Savannah Soto: San Antonio police investigating death as capital murder case | LiveNOW from FOX

The investigation into the death of Savannah Soto is continuing, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

Both Soto and her boyfriend died of gunshot wounds to the head and no gun was found in the vehicle, prompting authorities to open a capital murder investigation.

San Antonio police also released surveillance video of a vehicle of interest that had two persons of interest inside near where Savannah Soto and her boyfriend were found dead in a car.

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31 thoughts on “Savannah Soto: San Antonio police investigating death as capital murder case | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. This is why we teach our children to be careful of what kind of people they get involved with ……😢 I dont get it, when will criminals realize there are cameras everywhere??😮

  2. In 2019, I took my child to the hospital at 12 o'clock at night and they said that he should be hospitalized for three days and that they had given the wrong medicine to my child, and then they accused us of things that if a child were to read and judge, he would realize that all these Words are not possible in reality, but we were separated from our child for three years, and in 2021, when he was with CPS, two terrible incidents happened to my child, which closed the case at the same time, and my child returned to me, and now to wherever I am filing a complaint because CPS should be accountable, no one is following up and not doing it, why is it just because they are the system, this is cruelty and insolence. I have two criminal cases in the police department regarding the performance of their employees, but none of them are investigated.

  3. Her brother died from this life style. She of all people knew the risk and put her unborn child in the middle of it. I feel so sorry for the families loss and I especially feel so sorry for the baby who never got to take a real breath of air.

  4. Yall slow whoever did this is being charged with capitol murder meaning 2 or people even though the child wasn’t mentioned that Capitol charge definitely comes from the baby

  5. I said it from the get go, definitely mom passing that rag. A spoilt entitled gamer with no life experience spending all his days playing dumb games. Going real life for some weed. There are way too many sh*t parents in this world being sh*t parents. Why have them if you wont raise them right. RIP baby Fabian ❤️

  6. How can someone out there that knows who murdered this young couple and a baby and not saying anything? You whomever you are have the opportunity to ease your conscience and turn this murderer in and put yourself right with god please come forward and right yourself with god and help ease the suffering these poor families are going through wouldn’t you want that if it had happened to you 😭 I would if I knew I couldn’t go on in life living with this forever in my mind and heart 😭

  7. They werent victims, the dumass bf tried to rob two people, a father and son and ended up gettin shot with his own gun. The gf and her baby was collateral damage unfortunately from wrestling around with the gun. The buyers just panicked and tried to hide the bodies. He was just a worthless piece of sht who got himself and his girl killed. Pathetic!!!

  8. Triple Homicide. Looks like he was into some shady stuff holding that stack to his head like he's a Hard Thug. Got himself his girl and baby killed.

  9. Such a sad and tragic story, specially when a baby was murd3red as well 😢 my deepest condolences to the families of the victims 🙏🏽 I wish the best to the victims’ friends and family, and hopefully this violence stops 🙏🏽

  10. My god! I feel so bad for that girls mama! Savannah's brother was murdered recently (I believe within the last year) so she's lost her son, daughter and grandchild all in such a short amount of time! Not that time between would make much difference in this situation… I don't think I could survive that… prayers to their loved ones

  11. When you’re that heavily pregnant it takes so much effort to move and walk. She and her unborn were in so much danger and her man didn’t keep them safe. Rip.

  12. That's another whole problem, youtube, faceb, insta, all of it. They have no problem showing this b.s. "lifestyle" but you call someone a whatever they are, you get kicked off, punished for telling someone what it is! Have their priorities WRONG!

  13. Can you stop leaving thid msg as front page news how they were found. You just cant stop, they have family n friends. P.s. which gang was he was with. They look like they were both in it up to their elbows in it. Thats sad

  14. San Antonio is a dumpster fire. Tons of traffic, poverty, welfare, and exploding crime. If it wasn’t for JBSA, San Antonio would be Mexico. After living there for 10 years, it was overtly obvious that SA was growing in all the wrong directions. SA is the first stop north of the border and it shows.

  15. I said capital murder charges should be on the table and YouTube deleted my comments because they can't handle it. It's time YouTube stop censoring comments because it hurts their feelings.

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