We Saved A Woman From Losing $16k to Scammers!

Thousands of Americans and Canadian Citizens are falling for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Social Security Scams! I recently made contact with one of the scammers who is working as an insider for me. Watch to see how we’re able to save innocent victims from losing it all!

If you want to help out “Steve” and give him an incentive to keep going, please consider making a donation at http://paypal.me/pleasantgreen and put “Steve” in the memo.

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47 thoughts on “We Saved A Woman From Losing $16k to Scammers!

  1. someone should make a step by step scam batting for dummies video .then attach to it a video teaching how to spot a scam ,share it with those people how have been scamed and people on those call list that scam busters steal from scammers

  2. I didn't fall for this but nearly fell for one but almost fell for one. I had a voice mail saying I was being accused of 3 felonies. They were from a law firm… supposedly

  3. And all that happens is this woman goes home then the scammer says the bank officer was the one who was trying to steal your money and has her send the money from another bank or with gift cards

  4. What kind of bank employee falls for someone using a voice changer and claiming to be a fraud investigator? Shouldn't she have called the police about the crazy guy on the phone pretending to be someone he is not

  5. BTW in order for "Steve" to continue being an informant, he needs to keep his job at the scam center and to do that he would need to be scamming people -unless their boss doesn't keep track of the workers' performances.

  6. That would never work with my credit union in California! They take sometimes 15 minutes to even answer! And then everything is about privacy.

  7. Maybe tell people to call their banks, credit card companies, the SSA to check and see what is going on???

  8. I presume that a lot of people don't cruise the NET and see this stuff about SCAMS? Maybe TV and Radio people need to do Public Service WARNINGS????

  9. Great collaboration! I recommend your channel to my senior friends. Your language content tends not to be off putting ( I can cuss with the best of them but other seniors-not so much) Thank you for what you do.

  10. the most AMAZING part of this that he got through that condescending TD robocall guy, and actually talked to someone in the branch.. I have a hard time getting a live teller IN THE BUILDING so it is a fucking miracle from random deity

  11. I'm having trouble understanding the idea that you tell someone you're trying to protect you're "just a guy" instead of.a title that conveys the truth and confidence…

  12. Doesn’t anyone say I will get a lawyer and plead the 5th! If someone calls me I would say I am not responding or replying send everything via mail!

  13. I never understand why people don’t believe the investigators confronting them about the scam. Like if I got a call from someone saying that I’ve been charged of a federal crime and a dude says it’s a scam right after. Who would you believe?

  14. I know these videos are from a couple years ago but I hope Steve and his family are doing well today. I think his story is a good example that you can turn your life around. As much as we all dispise scammers, I can also understand why they do what they do. The poverty levels are extremly high in India where he lives. That being said it is still not an excuse to steal and scam others out of thousands of dollars. We here in the U.S. live a life of luxury compared to what most do over in third world countries. I've had scammers try to get money out of me and I've been able to get through to a couple of them to where they themselves did confess that they are stealing from people. After hearing one guys life story, much of what Steve has went through (barely surviving for himself and his family) a part of me did feel compassion towards him. I told him that it is not too late to turn his life around and we chatted for a few minutes. It could have all been bullshit but the guy really did sound broken down, defeated, and guilty. I like to think by me showing an ounce of compassion may have helped him turn his life around. Is there any way we could personally donate to you Pleasent Green to give to him to help him and his family still?

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