. Umm Hunter Biden has a point.. I mean look at how much hate the Biden name gets already.. and it’s a baby from a stripper it’s not too far off to think people would give that child a hard time via social media alone??.. and one more thing, did this man just site his sources from Fox News?? Or am I tripping?

  3. Im sick of conservatives complaining about Hunter Bidden. Whenever the left brings up Trump they bring up Bidden's stupid son. He wasn't the damn president tho. He's a rich idiot. Two different things. Trump also has idiot sons.
    BTW Using a sound clip of crazy ass Judge Janine? that's tragic.

  4. Didn't cm have Biden on when he was campaigning??? Did he not, on this show , say if you not for me then you not black???? And NO ONE had nothing to say about that at the time…NOOOOWWWW its yall ready to attack a negro on his behalf?!?! Bruhhhh smh….stop

  5. I could give a fuckless about the Bidens but if you don't think that kid will get bullied and clowned for having that last name your sadly mistaken.

  6. And we are taking the word from the wino at faux noise? They do not have to acknowledge the child if they don't want to. He should sign papers to give up all rights and move on.

  7. These guys are fools for quoting the worst News sources EVER. If the Breakfast Club has the reach and pull they claim to have invite Hunter Biden on and stop acting like little bitches and talking like punks.

  8. Bro's, don't lay down with anyone that you can't see yourself being married to for the rest of your life. Save yourself from heartache and potentinal financial ruin.

  9. Who cares about Hunter Biden??? He is the equivalent of Sasha or Malia or Chelsea Clinton or the bush twins. I’m a liberal and the reason we don’t care because he doesn’t hold government office and if you want to do a investigation or put Hunter Biden in jail no one cares because he is only the son of the President and not working in government. I’m disappointed in this report because it’s a reason why people don’t care. He is a recovering addict and you are judging him for things he did in his addiction but you wouldn’t want that said about your kid recovering. But I will say he needs to take care of kids he got and give them the opportunities he had and that’s that. Oh and another thing if you are going to talk about Hunter stick too the crimes he did which is so far tax fraud and report on that. Don’t gossip about him having a stripper baby mama and then complain that the liberal media is not talking about Hunter when you are not reporting the actual crimes of a rich person like Hunter who was in the throws of addiction took advantage and did not pay his taxes, which provides money for the building of communities.

  10. You better have some dirt on auntie Kamala and unclean Joe, because those Democrats will try to Kanye you for going against them. Remember, you were pushing the Democratic agenda. Madam Harris already told you to stop acting like a Republican when she last scolded you.

  11. Hunter and joe think that’s there black side not acknowledging this girl as a granddaughter. There want her to just be baby mama joe biden claims to be a devout Catholic 🧐

  12. All these democrats shocked right now.."this is just weird…"🤣😂🤣😂 if it was trumps son yall been all over this sht..fkn hypocrites

  13. Hunter should of thought bout all of this before he decided to have sex with this stripper… they should allow the child to have the Biden name!

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