Israel-Hamas war: Israeli Govt. on hostage operations | LiveNOW from FOX

Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy gives daily briefing on Israel-Hamas war.

This as Israel continues its ground assault against Hamas in Gaza amid global calls for a cease-fire. Reports on the ground say most of Northern Gaza is in rubble now as IDF soldiers continue to push south into the Palestinian territory. In an update Monday, Israeli officials declined to give a firm timeline on an end to hostilities.

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38 thoughts on “Israel-Hamas war: Israeli Govt. on hostage operations | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. you are wasting your breath with UN being the way they are blind to the truth sean over and over again im supprised the UN dont exspect israel to give in to hamas terrorists scum god bless israel never give in to terrorist scum

  2. Philippines loves Israel,with Israel help Philippines survives during the times of calamities, Philippines supports USA during ww11 by sacrificing thier guerrillas without any aid from USA as the USA focused the fights in Europe but the PH guerillas was brave enough to endure enemy attacks and defend the territory and its people plus the USAFFE (United States ARMED Forces in the Far East) without any salary from the US but remains loyal to thier duty where my father is one of the USAFFE soldiers.IF not for the PH armed forces and guerrillas volunteers blocking the enemies ,they can penetrate the US easily,because PH is a strategic point supporting the defence to block the way for easy entrance to the USA.Its been four years in the making before Gen. Douglas MacArthur returns to PH while the filipinos stands on its feet defending from the enemies and preventing thier entrance to the USA I believe that Israel is victorious and can stand alone with God's help nothing is impossible.

  3. Please dnt call hamas terrorists the real terrorists and causing genocide is Israel. Dnt fool the public. All are crystal 🔮 clear

  4. All that murdering is got to stop as much as the murdering of palestine hostages in israeli jails, a sample of which is the decomposed bodies of palestines murdered by the israeli army, in an advanced state of decomposition, which were impossible to be recognized.

  5. Imagine a situation when hostages have better things to say about Hamas fighters than their own government… that's what happening here.

  6. We are with the victims. But the root cause must be dealt wit. And stop always lying of what happened. You are always saying hamas terrorist but look who is bombing innocent civilians.

  7. Absolutely. Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱♥️
    Let’s see the hypocritical anti-Semitic UN operate objectively for once. … or we will need to close it down!

  8. We should applaud Israel for attempting to assuage Hamas' anger by allowing them access to the lands they want to take, albeit in their new role as prisoners. We should give credit where it is due, n'cest pas?

  9. It is regrettable and ridiculous that UN is not able to order the Hamas to release all the hostages unconditionally and immediately. Without doing that what is the point in their advice on ceasefire? What are they capable of doing?

  10. Oh nooooo. Those poor souls dying in such horrific conditions after weeks of being hostages. Unbelievably cruel. Come on Palestinians help the IDF get thru to save our people.😢They’re there to get you a better life. Help don’t hinder. We are not the ones stopping aid & food & water reaching you. It’s Hamas. Stand & be counted.

  11. Hamas and it's followers are pure evil. Israel shouldn't listen to those politicians who are looking only for their interest. Go Israel and show the world 🌎 that from now on Israel and the Israelies should be respected where ever they choose to live.

  12. Mossad Intel learned this week that "Allah Archibald" is Arabic for "We're going to b*** your restaurants & busses, keep the fireworks coming, s*** you in the back, k*** your kids, R*** your wives, to**** our hostages, regardless of what Israel does, and YOU idiots are going to keep PAYING us to do it or WE are going to get REALLY mad!" And that's just for the people in France and the UK.

  13. May all the murdered hostages rest in peace and may God help your families in their grief . God knowswhat to do with them our God is merciful .and still in control .

  14. An official that can actually answer questions and knows what he is talking about not like australian officials that can never give a straight answer to senators questions

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