Trump election case paused: Judge halts deadlines over immunity issue | LiveNOW from FOX

The federal judge presiding over former President Trump’s 2020 election interference case has paused all court deadlines while an appeal is being heard.

Legal analyst Randy Zelin joins LiveNOW’s Andrew Craft to break it all down.

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34 thoughts on “Trump election case paused: Judge halts deadlines over immunity issue | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. 0:26: 📰 The judge in the Trump election subversion case has paused court deadlines as an appeal is heard on presidential immunity.

    2:27: 🎙️ The video discusses the different perspectives on justice in the legal system, focusing on the government's and defense's priorities.

    4:44: 🤔 The video discusses potential flaws and biases in legal proceedings related to a political figure.

    7:09: ⚖️ The video discusses the legal proceedings and delays in the federal election subversion case involving Judge Tanya Chuck and former President Trump's legal team.

    9:24: 🔥 The fraud trial involving the former president has become a spectacle, with him controlling the narrative and drawing everyone's attention.

  2. Bard (AI), fact check: Using all available data did Donald Trump play a major role in the Jan. 6th insurrection? 𝗬𝗘𝗦
    I won't get behind a person with over 90 charges. Too darn risky!
    Is THAT the best we can do?? C'mon!

  3. Biden flipped five states on his way to winning the Electoral College: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Every other state held to form.

  4. These demtard judges need to be barred! This is becoming a communist country wen the people cant decide who they want for president…sad day for America!

  5. Established precedent always has favored the incumbent and sitting president seeking re-election. Whats different was illegal laws were used to get the election brought in with ballot harvesting and stuffing the box as evidenced on 2000 mules.
    It was rigged. And or manipulated and exceeded the voter rolls.
    All the slanted media reporting language and omission of facts makes good people appalled and now they see TRUMP is not giving up.
    He knows the corruption must be gotten out and the polls show we the people intend to right the wrong and empower the best and most effective president TRUMP.
    We wont be triggered by incompetent judgements, we will await the SCOTUS decision and send ACLJ with our intention and prayers and donations.

  6. Why won't they go after President Joe Biden for his assaults on our country 😡🇺🇸. They have stolen money from our Jails and Prisons system to send over seas instead of putting American citizens first 😡. People in prison and in Jail should have plenty to eat 😡🇺🇸

  7. He doesn’t believe lawyers should abdicate on behalf of their client. Also, any president can be indicted and tried now. Can’t wait for a few counties in southern Texas to indict Biden on breaking the law in regards to opening the border. We have laws for illegal immigration, no matter how bad democrats don’t like them 😢

  8. Biggest liars in America. Why doesnt anyone fact check? Putin was gloating in public after Republican moves to block US aid for Ukraine

  9. Randy is wrong in the past Democrats have said Democrats are wrong and Republicans have said Republicans are wrong this guy needs to get it together you guys should have picked somebody else like say a 10-year-old they could have explained it better than him

  10. yawn… hi "expert" i hope whoever cooked your breakfast today did an 'expert' job of it.

    This whole case is baseless, a kangaroo safari in sub-saharan africa and they won't even take a tusk or a horn when they leave. They might leave something behind, like an aquaintance or a friend.

  11. 05:55 dipsh1t is comparing fighting a stolen election to Clinton having an affair. hmmm? which one involves an actual crime? last time the democrats checked extramarital affairs were legal.

  12. RandyZ, outright propagandistMedia – Trump wanted the "swing" states voting practices challenged, and challenging electors showed up(as law permitted)…that's not an overthrowing of Democracy, & the J6 protestors were there in solidarity, the Capitol police walked them through the WH – look at the tapes of entrapment(like Whitmer)… there was obviously voter fraud(dead-voters, non-existant signature verification, middle of the night Ballots run multiple times)… why weren't the Ballots redone for verification?(not recounting fake ballots)…🤔
    OMG, America has become a BananaRepublic – including all the Trumped up Trump, charges.
    And the Anti-American media actually do the things they claim Republicans do… look at the "Pay for Play" of Hunter & Joe… it's on video tape…
    Where's the media?🤮

  13. Abraham Lincoln diverted his soldiers off the battlefield in order to vote putting the war in jeopardy he was looking out for his presidential powers how is what Trump did any different?

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