Russia-Ukraine war: U.S. announces $250 million weapons package | LiveNOW from FOX

The U.S. announced what could be the final package of military aid to Ukraine unless Congress approves supplemental funding.

The weapons, worth up to $250 million, include an array of air munitions and other missiles.

President Joe Biden is urging Congress to pass a $110 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and other national security needs. It includes $61.4 billion for Ukraine. It also includes about $14 billion for Israel as it fights Hamas and $14 billion for U.S. border security.

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36 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine war: U.S. announces $250 million weapons package | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. The US has a chance to deal a fatal blow to its biggest adversary in history without losing a single American life in the process. The only problem seems to be that the "Red Party" doesn't actually want the "Red Army" to lose. Quite a curious case, isn't it?

  2. It seems there is an opinion around America that Biden is "spending too much on Ukraine and not enough at home". People don't seem to understand this is America "cleaning out the old gun cupboard" and rather than just sending them to the dump, getting something for them and replacing them with the new stuff (already had been ordered). Maybe this is a topic to look at for a future story. The public seems to not understand what is going on or the process.

  3. Present rulers in Europe looking to establish a caliphate took a moment to look at the history of Europe how it embarked on colonization in the 16th and 17th centuries and found out a factoid that when Ukraine was ruled by Poland it hosted vast agricultural estates that supplied foodstuffs to Europe freeing up many Western Europeans to go into the army, navy, trade or industry. So now they got this fantasy to impose historical justice and turn Ukraine into another breadbasket that would feed Third World colonization in Europe, thus get back at Europe by colonizing it. That's why Brussels dreamt up of the 150 million strong cities spanning all of the Netherlands and Belgium and such. And big part of the reason why they wanted Ukraine to go to war with Russia and do everything to escalate this war, and now Western corporations taking control of Ukraine.

  4. This money from the US is as follow.

    150-180 million us dollar for old, and I mean old equip.
    The rest, exept for the 12-15 % to grease the recievers pockets, are mainly said to go to ammunition.

    Tgis will if used for it, will last from three to five weeks.

  5. The current hesitation of the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a bill supporting Ukraine is a moment laden with historical weight and moral implications. Drawing a parallel to World War II, one can't help but ponder the pivotal role that international support, especially from countries like the USA and Canada, played in bolstering Winston Churchill's Britain against overwhelming odds.

  6. This should be 250 billion in aid. Else the USA will see itself involved in a land war in Europe, all while China then invades Taiwan and NK attacks SK, plus Iran goes for Israel. American need to decide if they actually live in a world where their international agreements and diplomacy mater, or they are isolationists that should let the rest of the world burn.

  7. Yall always saying America first! But most states minimum wages is still 10 bucks! It’s was 7 for every for a lot of states so they haven’t and will not give the citizens anything so if a country fighting for the free world and all it cost is money not lives everyone with a brain should be all in! But when Russia start attacking everyone else I don’t want to hear nothing! I all I want to c is you and your kids in line to sign up to fight! Remember America first!

  8. Shoot dude i ain't sleeping tonight after this one everyday i feel like where getting closer and closer from Russia actually nuking us.😐

  9. if mr puttin says he intends to wage war against ukraine? of discrimination resolved both against civilians and the military.. wouldn't it then be the best just to first protect the civilians with an air defense of new AND used automatic cannons such as Bofors and ammunition,, then sit down within the EU and make a stable five-year plan that would strategically be sustainable without for that matter posing a risk to one's own respective country.. BUT MAINLY ship all used forms of demining equipment and machines (for mainly civilian use) then poorly functioning but used cannons, armour, weapons and ammunition that are for sale and out scrapping.. free for each country to donate or sell at their own cost price,, without drivel within the Eu and the senate in the usa🫣😱😰😰😰

  10. Russia airstrike injured 13ppl and at least “one person died”(idk if its right) so at least one possible based of news reports! Palestine murdered thousands no one pretty much cares! Guys remember same people told you to get VAX during the pandemic!

  11. Hey,
    You forgot to mention that Russia is winning at all contact points.
    You forgot to mention that Ukraine is sending special needs kids to the front lines (along with the elderly and pregnant women)
    You also forgot to mention that NATO is getting their asses kicked.
    Perhaps you forgot some small details

  12. More Americans suffer everyday!!! Border crisis, job loss, unaffordable housing but The US Government printing money and giving it away Internationally 🤡🤡😡😡

  13. Biden is sleeping and zelenski is a fool, one is too old and the other is too young. What a good combination that can lead us to a WWIII!

  14. I am posting this from abroad using a translation application. When Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the leader of a cult in our country defended Russia, the aggressor, and thoroughly vilified Ukraine, the victim of the invasion, and instructed his followers to curse their leader. Perhaps this cult was funded by Russia. Since that day, the Internet in my country has been flooded with posts defending Russia. They were numerous and sat on their respective sites, relentlessly posting daily praising Russia and abusing the Ukrainian leadership. Most well-meaning public users stopped posting on sites occupied by cultists and Russians. A quick peek at the "America's Strongest Source of Freedom, Democracy, and Anti-Aggression" site and I was surprised to find posts all over the place criticizing Ukraine and the US and defending Russia, with exactly the same content as the posts in my country. In other words, it is possible that many, if not all, of the posts defending Russia are not American. It is very likely that cultists from my country and the Russians themselves are posting on US sites in droves.

  15. US military "Identify" as The Moust powerfull Army in the World, But Everybody knows that "SELF-Identifying Ideology" its NOT reality!!, CHINA Happly Willing to LOAN more MONEY to the US, money to be WASTED in Ukraine!, the CIA should exercice their "Expertise" on Regime Change, and REMOVE Zelenzki from "power", PUT some one ELSE (anyone else) That HELP the UNITED STATES to SAVE FACE, and SAVE money!!!, THIS WAR IS WON, Russia has WON, SUCK IT !!!.

  16. $250 million won't pay for that many Funerals and only about 30% of that goes to Ukraine.

    Zelensky Ambulance Service has to be paid to bring bodies to the Zelensky Morgue.

    Then Zelensky Coffin & Casket Makers have to be paid….then Zelensky Funeral Directors.

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