The Many LIES Prisoners TELL To Get YOU TO SEND THAT

In this video, I share with you a lot of reenactments of what it’s like the MANY LIES -some- NOT ALL PRISONERS TELL in an effort to get people to send them money. Hope you enjoy.

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43 thoughts on “The Many LIES Prisoners TELL To Get YOU TO SEND THAT

  1. I appreciate the education – you're right the women are just as treacherous and wicked. Mine was asking me to CashApp different people for her and she was publishing my phonenumber and cashapp for people to send money to her through me. WTF??

  2. Inmate:
    “ I invented an antitheft device, I have an appointment with shark tank in December2023!”

    Next call from inmate

    “I need money in order to have my friends show up on my behalf to shark tank”

    Me: how long are you in there for?

    Inmate: 15 to life, but more like life.

  3. I loved every single moment of Joe having fun improving all of these! THIS is what makes his channel so unique

  4. I send my foster grandson 100 dollars for 2 years each month so far. I don't mind. I am 75 years old and can't take it to heaven. But as time goes by he's asking for more sooner. He gets paroled in November and going to a halfway house. Then I am done.He needs to grow up.I sure hope so.His mother wants me to take him in which after much consule I will not.I am in Pennsylvania and she is in Kentucky.

  5. I have been told I enable my son by helping him. So this time I am really trying not to send my son money while in prison. I feel bad but something has to give. He is 46 and has spent way too many years in and out of jail/prison. I hope by not sending money he will figure out that working for your needs/wants is the best way. God bless and keep safe all the prisoners.

  6. Or " I owed this guy some money, from last time I was in prison. Now he's here, and wanting payment."
    Me- – I thought that if you got out, or transferred suddenly, before debt was paid. It was done and dusted.
    Prisoner- yeah, but not if you go back, and you are in the same prison
    Me – good luck with that. Cause I got nothing. 😁you better use some of that sweet talk on them…

  7. I told a guy that I know him from when he was a young boy, but now he is a grown-ass man, I send him 100$ for his books, and the next thing he called me on a 3-way call. asked if he could call me directly I said yea. The next thing that happens is I told him how I felt about him. I have sent him close to 900$. He is out in a halfway house now. he said, If I want to see him I have to pay for a uber for him to come to see me. I just told him I don't have that kind of money, he said to me I guess you don't want to see me that bad then you don't love me as you said, I'm hurt so bad. I feel he lied to me all this time. I think he said he love me to get money 🙁

  8. I sent my buddy 1000 he didn't ask for it I hadn't talked to him I just need a facility he was in so I sent it didn't tell him it just was on the book one day out of nowhere. He didn't find out who it was till he got home I sent two smaller amounts about half dozen times man was he ever appreciative when he figured it out. He told me when the big one got there he was in a really low spot you know what it's like Joe long stretches can be treacherous thousand-dollar showing up can cheer you the fuk up Plus if it was reversed you're damn right I don't want to to happen to me don't forget your people cuz you people ain't gon forget you

  9. Before technology changed…
    Mom, they took my radio. I can’t even hear them calling us without it.
    Mom I really need some hygiene. Mom we had a shakedown and I broke my bunkies “whatever” and he says I gotta pay him. Mom I can’t see nothing, my bunker sat on my glasses and broke them. Mom this food is crap, I can’t eat this slop. Can you help me out with some commissary? Mom I went to sick call and they charged me twice! Mom if I don’t get this paperwork filed today it will all be for nothing and it’s 35 to file and oh, I forgot that I have to pay for a notary too and Mom you know I can’t do that stuff so I need to pay the guy that’s doing it. Sorry… that turned to venting rather quickly!!! 😃

  10. Don’t skip ads let em get all he can he deserves it he works hard and has came a long way in life and truly deserves it n ppl put him through so much bull shit for nothing

  11. Idk why his views have dropd I think he’s way better Then other channels and don’t just sit and make lies and tryn sound hard n like he was living like wen we know 99% of them are lien and blowing shit all outa proportion

  12. Come on joe don’t be hating on the hustle someone has to do from prison to pull a little money it’s like you forgot we’re you came from but how you went to prison just like the rest of us felons your no better just because you make money now I love your show but don’t. Forget we’re you came from

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