What Will Jussie Smollett BE LIKE IN PRISON?

What Will Jussie Smollett BE LIKE IN PRISON?

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24 thoughts on “What Will Jussie Smollett BE LIKE IN PRISON?

  1. Here in Chicago. We only do 50% of our time. You catch a year you only do 6 months. We also have good time. 150 days, he will do 2 months max. They will probably just keep him in county jail and not send him to prison for that petty time.

  2. I would LOVE to hear your takes on some of the recent trials and crimes because of your experiences will be shared and what you think will happen to them based on their trial outcomes and victim statements and how you react to those?! Banger right there joe…I'd be like( read in Joe voice) "daaaaaamn tho …. Joe hit that gold bar status on point with these criminals and he knows what they boutta learn hahaa"! I know cringy but just an idea. I'd like you to do the parkland murderer and reactions to his teams unprofessionalisms ect

  3. I'm sorry I had to chime in. You said police are just out here killing black men. Do you ever actually look up any statistics before you make a video? Police have 65% more interactions with whites then they do blacks. Police are 20% more likely to shoot a white person than they are a black person. Police are 18 TIMES more likely to be SHOT by a black person then they are to SHOOT a black person. Just in case you suck at math, for every black person shot by the cops, 18 cops get shot.

  4. I like Smolett. He is a symptom of societal decay, no social contract, and people being completely delusional about what they can get away with. I am in this category.
    I keep fucking people over, but I'm a little ass gay white dude and one of these days I think I am going to get put in prison and that will be the end of my life.
    I wish hollywood would get shut down, people like Ben Stiller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, that whole ego narcissist class of people, skimming cash off the top of this broke society.

  5. He was ready to falsely testify against two innocent people who he never met who probably would have gotten years in prison if convicted and for that I say he got it easy. If he confessed to the whole thing when the police caught the two suspects I'd say 5 months is maybe even a bit much, but for the fact he committed to it I say he got too little.

  6. The judge said it pretty good joe. That he is causing way more problems all over America by staging a hate crime especially where American is at right now with all this separation going on and the judge also said he was also doing well and probably would have continued to grow in fame and then he pulls some stupid shit like this. I think they should have hit his pocket harder only because that’s what would hurt this guy most without putting him in prison. He is young and not a threat to society but because he is young he failed to think about what this could have done to society as a whole and like I said earlier this could have turned into riots and protests and violence and everything else that comes with things like this. He tried to grown in fame the easy way instead of busting his ass like most people do to gets gains. So in a way he is like the drug dealer or robber that is trying to get that fast easy come up instead of working for it. With all that said he was basically greedy and wanted more right now. Punishment wise is hard to say because on one hand I don’t like the judiciary system and think our prisons system is a warehouse for humans and out of the many people in prisons for such lengthy stays for doing less harm than what his actions could have caused and the ones that really do deserve to be behind bars for their life it’s a hard one to say and that’s where being a judge would absolutely suck and on the other hand we do need the system or it would be Wild West type stuff going on everywhere and that’s why I say they should have hit the wallet harder. Lol so I typed way to much and I’m not proof reading and got side tracked a couple times while typing this so if you get a little lost and confused when reading I’m sorry so did I lol. Read between the lines and I’m sure you can somewhat make some sense or kinda know what I’m trying to say lol

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