BREAKING: Prague mass shooting bodycam video released, death toll rises to 14 | LiveNOW from FOX

Officials have released bodycam footage in the Prague mass shooting.
Czech officials now say 14 people were killed when a gunman opened fire Thursday at Charles University in Prague., that number is expected to rise as some of the 25 wounded are still in critical condition. They also say the 24-year-old shooter was a student and was ‘neutralized’ at the scene. Police say he also shot and killed his father earlier in the day. He also the suspect in a shooting earlier this month where a man and his 2-month-old daughter were killed.

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44 thoughts on “BREAKING: Prague mass shooting bodycam video released, death toll rises to 14 | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. People don't get it… Everyone is seeing how violence and crime keep increasing each day. Every end-time sign is being fulfilled all at once across the globe and still, people act shocked. This mass shooting is awful and it'll continue. Before it was a few targeted in mass shootings, but now it's killing as many as possible before pulling the trigger on oneself.

    No governments across the planet have been able to implement a just security system to protect its citizens. They think selling guns will help defend themselves. These criminals are the same who are working by your side and at your BBQ get-together talking about needing guns to protect society from evil.

    This world will soon end. Not the planet, wicked society just like in Noah's days and the immoral city of Sodom and Gomorrah. (lgbtq+) Mankind thinks it can find real peace without God's leadership. Wicked men think they can change the Bible teachings of Jesus. World leaders do not care about fixing climate change or a ceasefire. They love war so they can approve funds for their fat nasty political pockets.

    We will hear from the United Nations when they are saying, "Peace and security!" Then they will attack all false religions across the globe and the end will come—Armageddon 🔥 Only the ones who listen and call God's name Jehovah will live on earth forever and in real peace. Bye YouTube! ✌🏽️ The things in this system of things will not exist in God's Kingdom when it's established on earth.

  2. Like watching the shining with some blair witch in the mix, audio and video on this is terrible and we are forced to watch it on a monitor in a monitor. like WTF.

  3. I work at a college that's open 24 hours. I fear this will happen at night where I work. Anybody can walk in off the street, with no security check. I already am prepared and have my hiding spots picked out.

  4. Jsem jedinej, komu nedochazi, jak to Policie posrala?!

    Nechali ho tam od prijedu prvni hlídky minimálně 50 minut řádit!!!!!

    Rozdejte jim.medaile, jak se to tady dela, kdyz nekdo neco zkurví a pak je povyšte…


  5. Why don’t we SHUT SOCIAL MEDIA DOWN and see how many of these shootings cease? The devil is everywhere! Pure evil!!! It’s almost like monkey see – monkey do!!!! Copy cats copy each other!

  6. What is so disturbing about that video ? It shows nothing just a bunch of noise ?
    The Media really needs to get a grip !
    If it was shown what happens in these situations maybe it would be more real to people and less of it, but over sensitizing matters does know one any good.

  7. Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives. News channels really need to stop saying “the worst mass shooting in history” because it gives those crazy homicidal people some sort of thrill

  8. That are trying to be like in the USA They probably learned or copy cat mass shootings from the USA but the USA will be the number one in mass shootings in the world

  9. The "footage" is such a waste of time to watch. No visible bodies or of the shooter in action. Nothing really here to see, folks…Move along. Might as well watch the exaggerated SWAT team movie scene in 'The Blue Brothers' for the same effect.

  10. No one is calling this guy a terrorist. I guess he has to have a beard or be religious.
    Prayers to the families🤲

  11. "Difficult bodycam footage to watch" is an understatement. This is some of the shittiest bodycam footage I've ever seen. Did they play it back through an echoplex or what? Why even show it at all if it's that useless?

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