Galaxy Watch 6 vs. Google Pixel Watch: DON’T buy anything else!

At least for a while, don’t pick up another Wear OS watch…

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38 thoughts on “Galaxy Watch 6 vs. Google Pixel Watch: DON’T buy anything else!

  1. I have two galaxy watch 4's and they are basically identical to the 6's. I don't know why anyone would upgrade. They are just doing minor iterations on it since version 4 and slapping a few hundred price tag + inflation on it every year.

  2. I own the Pixel Watch and it's battery is garbage. Looking to upgrade both my Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch with the Samsung S24 Ultra and the Samsung Watch 6 Classic. Went to Google after a friend of mine recommended it, never again. Ill stay with Samsung

  3. This year is my first venture in the smartwatch world. I did a lot of research and initially bought a Garmin SQ2. I did return it after a few days because my idea of "fall detection" and their idea of "fall detection" and when necessary were two very different things. I then purchased a Galaxy 6 44mm. I chose the larger size so that I'd be able to easily see what was on the watch without my glasses. The Galaxy "expert" at Best Buy helped me with the initial set up. I'm working on learning how it works and what it can do. I am a "casual user" so the battery life isn't an issue for me. So far I'm happy with the watch, it is a bit difficult to get used to wearing a watch again, but I feel that with Galaxy's hard fall detection and SOS notification is well worth the price and learning something new.

  4. Any issues of Samsung compatibility with Pixel phones? I had this issue with an older version of the Samsung watch, was incompatible with the pre loaded Samsung messaging app and was clunky together.

  5. You forgot to mention that Samsung is a unethical company. They don't value their customers and good luck if you need help.

    Funny nobody mentions this. Go to any review site and see the review before you buy.

  6. The Galaxy Watch is worthless in the sunlight. I can't see any of the useful body metrics data available on the watch while outside exercising in the sunlight. I am looking into the Google watch because is is supposed to be brighter in sunlight.

  7. I have a pixel phone. How would my experience be with a galaxy watch? I have an ild ticwatch and im trying to figure out which watch to replace it with.

  8. Bought the watch 6 being told that everything will work with my google pixel phone…. Lol nope , all the sensor ECG and all required a galaxy phone.

    And since I opened the box they won't take the refund

  9. Very disappointed, from the Watch 6, it's only marketing, the processor is not new, it's the W 920 inflated by 10% engraved in 5 nm …. Why not to have put a Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1 which is better and engraved in 4 nm?? The rotating crown returns to the classic Watch 6, but it was already on the classic Watch 4. The software side being only a normal evolution of 2023 which will be taken up on the Watch 5 and 4 in a few months. Virtually no change in battery capacity. Increasing the brightness will reduce the low power gain to zero. We are talking about watches at 450€ – 500€ which to have all their functionalities must be paired with a Samsung smartphone and some functions of which do not work in certain countries, see also the blood pressure measurement which must be calibrated every month by a real blood pressure monitor. Really disappointed, can't wait for the Watch 7 in February 2024…….

  10. Looking at both watches, I'm told that because I have a Pixel that I won't be able to fully enjoy/access everything Samsung has to offer. Might pick up a used one just to keep me occupied until the Pixel Watch 2 comes out.

  11. You said " most people should go out and get a samsung wearable" to use all the galaxy watch featurs like its health benefits will require a galaxy watch

  12. Pixel Watch 2 NEEDS to have better battery life. And hopefully they slim down the bezels a bit. I personally think it’s the best looking smartwatch on the market

  13. I've had the Gear S, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 pro. And I must say I hate the 5 pro. I loved the design of the Gear S. The watch 5 pro annoyed me because every time I wanted to read a full notification or email it always prompted me to open on phone. I thought a big feature of the 5 pro is to use it without the phone.

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