Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach And Indicted In Her Unborn Child’s Death

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Author: phillynews215


36 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach And Indicted In Her Unborn Child’s Death

  1. I had to come to this video due to the fact that a Black woman in 2020, was shot by police in the stomach and now is charged with negligent homicide just for attending a black lives matter protest. Which is crazy cause they want us women to have children; but literally will not allow the children whom are black and brown to ever grow and flourish in their OWN communities because racist people with a badge/power trip have this agenda of genocide to kill us or incarcerate for things that are out of our control. Their are pregnant women out there protesting and families with children protesting; PEACEFULLY at that!!! And you mean to tell me our government is so one sided on health/religious views the same as race, that people have to go back to videos like these to see a point that is proven in everything that’s been against America’s laws at some point. Women couldn’t vote, in 2018 I could buy tobacco products now I have to wait until I’m 21 again to be able to buy those products, Jim Crow, abortion laws. America has always changed laws which are unnecessary for the country while most of us have bigger issues like our own race, health, and religion. These laws they make never affect the white population the same as minorities. The American government could sit up with the white men/women and decide on things such as fetus rights but can barely sit up and make laws to protect not only the women who’s carrying that baby; but the race of that babies family. Black women’s doctors barely even care about their health, that’s why black women constantly die in birth. It’s unfair that people forget without us black women their is no future for our race; you treat us and our families and friends like shit for DECADES just to make laws for fetuses that will grow older just to despise the earth their on for being the most hated race under the sun for WHAT REASON!??! The American government needs to focus on the lives that are here in this country instead of a fetus that doesn’t have a brain unlike the women who’s carrying the baby. And to put this in, minority women always get locked up or get their baby taken from them just for the use of marijuana after a pregnancy which is unfair if white womens doctors are allowing them to slide just because a white stoner parent is fit while a minority Stoner parent is unfit somehow🙄. All I’m saying is is that they can’t be mad at us younger generations for not wanting to have kids when their just going to kill us and our children eventually. I could never bring a child a black child at that, into a world that’ll never give them chance from birth and so on. The government needs to take covid 19 and George Floyd as a moment to create a system in the government which will ensure change for black and brown people in ways that will never affect them against the government and judicial system. The police kill us and get nothing but their badge taken away and a new state full of black people to terrorize; while even if we were to peacefully protest they’ll arrest us, kill our unborn children, and will paint us in this light as “animals” in media while it’s people of other races really damaging and rioting for reasons which don’t connect to the black lives matter movement nor the thousands of senseless deaths the same as George Floyd’s. Thanks for reading my black Ted talk ✊🏾

  2. She was ultimately let free. I think she was made an example of to dissuade pregnant women from instigating in reckless behaviour that could endanger their unborn baby

  3. Damn Alabama is so slow. Yes she should be charged, but not for that?!!!! Maybe charged for negligence to an unborn child perhaps. But not for murder?!!!! She got shot in the womb by someone else!!!! Omg are they retards down there?

  4. I looked up the comments of the last part of joy reeds story that was cut off then found the donkeys story of the same . But every one is to blame for diff reasons. Mom was stupid even if she wasnt pregnant. If dad was cheatin he should be the target of anger and she should cut ties end of story …for her. Yeah the other chick knew what to aim for and I think i may have fired in the air or something with a car full of attackers …i dont know. But the police miss charged her and should have charged for the crime she committed which was rollin up with mob and threatening like thats bullshit and unacceptable. If they wanted charges to stick they would have thought it threw better. Mom is to blame for the threat of life but not the babys life . Alabama though couldnt think very well with what they have for brains in that state. Knee jerk charges …. oh yeah ….Who can think right when they are five months pregnant? Its a hormone issue. Insane is the thoughts of being pregnant…I remember.

  5. I felt being cheated and abused but i needed to make sure my instincts were true until i was referred to a hacking company  who took care of the hack job. They hacked him, I’m glad i had a proven truth that he was cheating. Contact them if you need help on

  6. Breakfast club please do some good and pay for this girls lawyer. That positive energy will come to yall. If I could afford it I would.

  7. Unless your life is truly threatened & you cant get away no one deserves to be shot.
    Stand your ground is license to murder.
    Was her life really threatened by a 5mo pregnant women? Shooter gets donkey. Pregnant emotions are hightened. What the shooters excuse

  8. Get familiar with the laws. {Ala 13A-3-23}
    The law expresses that a weapon does NOT have to be present with both parties (equal force). Instead, it states that the shooter, not acting as the agressor, must believe that they will be greatly harmed. In a situation of 3 on 1, at your residence, such a thought is plausible.

  9. i know i am protecting my drink! i become so timid and protective knowing it could spill. think, the knowing that death can come to the unborn child even from a fall. the protector should really have no way escalated the event. pull back wait event getting on a bus

  10. what fuckin' threat is a pregnant woman is supposed to be to pull out a gun? like, how fuckin' weak are you that you fear your life from a pregnant woman??? just out run her! hell, you can lay down and 6 her try to bend over to get you. there's no reason, that i can see, why a grand jury would go after the person who was shot here instead of the shooter.

  11. she is not responsible for the unborn child………the court saw it as dependent cells, not an individual thought conscious human and put the woman's rights first….and thus they dismissed the charges…..this was not about the baby but about abortion rights……why cant yal see that…………….AND WHY was she arguing… forreal……can we get those details…….NO, because it probably helps her case…for all we know her baby daddy told her he was having another baby with her friend……….how bout dat

  12. It was stated that it was a verbal argument, not a physical altercation. So pregnant women can't argue with people? and who the hell anticipates on someone having a gun. She wasn't putting herself in harm's way and so shouldn't be damaged for manslaughter.

  13. I closed this video right the after I heard Charlemagne say what if she was in a car accident would she have been changed…
    That was stupid. Long story short is one for the most part avoidable and the other is not. You cannot compare the 2. She's guilty for putting that child in danger plain and simple.


    Alabama prosecutor said that she is dropping charges against a pregnant woman who was indicted for manslaughter after she lost her child when was shot during a fight.

    The woman Marshae Jones was arrested after a grand jury concluded she intentionally caused the death of her foetus by initiating a fight, knowing she was pregnant. This lead to massive outrage on social media who called this judgment a travesty of justice.

    She was five months pregnant while she had a fight with Ebony Jemison, who shot her in the stomach.


  15. What he did not mention was that the pregnant girl had been harassing her, and brought SEVERAL other girls up to where the young lady was to jump her. The young lady did not directly shoot her in the stomach nor did she know that she was even shot. She have a "warning" shot (which was in poor choice) to protect herself and to back the MANY girls off of her. The bullet ricocheted and struck her. This was not the first time that the pregnant girl had jumped this young lady. She really was protecting herself. Which she has the RIGHT to do.

  16. I think this is one of those times when the entire human race should get donkey of the day. A woman responsible for her unborn child's death is charged with "manslaughter", yet when you abort it, the term used to refer to the child is "fetus"?? Let's decide yall.. Which is it? I think there's a lesson to be learned here.

  17. If you 5months pregnant wtf you doing trying to fight? She killed her baby, all she had to do was stay at home and eat some pickles or whatever u pregnant women be eating. If you start some shit N get shot that’s your own fault.

  18. At 5 months, 20 weeks, the fetus is not viable,. 24-28 weeks would be the time frame to care for any prematurely born fetus.

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