Nothing Ear vs Nothing Ear (a) | Which buds are best for YOU?

Nothing Ear vs Nothing Ear (a) | Which buds are best for YOU?

Nothing’s new true wireless earbuds are here. The Ear and Ear (a) share a lot of similarities but have a few key differences. Which one should you buy, and should you upgrade from the existing Ear 1 or Ear 2? Read out more at

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Why Ear and Ear (a)?
01:06 Comfort
01:59 Pinch controls
02:12 Noise cancelation
02:34 Microphone quality
03:09 Nothing X app settings
03:37 Colors
03:57 Case and charging
04:20 IP rating
04:37 Equalizer
04:59 LDAC and LHDC
05:17 Battery life
05:47 Price and which one to buy?
06:38 Should you upgrade?

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38 thoughts on “Nothing Ear vs Nothing Ear (a) | Which buds are best for YOU?

  1. How do the ear(a) compare to the ear 2? The ear 2 are at the same price right now thanks to discount, so I wonder which ones would be the best deal.

  2. I use the ear 2 and it's amazing , best fit of all the tws I have tried. For ear 2 owners I don't think there's a reason to upgrade this year

  3. Reliable LDAC, finally got a Nothing earbud. Got the (a)… It is not as good as the sound quality of HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3 or HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 (avoid 2, it has bad mics) (to give you context, I think the base quality of Sony WF-1000XM5 is misguided audio engineering). The Nothing (a) is more comfortable than the freebuds or any competitor and very very good for the price (and the base quality is very good, I cannot say the same thing for most earbuds that charge more)… Also glad to support a decent company. Also AMAZING and direct review. will SUB for sure… BTW, if comfort is your issue, make sure you get the HUAWEI FreeClip (sound quality is not amazing, but omg you don't even realize they are on you).

  4. After the first pair were pure garbage and their little sunbird stunt….Will never buy ANYTHING from NOTHING. Then they raise the price from 99 to 150 50% then in interview say its due to inflation. Total bullshit. Now the "Cheap" ones are the same as the so called premium. The first one I wasted 100. content bluetooth issues and 1 side not connecting ect. Pure garbage. Those voice samples sound like shit

  5. Thank you for this review. I had the ear 1 and I'm moving to the ear a. Just love that funky yellow colour and think they will do me well for the next couple of years.

  6. Unfortunately no mention of the cmf buds, also by nothing with basically the same features for much cheaper

  7. I loved Nothing until I got the Earfun Air Pro 3's! Wow, what a difference at $55 on sale.
    Earfun connects fast to my Samsung S24 Ultra & other devices & you don't need ANC because they are so loud & comfortable.
    60% volume on the Earfun's are like 85% to the Nothing's.
    Plus all the HD, HiFi, Qualcomm APTx, Codec & the 9+ hours of listening time.
    Nothing falls short on those topics but most importantly,
    I've had 2 pairs of the Nothing's where the stems come apart here in Hot SE Texas & it's almost impossible to glue the stems back together.
    These should be $65 to $70 buds, imo. Great info 🤟

  8. Thank you for the in-depth review! I'm going with the Ear because of this but the bumble bee yellow is tempting 🐝

  9. any and all 'buds' these days are mostly crap and hugely overpriced. so i will just save my western inflation money and let the tech 'mature' (honestly, they are mostly overpriced crap)

  10. Have you not seen how bad inflation has gotten and how much more difficult it is to even get by much less buy things you want?!? Tbh, I'm extremely jealous of people who can buy what they want. It must be nice to be so privileged to be able to get stuff you "want" when a lot of us can barely even afford the stuff we actually "need."

  11. The problem here is that Nothing's "premium" buds are actually budget buds in price. It's not the naming convention that confusing – its the fact that their 'best' buds are by definition and price, budget friendly already. By making a very slightly lower price buds in the 2a, it confuses consumers about the value prop. They have done something quite similar with their phones recently as well where it seems like the Phone 2a is better than the 2, when in fact it isn't – its this type of mixed messages that wont bode well for the brand; and lets not even go into "CMF By Nothing"!

  12. To me, it really sounds like the Ear (a) is the better pick. But the finer EQ tinkering you can do eith the Ear is a must have for me

  13. It's good that they're improving their value proposition with the ear (a). I wish my ear (2)s had this new less-sharp & less-peaky microphone quality, for my work calls.

  14. Thank you for the video it was very helpful, i have a question. i own a Samsung galaxy s24. and i own the ear(2) black edition. Should i disable LHDC. to gain the extra battery life? as this feature only works for phones that support it. which (phone 1, 2 and 2a) does.

    but am not sure if my samsung galaxy s24. supports it. am i just wasting battery by having it enabled?

    can you maybe check it

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