Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump Colorado ballot ban case, sets date for Feb. 8 | LiveNOW from FOX

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear Donald Trump’s appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to kick him off the state’s ballot.

Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled Dec. 19 that Trump is ineligible to be on the state’s primary ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Oral arguments to consider Trump’s appeal are scheduled for Feb. 8, 2024.

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21 thoughts on “Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump Colorado ballot ban case, sets date for Feb. 8 | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. Thomas absolutely must recuse himself. His wife’s election stealing activities seems him unfit and UNTRUSTWORTHY to address anything to do with criminal defendant tRump!

  2. All the people have to do is not vote in Colorado. Of course some will will vote to have the USA jam packed with illegals and Unfair Work Competition. Letting in horrific people in the USA should not happen. Don't believe me go to other sites and see what they do to others. You will demand all illegals to be deported!!!

  3. " Only Congress Can Exempt Trump From Disqualification"
    SCOTUS DOES NOT have this power under the constitution; per law professor who was an expert witness at the Colorado trial.

  4. In marble halls, where shadows creep,

    A fateful choice the justices keep.

    Will walls of law, so strong and old,

    For one man's sake, in silence fold?

    The ballot beckons, whispers lie,

    A former king with fire in his eye.

    Immune from justice, claims the plea,

    To lead again, on infamy.

    No bar on age, no bar on birth,

    No bar on chaos, tearing Earth.

    A precedent, a poisoned well,

    Where any tyrant could rebel.

    The Constitution, tattered scroll,

    Will crumble then, lose all control.

    A nation's dream, in ash consumed,

    By whispers dark, by power assumed.

    Oh, wise ones robed, stand firm and true,

    Hear freedom's cry, the nation's plea to you.

    Let not ambition's shadow stain,

    The scales of justice, pure and plain.

    Reject the lie, the whispered wrong,

    Let reason's banner stand up strong.

    For country's sake, for all mankind,

    Defend the law, and leave darkness behind.

    In your hands, a hope, a fragile spark,

    To hold the line, in freedom's dark.

    Choose wisely then, let justice shine,

    And save our dream, for all mankind.

  5. I’m a political scientist myself. The Constitution ultimately encompasses the goal of National self preservation and we must dwell on the beauty of it’s wording. It is our duty to apply the ethical and lawful rules that preserve the spirit within which it continues to serve the greater good and purpose of freedom and Democracy. This oddity of a case deserves our discretion by “applying” criminal history, the obvious deception, the manipulation of votes and overriding a fair election to serve himself. His very own Vice President barely made it out alive and totally disapproves of his abnormal behavior, he disregarded common sense, decency and simple basic rule of law and prudence. The latter was all intentionally and willing. His own attorneys and VP disapproved of his sickly pathetic behavior. The instigating, a simple yet baffling irregular fit over him losing, the mobilizing, even gallos set up. A criminal, all traits can be shown now and in his future taking of the Presidency again. He’s clearly not within the bounds of normalcy and this is why our noble, knowledgeable, wise justices must see this clear never before seen danger in traits of criminality. He cannot hold the office of the Presidency. The spirit within which this Constitutional section was written and it’s wording is synthesized, fused into the fabric of great men back then should still be applied now, today. Discretion in fear of an overwhelmingly obvious corruption. Joe Biden believes this qualitative and priceless value and came out of retirement to defeat this anti-Christ from ever taking power ever again. President Biden, an officer and Commander in Chief knows the danger. Id!ot cannot run again, his MAGA supporters must learn the lesson now or go to war later over it. Believe me it is fragile enough now to take the bastard out of the race either before or during because such “blatant” corruption cannot rule a great nation lest it be its demise.

  6. Why in the heck we the people keep putting up with is well beyond me.
    The Democrats themselves are the ones causing an Inserection by keeping us we the people from voting for who we really want.

  7. I love how liberal media are all blocking comments on their videos. Same as when Democrats forced them to hide dislikes the last time Joe ran. 😕

  8. At first I was like let him run, he's gonna lose anyways. But then I thought if he loses he's going to start bitching again about stolen elections until 2028. Rinse and repeat until he's dead. And then I said fukem, don't let him run.

  9. Not a single person has been charged with "insurrection" for Jan.6. No sane person believes the Country was under any real threat on Jan. 6th. It was a protest turned 3-hour riot, with the help of FBI operatives and a pre-planned lack of security. The Democrats harp on this because they can't run on their horrendous record. It's time to take back the Country from those who represent the greatest threat to Democracy. We need President Trump now, more than ever.

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