Staten Island Locals Rip Pete Davidson For Outing Bar That Refuses To Close Amid Pandemic

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37 thoughts on “Staten Island Locals Rip Pete Davidson For Outing Bar That Refuses To Close Amid Pandemic

  1. Staten Islander here, not all people from here are this ignorant, there’s some of us like myself, staying home and wanting it to go away and hope everyone stays healthy. It’s these bad eggs causing the pandemic to spread and taking forever to eradicate. John Tabacco need to sit down, Pete Davidson was speaking the truth!

  2. Bruh boycott all celebrities they shouldnt work if we cant bs how the world is ending and were still paying theses people its insane

  3. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." – Benjamin Franklin

  4. My parents had a couch in the same color and pattern as Mr tobacco's jacket…in 1982.
    Still have pics of baby me on that ugly ass couch.

  5. All the people defending the lockdowns are the ones not financially broken because of those same lockdowns.

  6. Just my opinion. But. Resturants and Bars should NOT be openg during a Pandemic. PERIOD. Sorry not sorry. You want out door dinning? COOK AT HOME and eat out doors. Like wtf are we talking about? As far as workers and owners go, well that's what we have a government for and insurance. – Owners are just going to have to find work doing other stuff in the mean time. Find jobs that are essential like building porters and door men, people are ordering online more so than ever, apply to work as a delievery service. IDK. But crying that you dont have a job is not going to get you work. I didn't have a job for MONTHS and I was able to survive and manage. Life is tough now, but not impossible.

  7. If we don't shame people….. My this world is ruined by the ones that allow their rights to be usurped. As SNL hires people to be in their audience, to get around the laws. STFU

  8. Meanwhile I was just on a plane that was packed to capacity. Why? Because they airline industry has people in high places in its pockets. If the local restaurants must close close everything!!

  9. There's great reasons to be distrustful. There's no good reason to be willfully ignorant with ours lives. Fuq governments! It isn't what our God or higher power would expect nor want for or from their children…
    Common sense fam.

  10. Donkey of the day goes to Charlemagne for shaming small business owners for staying open yet praising rapper parties and mass crowds taking to the streets this entire Pandemic. No empathy for American families that are struggling financially and no respect for consumers that have been in isolation these past 9 months… If you are that afraid of COVID or the coronavirus you should stay home…🇺🇸

  11. Yeah let’s see the breakfast club shut down and see how they feel. The hypocrisy is insane. They’re not even wearing masks

  12. CTG is an idiot puppet. People are losing everything all over the world because of this. Everyday they still open that corny ass radio station to spread liberal lies. We have the most cases of COVID. Just so happens to be the Republican part of NYc. No coincidence there. This reminds me of the poison being spread by the Nazi’s spreading propaganda before the holocaust. It also reminds me of the radio station controlled by the Hutu’s. The Rwanda genocide.

  13. Why do people behind the camera didn't come from behind the camera slap the shit out of him before they finish the taping you got us thinking y'all are dummies

  14. Smh this was such an IGNANT ass video on so many levels. Charla give yourself DOD for this
    On top of being stereotypical AF how u making fun of this man doing an honorable thing? This guy said NOTHING wrong n WHERE WAS ALL THAT BREONA TAYLOR ENERGY when these clearly non uniformed cops jumped the bar owner he clearly feared for his life why wasn’t that mentioned???

  15. When did black folks decide that the government should be forcing us to do shit like this? How did y’all get this stupid, this fast?

  16. The breakfast club is over….Everyone from Staten Island should stop listening to this shit….Charlemagne the God is the biggest Donkey out there. People are fighting for their freedoms, no one needs the government as a parent to come and tell anyone how to live. WHAT A PRIVILEGED "CELEBRITY" TOOL.

  17. Damn. It must be nice to sit in a comfy studio and continue making a living to feed your family while shitting on regular working class people trying to survive and support their families this winter. Why aren't you going after Congress who refuses to provide a UBI so that people aren't forced between financial ruin and safety. Its a class struggle people

  18. so breakfast club wants you to stay home, make no money, wait for the goverment to send you a 1 time check, and slowly starve to death.. ok thank you

  19. Oh. So “autonomous zone” at a republican owned bar is okay. “Autonomous zone” in a supposedly democratic area big bad. Got it!

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