New York Post Reporter Dragged For Publishing Story On The Homes DMX Has Lost Since Being Famous

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Author: phillynews215


49 thoughts on “New York Post Reporter Dragged For Publishing Story On The Homes DMX Has Lost Since Being Famous

  1. Just like Meghan markle chose to do the interview at a time when prince Philip was in the hospital

  2. Vultures. ALL THESE CLIPS ON YOUTUBE AFTER HIS DEATH.. with all these stories…. That manager needs to stfu himself.. the clips on X on unreality shows with his kids etc etc.

  3. I can’t wait to see the New York Post to go bankrupt like the NRA and I don’t feel bad about it🙃

    NOTE: this is the same publication that disparaged a New York EMT for having an onlyfans page.

  4. When are WE going to REALIZE who the REAL and ONLY HATERS ARE?!
    WGAF WHAT THEY WRITE! WE need to STOP making what the DEMONS do important! HATERS HATE and DEMONS do EVIL SH*T! PERIOD! And for the RECORD … I DON'T BELIEVE HE DIE FROM AN OVERDOSE! WE have yet to hear who was with him and called the ambulance and who was the supplier and WHO OWNS HIS ALBUM THAT WAS SCHEDULED TO DROP NEXT MONTH!

  5. It is a race thing because whenever someone of importance who might be controversial for some reason oh, there are people who make it their business to say in their own way why should we care? It's a way of saying that they're not worthy of Praise And discussion

  6. Y’all some hypocrites. Will seek attention for everything else, but when someone else wants to get attention it’s a big deal. Hypocrisy is crazy.

  7. The rethuglicans are trying to overthrow our government and there hundreds of thousands of dead Americans and media wants to gossip!

  8. I don't understand how yall shocked you got real family that shows fake love in our black community smh sad it's all thru our community and all we do is talk about it nothing never changes 💔😔😪

  9. Where are U At Now Charlamain while Ur Ppl being PERSECUTED BY BIDEN AMID. U Sold Us Out. For Me U & Ur Team are the Donkies of Life. I'm blaq like U I repented & I keep the Commandments!!! What are U Doing Now U helped this cause & now U Hide. Be A Man against Biden plz Ur ppl Our Dying out Here. Because of U & ppl like U. I Love U All with All of My Heart the 144 is here! Watch!

  10. I love and appreciate this video. We live in a cold world full of humans and not enough HUMANES. peace love and blessings to all HUMANITY. I appreciate you all! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💫

  11. Charlemagne, thank you. For those who are not filled with the spiritual word, they seem to be blood thirsty. They are thirsting to drink from that cup.

  12. Thank you, the Post is full of shit. Did they do that when other people of other races pass on. Haven't posted anything on the good he's done

  13. Sanctimonious wanker, he's doing exactly what he's accusing the other people of doing, by reporting and doing a story on this he's being a vulture, feeding on the carcass of DMX to get a story. What an absolute tit.
    And I've no idea who DMX is or why he's in a coma.

  14. It's sad that some people can't get their own shine, but have to try to search out someone else's struggle to climb up on to gain recognition. You have to wonder how sad and lonely a person's life have to be to do these kinds of things. Garbage article from a garbage person. 1LOVE!

  15. Brutha Cha only an envious soul would post the material losses of another…possibly bcause they would never b able2 Acquire those losses…. so never b angry with people 4 relaying who they really are. Queen MayaA stated that when people show u who they r believe/accept it🤷‍♀️
    Now we all r aware of who SarahP the 'New Yorker' writer really is🤷‍♀️

  16. The NY Post is a joke! Rest in peace DMX! I'll always remember him for his music, stage presence and sense of humor.

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