Is this the Google Pixel KILLER? – ASUS Zenfone 10

In this video, we review the new ASUS Zenfone 10, and compare it against the king of affordable flagships: the Google Pixel 7 (and 7 Pro)!

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47 thoughts on “Is this the Google Pixel KILLER? – ASUS Zenfone 10

  1. Just put Pixel camera and software into Zenfone and it is perfect phone for me. I will never look around for other!

  2. I recently bought Zenfone 10. This phone is amazing! Compact, battery king, performance is good, and the camera stabilization is wonderful! No regrets to upgrade from my 5.5 years Vivo V9 6GB 😆😆

  3. WARNING: Looks like Asus in not allowing the device to be unlocked! This means you are stuck with an outdated phone in only a couple years!

  4. I have a pixel 5a. But I was planning on keeping my phone until November 2024 when they stop giving updates. I was thinking of getting the asus zen phone 10 if I ever need to upgrade

  5. Switched from pixel 7 to ZenFone 10 (8/256gb)

    ZenFone is really more comfortable to use than pixel 7 or any other previous pixels I had.
    The Asus features in system give you more flexibility (which is kinda what you expect from stock android) and they don't overtake the phone or use more battery.

    The phone itself is very light, it's fast, it has audio jack.

    Fingerprint and face unlock are The fastest and best I've ever seen in my life. Unbeatable

    The gaming performance is very good although I'm not a mobile phone gamer, just took the tests

    Cameras are good and even better with pixel camera app. Just lack the blur features that pixel provides

    Don't regret the switch. Don't want to go for pixel 8. Although I was using Google smartphones since Galaxy Nexus.

  6. Hello, I have had this phone for 2 months and I can say that:

    1. the screen was filled with scratches,

    2. the back cover has become dull on the edges, it looks horrible, as if it were a fat cake, what a worst choice, trying to make the phone lighter, they chose this shitty plastic.

    3. the zenfone UI functions, which should make your life easier, are stupid, for example the 2 times tapping function on the back of the phone works when it feels like it, or the one on the volume button, or the one on the sensor button, the phone is not calibrated enough for that.

    4. when there are several active functions, or Wi-Fi is turned on, the battery discharges very quickly and even heats up.

    5. the phone feels in the hand during operation, you simply feel the radiation, the SAR value is at the upper limit, it is not recommended to use it too much near the ear.

    6. the frames of the cameras are uneven, I don't see what the point would be, anyway if you put the phone on the table and want to write or browse applications, the phone dances terribly, it cannot be used in this way, a special phone case is needed.

    7. the material from which the back cover is made retains odors.

    8. the phone tends to get hot, the programs are crowded and often more confusing.

    9. I had to strongly reduce the number of functions to save the battery, if I don't use it it lasts for two good days, but I have to charge it overnight so that it doesn't discharge the next day.

    10. still a Chinese shit in the end.

    I wanted it to be 10, but it's 11: the camera is under critical condition, until now I didn't think that there would be something like this on a flagship, incredible Asus, the worst software, I don't want to say more……

    my review is 100% true, I don't want to offend anyone

  7. I have the Zenfone 10 and it's not. Pixel has always had the best camera and the zenfone is mediocre in that department.

  8. 6:08 "there isn't any [bloatware] unless you count facebook and instagram" so… you mean unless we count the apps which basically coined the term and annoy people with their existence?

  9. Just got the us version. Legit my fav phone and I've had the fold 5, flip 5, s23 and s23 ultra, OP11, pixel 7. But the z10 enhanced the z9 which was a great phone. Great size, camera was fine, battery life was amazing, beautiful screen and software. Now with wireless charging, more efficient processor and same battery size with same small form factor, it is my perfect phone

  10. I have a hard time giving software experience over to Pixel. Pixel has some nice features but it has become to king of clunky UI in the android world and does not offer anything like the customization that asus offers.

    As far as software updates go as long as the boot loader can still be unlocked and a new ROM dropped on then the OEM support doesn't really matter much. My time with OnePlus and Samsung phones tells me you have a better than even chance of those long term updates ending up giving you a worse experience rather than any type of improvement.

  11. Headphone jack, USB C, IP68, not too big… finally giving up the iPhone SE (2016)… I’ll need the rest of my family to start using another chat program for video calls, but until there’s an iPhone with those features…we’ll have to see…

  12. Im liking the Asus. Few drawbacks – auto brightness only reaches around 800 nits outside, might be difficult to see the display when its sunny. Only 2 years system updates. Camera not up to the same standard as a pixel, which wouldn't be an issue for me personally.Prefer the asus phone design aesthetic, plus believe its battery is amazing

  13. I will go with zenfone, Y bcz I felt heating issues with this exited pixel, on every boot up pixel gets heating up exactly below camera bump, and in continued camera usage also heating up.

  14. Was just about to buy this phone and just found out ASUS stopped supporting bootloader unlocking for the Zenfone 9 and 10. So You HAD a perfect phone and you botched it. With privacy, right to repair, and control over the devices we own becoming more and more important to people, this move is a step in the wrong direction for ASUS.

    ASUS, support bootloader unlocking for your phones and you have my purchase.

  15. Finally. I've waiting for something with the same size as Zenfone 8.

    The same thing when I was waiting when I had Zenfone 3 to get the 8 😂😂

  16. I have the pixel 5a and it's a shame google took away the headphone jack for its newer models, zenphone looks to be a very intriguing option for my next upgrade in a few years…

  17. Since when Pixel 7 and 7 Pro crowned the best camera?

    This is rubbish statement. I went to vacation, and i brought Vivo X70 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro with me. The Pixel 7 Pro cant even beat the camera of the 2 years old phone, the vivo X70 Pro. The camera on the Pixel 7 Pro is just decent not that great.

    And i hate the fact that Google has made the camera on the pixel 7 Pro saturated.

    The pixel that i knew all along had the abilty to take natural images, not over saturated photo/video.

    If u use pixel 7 pro and take lots of images with it, you will understand what im trying to say here.

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