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Adam Pearson – who has neurofibromatosis type 1 – is on a mission to explore disability hate crime: to find out why it goes under-reported, under-recorded and under people’s radar.

Adam Pearson is on a mission to explore disability hate crime – to find out why it goes under-reported, under-recorded and under people’s radar. In this documentary, Adam challenges people into questioning their attitudes towards disability and disfigurement, to uncover the roots of the issue.

Adam has neurofibromatosis type 1, a condition that causes benign tumours to grow on nerve endings – in his case, on his face. He is disfigured and disabled and has experienced disability hate crime first-hand, like a number of his friends, some of whom he meets with in the film. Their stories may differ, but their disability as the motivating factor is constant.

Just days into his investigation, Adam becomes the target of some grossly offensive online hate speech. While this isn’t unusual for him, for the first time Adam decides to take action, reporting it to the police – with some unexpected outcomes.

Undeterred, he looks to understand the laws specific to disability hate crime, and finds that a mixture of ignorance and inequalities mean that these crimes often don’t make it to our courts, or are sentenced less severely than other hate crimes when they do.

Adam looks to uncover what attitudes and influences may be causing people to commit disability hate crime in the first place, questioning whether the portrayal of disfigurement and disability in the media, for example, could be leading us to associate them with being ‘the bad guys’.

With help from Miles Hewstone, professor of social psychology at the University of Oxford, Adam conducts an experiment measuring peoples’ innate prejudice towards disfigurement that gives some shocking results, and leads him to question if he alone can hope to affect a change – and if so, how?

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Author: Rafael Nieves


36 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime (Adam Pearson Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. I saw you on the the movie, Under the Skin! I'm an American with a disability and we have our own issues but I appreciate your video! Keep up the good work!

  2. I am so grateful to have come across this amazing documentary… My Uncle was in a wheelchair since birth , I was blessed to have him in my life Today to hear and understand we are not that far as we should be with the disability hate crime act …. Shameful that You tube will take down a video that says the word “R*pe” but not to outraged for what was written and do something about it.

  3. Leontiasis gives me problems of not being taken seriously about my pleadings considering that I am a dialysis patient which exacerbates the issue on how low other people think about me particularly those that happen to be the ones that should help me medically..

  4. If I didn't know I would of sworn that was a mask he had on. I mean no offense. I say he's a very brave man for going out in public. If I was in his position I'd be too scared to set foot out of my home.
    Keep on going. It's not what's on the outside. It's what's in the inside that really matters.

  5. These are normal human reactions. You can't make a crime out of something people do subconsciously, and you can't force people to think how you'd like them. So stop the crying!

  6. I think as far as the YT comment is what is exactly said. It says something that happens in a movie but doesn't actually say what that is so unless you know what happened in the movie you wouldn't know. I think he needed to specify exactly what the implication is. And although I know his knowledge is with disabilities but this happens to so many! Poor people, homeless, ethnicity etc so it's more than discrimination it is violent predators! Because these same people would just as quickly beat up a minority or other fringe person interchangeably. Others need to stand up to those idiots, call them out and let them know what they're saying/doing is not cute or funny but instead cowardly and intolerable.

  7. He worked with scarlett Johannson, that's a good revenge for all bullyers who will never meet people like that in ther lives 😀

  8. I think people feel more compassion for people who aren't pushing legislation. This guy needs to get on with his life.

  9. There is a theory about this "bias". The theory of the "Uncanny Valley", that is very used to illustrate why humans are "anguished" by somethings they see, such as robots. When something looks too close to what we consider "normal", it confuses the brain. Humans see that as a threat, but as it is too similar, we don't know if we should run or stay. It's like a mindbug.🤯This has to do with evolution: it's the way our ancestors developed to protect themselves.

    Of course, we're not where our ancestors were anymore, but ignorant and evil people don't need a reason to do harm. Too bad the soul can't be seen. Yet.

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