North Carolina Sheriff Resigns After Racist Remarks About Black Employees Surface

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48 thoughts on “North Carolina Sheriff Resigns After Racist Remarks About Black Employees Surface

  1. Yall Jodi Greene had all kinda traps for us lol any helicopter or traffic stop…we say "jodi and his boys out" lol now they need to go get his friends and put hatcher back. I will be going to vote against him AGAIN

  2. You couldn't pay me to live in North or South Carolina…racism is everywhere but hits a little different there

  3. Y’all be worried about overt racism. It’s rly the covert and clandestine ones we need to worry about. The shit you can’t see!!

  4. Charla hates Kanye but Kanye is going to laugh hardest. George Floyd had 11 nanograms of fetn in him. It takes 3 nanos to die. Kanye ain't lied.

  5. These evil racist demons 😈 are being exposed all over the world your time is up to rule the masses of black and brown people period

  6. Friggin animal. How many poor citizens did he make it hot for over the years, smdh. May this ex-Sheriff spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulders for 'blck bstrds'.

  7. He shouldn't be allowed to resign and collect a pension

    His pension should be immediately ended and no payments given

    You end these racist by destroying their ability to work as Law enforcement judges and politicians but most importantly you take away their money and funding that keeps them with power

  8. Black people only hold white people accountable. We don’t even hold the streets accountable for what they do to our community.Why would we start with YE?

  9. It's not just him don't trick yourself and think it was just him as many of them and sheriff police departments just like him saying the same thing in hospitals doctors office they're everywhere now we know about so many homeless people on drugs they depressed hurt by what they have to go through I feel so sorry for black people they have it the hardest I don't care how rich you are damn that's a cold game but they have to live and they have to stop paying attention to the bullshit 😠 but they don't have to be disrespected with the same token just leave people alone plain and simple if they're better than you don't hate on them if they smarter than you don't hate on them, more people need to start taping these races I don't care if they're in the White House that I don't care if their doctors start taping their ass and blast them out cuz this is so wrong leave these people alone they have not did nothing to you, 😠🤡👺👹👺👹👿

  10. As a black man that live in North Carolina, this isn’t surprising, even from a sheriff. You can only imagine what the courts feel too.

  11. Another race story. Chalamagne just reports but doesn’t do anything to help his community. Breaking news, people are ignorant.

  12. Crazy part is he probably it the only one I pretty sure there was other cops there accepting his racist ass and agreeing with everything he was doing and saying.

  13. Black people don’t own shit that’s why our demands are not heard mr charlange don’t lie to us brah

  14. They need to also reopen and investigate every case that included a black person that is still incarcerated under his guidance.

  15. I've stayed in every state in the south except for Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. NC is BY FAR the most racist state out of all the states I've stayed in. I've been called the n word so many times here in Charlotte. Everywhere else I've stayed I've never been called that. It's a real illness in NC.

  16. They played the full video, earlier they accidentally played only a 5 second clip with no sound. Someone in the comments said they deserve donkey of the Day for that 🤣

  17. Gays, Feminist, Jewish, Asians will make sure you don’t talk shit about them but Black people?! We just let anyone walk all over us.

  18. There's a demographic of black people who preaches unity but still want to be accepted in spaces they're not really wanted.

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