Republican Sen. Rand Paul Blocks 9/11 Victim Funding Bill

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Author: phillynews215


48 thoughts on “Republican Sen. Rand Paul Blocks 9/11 Victim Funding Bill

  1. He was against it because he wanted to cut spending somewhere else in order for the program not to run out of money before 2090. The idiots that passed this have no idea what a budget is. They think money is something that can just be printed without any end. He’s one of the only ones in Washington that actually care about this country.

  2. Rand Paul as always been a deficit hawk and even introduced an amendement off setting spending in other places to balance the tax cut just like he did the 9-11 bill. Why should that bill get a blank check for the next 90 years? CTG just uses talking points and clearly doesnt have any intelligence when it comes to politics. Same guy who supports the biggot Louis Farrakhan and is all about Kamala Harris who took money from the Trumps in 2014.

  3. I think most people get it wrong. No money in the fund could possibly make families do something about the matter and expose real perpetrators. No money in the fund could tip the balance and make US a decent country again. Not great at all but at least decent. Most of the world would still hate US for what they have done but this could be slowly reversed. With the money, nothing will happen and US will posibly lead to the demise of our civilisation. US citizens – this is your govt and you will be responsible in the same way Germans were responsible/complicit in crimes of WWII.

  4. Spreading ignorance because you don’t research both sides of the debate is hurting this country. Whether you agree or disagree with Rand Paul’s position he brings up a valid point – where do you find $2 Billion dollars a year until 2092? It could be more because the bill does NOT specify an amount amount. Neil Cavuto, a Democrat on Fox News, interviews Rand Paul about the bill and I recommend everyone watch Sen. Paul’s explanation before ignorantly making him ‘Donkey of the Day’. If you want to be taken seriously stop being stupid.

  5. I'm sorry but I don't trust the government to pay out victims until 2090. If you care so much about the victims then donate yourselves. We don't need the government.

  6. Giving others tax money away isn’t patriotic it’s ridiculous. Hey Jon Stewart go on a comedy tour and pay those people. Why our troops don’t get millions for being shot or blown up?

  7. I'm sure he blocked the bill because it had other non related pieces of legislation attached to it. That's one of the Democrats favorite bag of tricks. Omnibus packages and bills with 19 different pieces of legislation attached to them. So they'll create a bill to fund the VA, and attach legislation to ban guns to the same bill, and then when you block the bill, they'll say you were blocking funding for veterans. Nasty ass shit. Oh and btw, did you guys upload a video when AOC blocked the border funding for the kids? That's why nobody takes you idiots seriously. Stick with the music. At least you actually know something about music.

  8. They won't back the bill because they're responsible for the attack. Government will kill it's own to push it's own agenda

  9. 23 trillion dollars of debt. Dame, you know that that means, they are just going keep printing money to pay it back until inflation kicks up and everyone keeps shouting for higher minimum wage because the dollar isn't worth anything. Stop the going to Mars or Moon program and instead pay for this.

  10. Yet this son of blank Ran Paul supported giving a trillion dollar vote . Oh I should have listen more you do mention this. So as one said in the old Saturday Night life, "never mind". This time I agree 100 percent. I love the spin the republicans can do.

  11. Don't tell me how you love America, show me. The flag is a symbol. If you love America, protect the people that gave their lives for America both on foreign and domestic soil by giving them first-class access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to make them and their families whole.

  12. 9/11 victims getting money over the sons and daughters of slavery and Jim Crow, the millions in the ghetto that don’t belong there, this government will never give a damn about our people. No doubt 9/11 compensation is important but let’s deal with these issues in a chronological order !

  13. Y'all know what gave him the slimy spine to do this right? ONE trip to mar-a-lago last weekend. One golf date with the DEVIL is all it took to buy Rand Paul's soul.

  14. So I guess "fiscal conservatism" only applies to poor people who can't afford health care, first responders, and NEVER the 1%, ey Rand? 😡

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