6 NEW Android 15 features you NEED to know about! (Android 15 Beta 1)

6 NEW Android 15 features you NEED to know about! (Android 15 Beta 1)

The Android 15 Beta 1 has arrived! While Google hasn’t told us all the juicy new additions, there are new features that have started to emerge from the new beta, as well as some other changes we’ve noticed since our last hands-on with Android 15. So, we thought we’d round up the most exciting changes! Check out our website for even more details: https://andauth.co/Android15Features

How to install 0:00
Archive apps 0:26
Default Wallet 1:19
Braille support 2:13
Edge to Edge 2:48
Pixel Tablet lock screen widgets 3:29
Satellite messaging 4:22
Home Control screen saver 5:02
Back up your data! 5:50

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50 thoughts on “6 NEW Android 15 features you NEED to know about! (Android 15 Beta 1)

  1. Changing the wallet app is actually not a new feature. I can do that on android 12. for android 15 they just renamed it from „default contactless payment app“ to „default wallet app“

  2. Archiving apps has become almost completely useless because most apps/games have a very small base download (this is the part that can get archived) and then have a massive download later which will appear under „user storage“ and won’t get archived.

  3. All Android versions past 11 are hot garbage.
    The tweaks and features you get are nice, but Material You is still the reason I am running Android 11 and most likely never switch unless the finally fix OR AT LEAST GET THE OPTION to return to the good one as it was in Android 11.
    The colours are also dumb. Why do you need to pick a few options which are all ugly pastel that no app developer will integrate. Just let me pick a colour or dont let me pick a colour. And not you get to choose between 3 colours.
    Also: Material You is supposedly a way to make the phone for "you".
    So: Why cant I customize the notification shade to something useful. Why cant I see my phone background when I type in the unlock code. I want to see my wallpaper and not have it replaced by a grey wall.
    In that vain: Why does my wallpaper fade to grey when I am switching apps.
    It doesnt turn gray until you let go of the app window and every time I am switching apps It makes me so angry because my phone is an ugly pastel turd. And 50% of the time I cannot see the thing which has the most amount of customization ever: my wallpaper.
    This just screams apple-fication of android.
    We like android because it isn't iOS not in spite of it.

  4. Honestly some of these features will be useless to me. Hopefully some more useful things can be added down the line into stable android 15 final

  5. Edge to Edge apps is something that bugged me most on Android and really glad it is getting some attention.

  6. "My Pixel 7a's NFC hasn't been working at all since Android 15, and this is definitely an Android 15 issue. When downgrading and reinstalling Android 14, everything worked again. Additionally, there's a bug in the Easter Egg. Instead of VanillaIcecream, it still shows the one from Android 14."

  7. I'm on beta 14 QPR3 but I don't want beta 15.. I did opt out beta but I received an OTA that says all data will be lost and I don't want to wipe out my phone

  8. Old android where the theme was white was so much better. How terrible it looks to have pastel tint all over your phone as if your screen is damaged 🤮

  9. I really want to see the status bar changed from the solid wifi and mobile data icons to something more like iOS where they are separated depending on signal strength.

  10. Thank you so much for putting Accessibility in your updates. I don't use Braille myself but there are plenty of people who do and the more we know the better it will be for everyone. Accessibility often goes ignored by many channels I am happy that you Android authority don't do that.

  11. Really grinding to keep hearing it pronounced by a British person as 'bater' when its 'beta', as spelt.

    Maybe I'm having an off day, but made me skip the rest of the video after what seemed like the 20th time

  12. Even with the arrival of Android versions 13, 14, 15, and 16, most users won't notice any significant changes or performance improvements because those updates don't affect their daily tasks…..

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