Israel-Hamas war: IDF talks advances in northern Gaza, humanitarian crisis | LiveNOW from FOX

The IDF says it’s made advances in northern Gaza as the humanitarian crisis rages on. IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus joins LiveNOW’s Austin Westfall discuss the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas war.

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46 thoughts on “Israel-Hamas war: IDF talks advances in northern Gaza, humanitarian crisis | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. The butcher of Gaza another Israeli for the war tribunal in the Hague the likes of him were hung after the Nuremberg trials after world war 2

  2. Why would any parent allow their kids out to play soccer while there's a war going on? Perhaps the IDF needs to examine the "soccer field" a little closer…

  3. Advances in Northern Gaza, we thought the IDF controlled Northern Gaza, stop the lies and bias support for Israel instead of reporting the truth about the IDF war crimes, shame on you calling yourself news media.

  4. Such brave, moral soldiers. I pray for the safety of all Israeli soldiers and civilians. Thank you for your efforts to keep us all safe

  5. What the hell you on about. You ARE killing whole families daily, not once a month or once a week by accident but throughout the day and night, Murdering! So full of Lies!

  6. Idf should not report back to reporter because at times they don't really report the correct imform.. .not like a reporter like ..murray from UK…every reporter should be like him..

  7. Here are the numbers for Gaza:
    30 million a month from Qatar
    120 million a month from unrwa
    50 million a month from EU
    30 million a month from America
    Hamas built tunnels on our

  8. The way I've been monitoring this war that's taking place over there Israel might as well get ready cuz they are not going to let you get away with this what is going to take for other countries to leave other countries alone I have this bad premonition for the last 3 days any other questions that is something is really coming for the Israelis that they will not be able to handle Karma goes for everybody we are going to suffer soon I feel it that's one good reason why United States is really not offering arms and services to Israelis they trying to let them handle it on their own banana slide we are sneaking stuff into them but she's going to come back and Horn all of us

  9. IDF soldiers killing 3 hostages should not be kept responsible nor should they feel guilty due to the extremely difficult situation they are fighting – those hostage could well have been Hamas leading them into a trap. Still it is a tragedy for the families and for those soldiers.

  10. God showed me in Amos on chapter 1:6 about Gaza their punishment because they **carried the whole captivity away to deliver them up to 👉Edom👈 and also Amos 1:9 sais Tyrus they delievered up the whole captivity to 👉Edom👈 also i hope this is the right season and prophetic timing Shalom to all and God bless all my Kingdom families I love you all and i salute the IDF with much ✌️❤️🙏 to all

  11. Cancel all trade cooperation with America so that America will become poor… cooperation with America is useless as long as it is a country that helps kill children, women and the elderly in Palestine.
    And oil robbery in Syria, Iraq, Libya
    A rich country results from robbery so it doesn't deserve to be called a country like it is a world terrorist

  12. Ask him why the IDF is laying siege to a catholic church and shooting nuns and priest when ever they expose them selves.
    Even the Pope is now calling this terrorism. More UN worker have die in 3 months then in all wars last year. Always the victim. No accident they shoot civilians. They will say Hamas did it ffs

  13. I see often comments like « Israel did not start this war » . Israelis do not like being reminded : 9 April 1948, Irgun and Lehi committed the Deir Yassin massacre of at least 107 Palestinian villagers, including women and children. Palestinian towns like Saliha and Lydda followed. The war started here. Not the 7 Oct.23.

  14. Thanks again for your repeated messages about the goals of the IDF. God be with you. Don’t let the ignorant media distract you are bring you down. Americans support IDF/ISRAEL. ❤❤🇮🇱🇮🇱🙏🙏

  15. Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, thank you so much for your service. You are doing an exceptional job reporting on the facts of the war. No matter how many lies and twists are directed to Israel, you make the truth come to the surface. Keep trusting in God, he is on Israel’s side. Prayers and love from this American.

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