Officer Kim Potter Fatally Shot Daunte Wright ‘By Accident’, Joe Biden: No Justification For Looting

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44 thoughts on “Officer Kim Potter Fatally Shot Daunte Wright ‘By Accident’, Joe Biden: No Justification For Looting

  1. My belief is that she knew what she was doing from the gate. Crooked cops talk about ways on the job to beat murder cases and police brutality cases. She knew bu pulling her pistol and screaming I'M GONNA TAZE YOU, and by having all of those witnesses who heard her say taze, that she could get away with murder. Now if they could find an old cop who use to work in that same division who's willin to cross lines and state on record all of the dirt from that department, they will be able to get her. This case should open the doors to All police brutality claims coming from that station where she was assigned and past ones. They should be looking for a signature or pattern in where shes signed off on this behavior or has been involved in past claims, directly or indirectly. Abuse of power is somewhere. It always is. ✌🏾✌🏾

  2. You have a right to be pissed off and angry. That still doesn’t give you the right to burn and loot peoples property that had absolutely nothing to do with anything. If you want congress to enact legislation then take your anger to them. Not innocent people. I’m sure chark maybe would be speaking a way different tune if it was his house or business

  3. Joe said the anger and violence that exist in the black neighborhood is consequential. But said nothing about consequences for the anger and violence of white racist police officers and their rage of killings .

  4. Black lives batter must organize all over the world, we must finish with this bracism and we must do it fron every coner of the world, we love you, you are part of this univers. God made this world is made perfectly. We must ask BLACK LIVES MATTER TO ORGANICE GLOBALY> LIKE HANING A DEMOSTRATION THE LAST SUNDAY OR SATERDAY OF THE MONTH. I am not African I am European but I love every race, Dod made the human race perfectly, we must protect our race, let call artist, atletics. We should do something in the coming olimpics, the atletics should mention about racism. WE MUCT ACT THE WHOLE WORLD> WE LOVE YOU.

  5. Too late to backtrack now, this is the Jack@#$ the club told their audience to risk 4-hour lines in the middle of a pandemic to vote for. Now Jim Crow Joe and his Indian woman are in the White House and we all gotta live with it.

  6. If you don't know who biden is look him up he is a peice of shit he hates black ppl check out the biden crime law his war against drows how many black and
    Hispanic he put in prison… Bill clinton signed the bill

  7. Damn! Black people do well under one president while another sent them to jail with a bill he wrote as a senator and N's say the one guy that Blacks did well under is the worst president ever. Laughable and sad but par for the course for house N's.

  8. I can't believe a 26 year veteran mistakes their gun for their taser. Gun and tasers are on different parts of the belt. Tasers are bright colors, weighted differently, bulkier.
    There's no way I can believe it was a mistake.

  9. 26 year veteran on the Police force, and you don't know the difference between a firearm and a taser, there's a whole lot of difference in the two.

  10. This guy always says White people this, White people that. What if a white person says Black people this, Blank people that? And cops are the ones not being peaceful?? How many cops are shooting and fighting and stabbing their family members at home like black folks do everyday?

  11. The taser is bright freaking yellow so u can see it. The same freaking color ppl wear outside so u can see them. If u have something pointed out in front of u, and im just using my brain to think but, wouldnt you see it? U see no yellow appear in your eyesight, that alone should tell you that not my freaking taser. That witch is 25yrs deep in the force. Aint no way u thought that was a tazor u knew it wasnt your taser. She wanted to join that kkklub of killing blacks. They showed no remorse afterwards talking about "oh well", i quote. And Biden just tryna save his face. He just happy he became president before he died

  12. It seems the police have to continue a secret quota of killing Black men and women they have to fulfill in SPITE OF the fluke of Chauvin being convicted. There has been three (3+) killings of Black men since the verdict. It's as if they are bound and determined to continue their pledge to do their duty in restoring this country to the Confederacy they so love.

  13. Bro I'm so sick of this shit what if she had a police officer kill one of her kids they are killing our children we need to change the game around

  14. If this country so racist I don’t understand y people still love it here, the people who complain about this country the most ain’t tryna leave this country they stay here and just complain about the racism here well bad news people it ain’t go stop!!!!!!!!!

  15. While the Jorge Floyd trial was ending, the Democrats and republicans passed another crime bill making Asians a protected class of people. If you get into it with them you will be charged with a hate crime. Hundreds of years of oppression that black people suffered and another group just was made a protected class instead of us. Congratulations black Democratic supporter's, you played yourself.

  16. I am over Jim Crow Joe Biden and Scamala Harris. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I will never vote for Democrats again. Democrats and Republicans are the same and have the same agenda to keep blacks as the lower marginalized, oppressed group and promise them nothing. What have Jim Crow Joe Biden have done for blacks? Nothing!

  17. BLM= big luxurious mansions if y’all really cared you’d start teaching your youth how to act the officer deserves a manslaughter charge but the boy would be alive if he was raised right and didn’t try to get away

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