Palestinians flee into Southern-most Gaza as Israel continues offensive across enclave

Tens of thousands of Palestinians streamed into an already crowded town at the southernmost end of Gaza in recent days, according to the United Nations, fleeing Israel’s bombardment of the center of the strip, where hospital officials said dozens were killed Friday.

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32 thoughts on “Palestinians flee into Southern-most Gaza as Israel continues offensive across enclave

  1. The main issue here is that Israel is pretending that is “completely normal” to have people under occupation, without rights, without passport, without self determination, without control of their lives nor their land. Without access to the sea, to trade with other countries, generations are living in refugee camps surrounded by walls and checkpoints. With no past, no present and no future. We need to put a stop to this, it’s 2023 and innocent children are dying live on the internet for everyone to see, and no one is doing anything to stop it.

  2. They think this is the end of Palestine. 😂 😝. The world still exists, so no matter how many years it will take, Palestine will be free. Stay strong my brothers and sisters. Allah is watching. Our do’a always be with you.

  3. Can’t feel all that sorry for women who danced in the streets and handed out candy after hearing of the attack Oct 7th. I do feel sorry for the children though

  4. I was surprised to learn that the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem have been under occupation for 55+ years 😵, according to the international law and UN resolutions (1967-2023). I've come to believe that justice needs power to enforce it. 💛 ⚖❤

  5. It is good to remember that Egypt was in charge of Gaza until 1967 for all the people think that the Palestinians were requesting freedom from the last 75 years from Israel, well not, they were part of Egypt and they would be still if Syria did not start the 6 days war and, because of that war, Egypt did lose the land. But also we can see here why Egypt does not want the Palestinians because it means problems, destabilizing, and war. That is why Lebanon and Jordan do not want them either, same with Syria…… and any of the other Arab countries, including Qatar only take the ones with money, loads of money.

  6. Palestinians wants to be safe? Just don't vote Hamas to power and don't indoctrinate your young to hate and kill jews.

  7. How many people of the 2,100 did Hamas killed seeing that they shoot the civilians in their legs should they try to leave an area. Do not blame Israel, Hamas is known for lying and breaking rules. Women and children? Hamas has no respect for women and children🤔

  8. It is probably not the first intention of the state of Israel to weed out Hamas. It has other plans: it wants to purge the Palestinian land from its people, if necessary through genocide, and to transport what will be left of the Palestinian population to South America or Africa, paying the receiving countries for their “service”.

  9. The women and children are the most vulnerable during wars this is why God in his infinite wisdom 🙏 told this story concerning a war between Israel and his enemies in order to teach the women what to do . There is a wise woman who saved a city when she organised them and they cut off the head of the trouble causer and gave it to the Israel 🇮🇱 army let us be honest ldo not think Hamas used foreigners to build the massive Web of tunnels it is Gazans who know these tunnels if they hide the information it will not save them Israel has a right to look for the hostages If it any nation would they leave their people in the hands of their enemies the Gazans are destroying themselves by keeping silence

  10. JF Kennedy- the most powerful single force in the world today is neither communism or capitalism neither the H-bomb nor the guided missile – it is man's eternal desire to be free and independent. The great enemy of that tremendous force of freedom is called imperialism – and today that means western israeli imperialism against the palestinians. To subjugate and rule every aspects of their lives.

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