Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra REDUX: Still the KING after 6 months?

Does the Galaxy S23 Ultra still sit atop the Android throne after 6 months? Fear not, we have spent time working it out for you…

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra REDUX: Still the KING after 6 months?

  1. Overall it’s a good phone, but the camera still needs fixing in dim / indoor lighting condition, tends to get blurry, even unusable when the subjects moves. yes it has so called ‘major’ cam updates few times, but it’s just not enough.

  2. I'll be skipping the S23 Ultra for the Motorola Moto Edge+ 2023. You get way more flagship specs at a cheaper rate (like 512 GB of memory storage, standard). Plus, a standard 68W charging brick comes with every Edge+ (2023 models)! Maybe next time Samsung 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Why is my S23 Ultra giving me around 6 hours battery timing?
    Bought week ago. I'm using normal apps like Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, little bit camera.
    I'm not happy with battery life

  4. Turned my 23 ultra back in because the picture quality was terrible at motion. Blurred photos all the time. Wish Samsung would just put money into this. Sound wise it was superb and screen display was amazing as well.

  5. I bought the 512GB model of this phone on prime day for $980 and I dont regret it. The screen is so gorgeous and the back of the phone looks so premium. The 12GB of ram make this thing a beast. I had opened so many apps at once and I experienced no slowdowns and all apps were still on the screen I left them at after I went back to them.

  6. With this camera performance (Samsung kinda lied about "improving it with software updates") this phone can't even be considered good, all hype aside, let alone "the king". Shutter lag, weird color grading/HDR, very bad night mode, choppy videos, unpredictable results…all problems that are present on Samsung phones for years now are still present. I mean, on flagship 1000+ bucks device photo of moving subject (kid, pet..) ends up blurry and unusable…in 2023. As blurry as it was on my first Samsung S7 edge..Far, far away from "king" status. (maybe for those who use phone without ever using it's camera)

  7. Dear reviewers: As phone consumers, we should absolutely continue to complain about:
    – missing earphone jacks
    – missing SD card slot
    – missing power brick

  8. It may or may not be the best, but if it is, it is very close between it and multiple flagship releases. As a non-S-pen user, the USP is somewhat moot, so as all releases have the improved SD8G2 and many Chinese phones arguably have much better camera hardware and similar specs (RAM & storage) yet faster charging, my conclusion was that nearly every release so far and likely the Pixel and iPhone when they arrive are all very good and choosing any is challenging and you cannot really go wrong.

  9. Problem is storage as High quality the camera is need storage also large samsung earlier gave 1 tb ms one drive now you have to pay huge cost to store your pictures

  10. had an S20+ from 2020-2022(sep). "upgraded* to a S22U, instantly regretted it due to the battery life,but was stuck with the darn thing . 3 weeks ago,i was able to get a S23U due to paying the previous one half off. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PHONE. its everything the 22U should have been. that phone was nearly perfect,minus the battery. this battery lasts me a whole day or even more! and having double the storage , all for a $1 more a month,god what an upgrade

  11. Prior to this? S21 ultra was my favorite and still am in love with that phone…and prior to that? S10 plus. I'm trying to think of a phone out there at this moment that's touching it in terms of all around awesomeness and I got nothing. Unless apple and Google really reinvent the wheel next month and October or november? (Yeah ok.) This is phone of the year.

  12. I have a note 10 plus ,I wish there's more small flagships and midrangers phones 🥲 I'm suffering from big phones my pinky starting to hurt and reaching the top is hard also it's heavy and full of accidental touches because of edge screen

  13. I would refuse to buy this phone if it had a matte metal chassis instead of the current glossy finish. I want my phone looking premium, not like a budget device.

  14. I upgraded from the 21 Ultra to to 23U and I think it was the biggest waste of money ever. Wifi problems from the first day. Need to reset my modem every second day for the phone WiFi to work. Phone signal worst than 21U. And as for camera in low light.. absolutely rubbish. On holiday walking on the beach at dusk. Some beautiful fire lanterns lining the beach. It was beautiful but my phone couldn't capture it what so ever. My daughters iPhone was miles and miles ahead of it and we got the perfect photos. If you have a 21/22 don't waste your money.

  15. the only thing better than the S23 Ultra is my S22 Ultra i bought 3 weeks before the end of it's year of release. for less than half the price (literally) of the S23 Ultra release price.
    my recommendation: wait until around the end of Jan '24-'ish and pick yourself up a bargain.
    you're welcome.

  16. I got a cheap anker 45 watt charger which makes a huge difference. Sucks that I had to pay for it but it's pretty good.

  17. Haha, losers I got the pixel 7pro, I'll get Android 14 first

    Also we can still have a micro SD card slot, just get rid of the nano sim slot and start going with e-sims. Then everyone would be happy not spending pointless money on worthless cloud storage.

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