Wells Fargo CEO Blames ‘Limited Pool Of Black Talent’ For Not Reaching Diversity Goals

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35 thoughts on “Wells Fargo CEO Blames ‘Limited Pool Of Black Talent’ For Not Reaching Diversity Goals

  1. Well now I know why I didnt get hired. They could have told me it was because I lacked "talent". Oh well, thats why I decided not to have them as my lenders for my new home.

  2. Do not send him your email. Why would you want to work for an enemy. Or send your resume to someone who does not have any interest in your type and is systematically doing his best to oppress our type. Thanks for imparting but don't send your resume to these pple. You don't have to prove your worth. Have self-esteem and know its them not you and do what you can to make it count: don't do business with oppressors of any type.

  3. Hey! I am a employee of the company. I have worked in an entry level position in the call center for WF with other qualified Black people. I have a BS in Accounting. I am currently taking my last MBA course. I have completed approximately 90 applications with WF. I've had possibly 3 interviews. My resume has been professiinally prepared twice and I hired a life coach to help me improve my interviewing skills. I have even been declined intern opportunities with the company.

  4. So all that believe we colored people have the same equality as whites need to do research, it is so sad that they cannot believe the government that treated humans as cattle and still to this day find ways to oppress us ex….Wells Fargo not wanting to hire people of color and lying to defend their reasons…still happening….redlining and black balling at its finest. It is really some evil mean and hateful people that just do not like people of color, but why?

  5. I understand why people may be upset but is there any chance there are not enough black people applying for those jobs at Wells Fargo? Or does the company dismiss qualified individuals?

  6. I use to work at this place in 08-10 under a different CEO. And believe me there is more than enough talented black folks applying for these jobs. Unfortunately, they don't make it past the hiring manager. I was in the call center which is considered lower level job. Of course that was majority black and where they filled quotas. GOOGLE recruits directly from HBCU's maybe Wells Fargo should start doing the same.

  7. Everything is so called racist these days. It’s exhausting. Maybe there actually r a small pool of QUALIFIED candidates. Blacks only make up 15% of the population. Once u take out those without necessary education, then take out those not having necessary specific experience. It would seem logical that there are not a lot of candidates. Black ppl hate the truth and furthermore everything ain’t racist.

  8. I need to seriously consider taking my money elsewhere. I’ve been a loyal Wells Fargo account holder for over 20 years. So my money is qualified to be in ur bank but I’m not.

  9. The Black talent pool is shallow for Wells Fargo because that talent knows a P.O.S company when they see it, and don't want to waste their time or risk getting caught up in some drag net that the federal government springs on Wells Fargo for misappropriation.

  10. Trust he meant everyword. I worked in Corporate America in the banking business for over 20 years. I use to teach other races but was never promoted to a higher position but they were. Funny how he say not enough qualification . I say not enough equality in Corporate America while being black.

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