Livestream: Q1 Road Trip Cold Cases and Reward Updates!

Adventures With Purpose announces 10 Missing Persons Cold Cases they’ll be working on in Q1 of 2021 when they hit the road again mid-January.

We’ll be discussing the status of rewards, helping others, and what we’ve learned in 2020.

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49 thoughts on “Livestream: Q1 Road Trip Cold Cases and Reward Updates!

  1. Yay on what you do, BUT … in all honesty if my wife's car with her inside were being pulled out of a lake I'd shoot down your damned drone. There is nothing about a human being's remains that belongs to you or for your use on youtube.

  2. I just wish hope n pray that from this day forward you all get the REWARDS that come with the people you bring home . Because you all deserve it and you could help soooo ment more family's with that reward money 😘🇬🇧thank you all XX❤️

  3. Hello, I'm from Alberta Canada. I have been following you guys for a little while now. I think you guys are doing wonderful things. Please keep doing what you do. I wish you all the best, please be safe.

  4. Just so you know Jared, Dan and Sam in 2018 we commissioned a research paper on Rewards Relief and Charity Donations on claimed donations to recorded acceptance on five hundred random cases that were donated to. Two years later the paper from all sampled examples showed only ten per cent of money donated ever reached the cause. Certainly government mis -appropriated funds and foundations are very good at losing money As highlighted in Puerto Rica. I hate to think what it would be in the US in total but I bet its way less than ten per cent.

  5. The work that you do is very dangerous and time consuming. You all deserve the gifts coming your way. Some people do not have the hearts that God rewarded you all with,people are hurting for their loved ones. Sympathetic you are; a heart of love and understanding you generate. You are doing work of humanity. God blesses you all ; watch over you all going out and going back home, amen. You all will be rewarded, amen.

  6. I would make you guys take the reward money . because you all do good with it like helping families .n we all love you guys for it XX🇬🇧

  7. You never followed up with the story of Vermont. You said you never charge… except in Vermont. Im sure there is quite the story behind that! 🙂

  8. Hey adventures with purpose, have you heard about the girl Savannah Payne missing in Baltimore and might be in the water ?

  9. My name is Brenda, i live in California, I’m asking for your assistance with a situation located in Bakersfield, Ca,. 2 boys missing since 12/23/20, now they are looking in an area with water, can you please get involved, i have seen your work,i believe in what you and the team are doing, please help, or let me know how to get help, i live 2 hours away and this is very disturbing. I pray you & the team can help

  10. The way I see all the ones who are negative have never either lost someone or has tried to take their own life. The only way to get though hard times is by someone having the courage to break the somberness with light and laughter. Every single one of us needs it. God Bless you all for what you do!

  11. Ashley Morris Mullins went missing from Muncie, IN. since September of 2013. Her father Don Mullins has been trying tirelessly to try and find her holding up missing poster signs on the corners of our streets. My heart goes out to him at one point our local reservoir was suspected and a few surrounding areas…if you could reach out to him or myself….he knows more info on what has or hasn't been done…..please AWP give him some peace if mind.

  12. Love you guys but ya really got to learn how to pronounce names of Missouri towns…….lol. It's New Mad-drid not New Ma-drid……..hope that helps

  13. The lost boys of pickering need you. They are apparently in the lake, but no one has been able to find them. I know you can. (i have no connection to the case at all)

  14. Whatever happened on that case where they were offering a reward and apparently they didn't give it to you guys for some reason or another can you please elaborate on that and I know you guys did not do it for the reward I know that you guys don't work that way but I still think they should have given you guys something for that so did anything ever happen.

  15. I am blown away by what y'all do. I find your channel interesting, informative, heartbreaking, and heart warming all at the same time. Keep up the good work♡♡

  16. Totally agree with your focus and desire to maintain the integrity of your purpose. I’m not a water person but have a good friend on the sheriff’s dive team and as a SAR team member, share the same motivation and at the end of the day satisfaction in helping others as you and your team. Thank you for your service!

  17. One changing where you live or job is easy to say but not always easy… two want to dive even bought some dive stuff just wish had time I have 34 hrs off a weekend and just no time…
    Love the video's and keep up what you do..

  18. I just started watching this chanel recently and good lord what a beautiful mission you guys have.
    Let's pretend you guys didn't have the opportunity to help thats like 5 or 7 families with a devastated heart.
    The reward issue looks like a fraud. People donate so that case can be solved.
    The case of the $100,000 reward for the young men in the Volkswagen case,should be given to you.
    You need that money for the expenses of the volunteers work you do,
    and the tow trucks too.
    It can provide a safety net for bigger and better searches.
    Ceasars to Ceasars
    God to God !!!
    That money is a blessing that you guys need for bigger and better searches like the one here in Arkansas.

  19. I feel making them payout the award is to hold them accountable. It's on principals, and fighting fraud. It's not tarnishing or taking away Adventures with Purpose personal character and their purpose. But making the ones offering the reward to stay honest, ethical, and follow through. Like someome else mentioned some may not search because of it in the future. But at the same time someone shouldn't be motivated to search because of a reward. They should do it because it's the right thing to do, and from their hearts. Also another reason they should hold them accountable to pay. Is if someone is getting donations from others to create an award. It should be 100% used for that or given 100% back to the ones that donated. Not spent on themselves ect, or not available when it's time to be paid out. I feel that it is fraud if the ones who donated didn't get their donations back, or not available to pay out. I would be livid if I donated and it wasn't there to pay out. I would go after them to get my donation back, then give it as a reward myself to them.

  20. You guys seriously melt my whole existence!
    😻 I get it. People who just “vanish” in thin air are hard to just simply forget about! I hike the Smokies along with the Appalachian Trail trying to retrace missing hikers last steps. It becomes a obsession. A good one! Bringing closure to families but also freeing the souls of those stuck is out of this world amazing. Keep up the good work guys. If you guys ever need a volunteer to help in the smokies or Cincinnati region you got me.

    Much Love,

    Kristin & Bear

  21. I say screw what other people think. Make them pay you guys the reward money. Simply because people GAVE money to help RAISE the reward money. Who gives a SHIT what some people say I GUARANTEE the people who TALK SHIT on you guys NEVER LEAVE there couch to help others. If you guys don't receive the reward money I hope someone who has a OBEAST BANK ACCOUNT writes you guys a check a god damn big check.

  22. Locker Nuts found a underwater camera holder in a locker , I'm sure they will sell it to you . If you think it is something you can use

  23. Do you know about the case of Audrey Mae Herron from Cairo NY? Missing since 2002. She left from work to go home-15 miles away. She & her car have never been found. Many believe she is in a lake. She was a mother with 3 children.

  24. Ok I subscribe to channels I like or channels with a good purpose but hardly ever hit the bell but let me tell you guys if their where a dozen bells I’d hit them all very well done gentleman I’m disabled and can’t afford to help but if that ever changes I’m all in keep up the good work you guys are blessed and highly favored.

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