The Land Rover Dealer wants $6,200 to Fix my Range Rover… So I TRIED to Repair It Myself…

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After getting a new set of Injectors Set in my Supercharged Range Rover LWB, I started it up, and my worst fears were (almost) confirmed…

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31 thoughts on “The Land Rover Dealer wants $6,200 to Fix my Range Rover… So I TRIED to Repair It Myself…

  1. You can load a vehicle up with all kinds of options, but if it isn't reliable and keeps breaking down then all of those options are essentially worthless. Sadly, this sums up Range Rovers, and other car makers like Jaguar, Kia and Hyundai. Other carmakers like Nissan also come to mind with their now infamous CVT transmissions that are lucky to make it to 75,000 miles before imploding.

  2. Instead of an N64 I picked up the little NES Classic that uses the same inputs in my Land Cruiser and it’s awesome on road trips and it tucks away quite nicely due to its tiny size

  3. Range Rover is like Jaguar… awesome drivability… I restored a 1978 XJ6L putting a 700R4 transmission in and it drove like a dream… I sold it after 400,000 miles i put on it when I moved to Germany. 26 yrs later I still miss it.. BUT now have an Audi Q5… luv it… but it’s apples and oranges… so I get your passion for Range Rover… I love the quirky challenges they come with . Two funny ones I experienced. Water splashing down on my feet on right turns… water splashing down on the passenger side on left turns. Issue: leaking wiper stem grommets into small indentations under the dash pad, then spilling out upon turning. Took me for ever to figure that one out… my fix was featured in E-Jag Mag. Jags drink water… when the water rail on top with 3 sensors is down, they don’t function.. and it won’t start. Just add water and BANG! Starts right up… typical British issues. Oh and moved to Germany and a guy on my street could not get his Jag to start. Told his wife standing there to go get her house plant water bucket with water… she did.. then she told her hubby to add water.. he laughed… kept trying with jumper cables.. she told him again.. he opened the cap to see it was low.. added the water and BANG! It started right up… I laughed and said: Cats drink water !!!!!

  4. Love your videos. With the injectors, don’t they have to be programmed and paired with your ECU? I had a mk1 Ford focus and a few of the injectors needed replacing and I was told it would cost me well over £1000, twice as much as the car was worth. I had to get rid of it because of that ☹️

  5. this for people who are going to be driven in it, not for you to drive it. it is like owning a limousine where you get to be the chauffeur.

  6. Nice video, I'm Mechanic but I have no many knowledge on Land Rovers, Mercedes or BMW, But the city where my Shop is located forced me to learn about them because many neighboors have these cars, Yesterday I finish Range Rover HSE 3.0 supercharger Coolant pipe, located right under the Supercharger, and they send me a differente pipe, I took everything a part bring to the dealer and a mechanic told me they change the design and I should buy the other pipe to connect on top and connect to the thermostatic valve housing, after that, all o-ring, valve cover gasket, oil filter housing replaced the was done…. not at all, car overheat lol so I found that I had to bleed at the two bleeders next to the fire wall, after that was done… yes, it is and I'm in love with that SUV, I even cleaned the car for the customer, I really treat that car like my or even better(well I treat all cars with respect and care, because from them I got the money to care of my family and my employees families), but that land Rover touches different, I'm really thinking to stuudying and starts to deal only with EUROPEAN'S brands, more job, more headache but more money.

  7. 0:12 that's some James Bond level smoke screen.

    You say you failed to get the Range Rover experience but looks to me you already had the complete experience more than once.

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