YK Osiris Spent $1,000 On A Haircut After Trading In Luxury Cars To Be More Financially Responsible

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46 thoughts on “YK Osiris Spent $1,000 On A Haircut After Trading In Luxury Cars To Be More Financially Responsible

  1. I will never pay lower than $15 because of quality and more than 25 because of common sense, i get 2 hair cuts a month every 2 weeks thats about normal around the world.

  2. $1000 is not a lot if your barber is on call and providing one to one service without having to share space with strangers. This little man has the money and probably feels like he wants to support the barber

  3. So he was cappin’ for IG when he said it was a $1,000 haircut. He’s a kid he’s gonna say and do dumb shit.

  4. Yall bugging its basically 31 days in most months. So basically he is paying $32.25 per day to keep his barber on call. He is paying for the barbers time. If he calls everyday that barber comes everyday. So basically he is giving his barber a great tip (pause) every month. Stop hating on somebody he is actually helping another person out instead of spending money dumb. He is paying top dollar for small job. Bulk ppl really have hate for one another. Shit is sad.

  5. How about learning to cut your own hair?

    When I was younger I invested in a pair of clippers because my hair grows fast and I had to cut my hair often. It took me a short while to learn how to cut my own hair. It was one of the best decisions I've evey made. Anyone who pays that much for a haircut is a damn fool.

  6. You’re talking about $12,000 a year for haircuts. I wouldn’t spend $1,000 a year for haircuts. Literally. Get my hair faded up every 2 weeks for $15 dollars and it’s fresh as hell.

  7. I don't think he deserved this donkey. He's literally helping his dude stay up in a pandemic. I thought it was for 1 cut. But since it's a monthly wage and he has it. I'm not mad it. Getting rid of those overpriced cars affords him the room to make this kind of move

  8. Maybe that $1000 was to look out for someone . I once pad $20 for some cookies. Not b/c they were the best cookies, but to support a young child’s chase and business

  9. Mmm…im gonna have to revoke this donkey. He is basically putting his barber on retainer. Just like a lawyer is. Another point, its not his problem that people are struggling in America over a $600 check. Thats the government's problem. If he wants to spend that on something that he sees as quality, who are we to say, "Don't spend that amount on a haircut". I know a lot of people who have a lot of "extracurricular activities" that they sink money into that they shouldn't, but its not my money or my business. If he goes broke because of it, it doesn't hurt my household. It hurts his. You can want better for people but they gotta want it for themselves first.

  10. CTG said he paid 150 before. Broke down the math and it was 100$ a cut. Why you judging him and he spending less than you did (regardless of emergency circumstances or not) it doesn't seem like you should be judging.

  11. That "give you da world " bit killed me 😂😂😂 its almost like when ppl kept goin on ray j to they friends like " if I had one wish" head azz😂😂😂

  12. I'm sorry Charlemagne the fraud you're wrong for that donkey of the day if you receive 10 cuts a month you'll be spending damn near $500…WTF DUDE

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