Trump widening lead in 2024 GOP primary race, new Fox News poll shows | LiveNOW from FOX

AG Gancarski with Florida Politics joins LiveNOW’s Andrew Craft to discuss the GOP presidential race, including former President Trump’s big lead in the polls and big changes within a pro-Ron DeSantis super PAC.

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39 thoughts on “Trump widening lead in 2024 GOP primary race, new Fox News poll shows | LiveNOW from FOX

  1. No matter how many times Fox lies about the 2020 election claiming that Trump lost to Biden. It doesnt change the fact that Biden never received 82 million votes. Never forget what the establishment stole from us. Fox was implicit in it, and no longer deserves respect as a legit news corporation. Too many people seem to forget that crooked night.

  2. Nikki Haley is a RINO, agent of the billionaire class. DeSantis jumped the gun. He needed to complete his term as FL's governor, then run for 2028 + 2032. He may have ruined his chances for 28 now. Christie is grossly incompetent, cannot and will not lead – he just spreads hatred and vengeance. Chris-pie Creme needs to take a super-sized sack of donuts home and stay there. Don't neglect gross negligence and failures of RNC chief, RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel – now more hated than Super-RINO and Wanker-in-General Uncle Mitt. Trump has no need of this useless RINO Fool, no use for her, either. Trump has a proven track record despite every effort of Dems and Radical-Leftist totalitarians to destroy him. No wonder people want Trump, a man they can rely on to have the best interests of this country and its citizens in his heart and soul.

  3. Is anybody really surprised the American conservative majority understands the needs the shortcomings and the tragedies of government manifested by the Biden, Obama Susan Rice debacle we are so ready for stable government for secure borders for good relationships with foreign countries and we will get all that when we get our president back

  4. How he can lead on the polls, if he is not participating on any debate. Why, may he cannot answer many question about his actions on the pass? Probably scare to drop down from the list? Better be abscent and keep the numbers up Falsely? tipic on him? He is a deshonest person.

  5. Trumps legacy will be remembered till the end of time, bidens legacy will be forgotten as soon as Trump fixes the mess he's made, Trumps motto; "when it comes to bidens messes i can always clean them up"

  6. The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can't make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.

  7. Biden screwed up on his presidency! Biden lost billions of dollars of military equipment to the middle east! Biden allows men dressed up as women to go into women's restrooms and bath houses! Biden allows men dressed up as women to participate in women's sports, where these men dominate and even hurt women because of their manly physic! Biden has almost destroyed our economy! Biden has caused the gas and oil prices to soar past record levels, and forced many businesses to close! Biden is against our constitutional rights, notably our 2nd amendment! Biden has allowed terrorist, rapist and murderers to cross over our borders, and even bus them in! Bisen has granted these aliens citizenship with housing, federal aid, and social security, only to gain their vote for the 2024 Presidential Election!

  8. For the second time, Trump used the hardcore racist language about immigrants "polluting the blood of our country." I sincerely hope conservatives who aren't racist heard these indefensible words and will get behind someone else in their primaries.

  9. It Isn't Important That He Is Leading In The Poll's Bcoz He Was Leading In The Poll's In 2020 & He Still Lost. So I Don't See Any Point In These Polls. He's Going To Lose In 2024 Even If It Isn't President Biden It'll Be One Of The Republican Candidate's. I Won't Vote For Chris Chirsty,Nikkie Haley Or Vevik Bcoz They're All Republicans & I Don't Do Republican's. I Definitely Don't Like Ron Desantis So Joe Biden Has To Pick Up The Pace.

  10. PLEASE DONT SPLIT THE REPUBLICAN BALLOT vote with all the candidates. We cannot have 4 more years of the Biden administration. Some shouldn’t even be running Vivek is no good…

  11. Trump may never see the inside of the White House again but, hang on a minute, all is not lost, at least he'll be inside a great big house with a fence around it… and with lots of guards around to make sure he's safe. (another bomb dropped by the madhaddr)

  12. So, the GOP is super cool with presidential candidates that praise dictators, ruin economies, wish they could "date" their own daughter, lie about the price of gas, lie about loving God, take credit for the work of others, insult anyone who disagrees with them, pays hush money to porn stars, runs around with pedophiles, cheats on their wives and absolutely hates women.

    Got it.

    Keep it classy, GOP.

  13. look, if you are the White House chief of staff, launching a coup is not in your job description. That's the opinion, plain and simple."

  14. Trump 2016: Vote for me and I will drain the swamp and put Hillary in prison. 😂 Didn't happen.
    Trump 2024: Please vote for me so I don't go to prison. 😂

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