Sony Xperia 5 V in 5 minutes: ULTRA enthusiast phone?!

Is Sony making the only Android phones for true smartphone enthusiasts?!…

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Bringing back classic features
1:28 – Fit, finish, and form factor
2:59 – Shady software update pledge
3:49 – BIG battery
4:09 – Cool camera tricks
5:24 – Final thoughts

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44 thoughts on “Sony Xperia 5 V in 5 minutes: ULTRA enthusiast phone?!

  1. Leaving out the notification LED is such a silly decision…. it is truly one of the best features of mobile phones ever… and it would have been a great way for Sony to differentiate itself from other manufacturers… ah well, you can't fix stupid

  2. Best budget phone right now is galaxy a25 5g…has error thang.. headphone jack
    Memory card slot
    6gb or 8gb
    Omelette screen
    And the best is 4 years of os support and 5 years of security support.. 👍

  3. 😅2 years of os upgrade and 3 years of security updates.. I'll pass. I mean for the price at least give 5 years of security updates like Samsung..i don't really care much of the os upgrade.😎…im assuming the cameras is.the reason for the price of this phone..if i want quality pictures i would buy a foomn camera.. sheesh 🙄…

  4. Need a better screen than that tbh. That's the major drawback for me. Expect better from Sony and atleast 4 to 5 years of os updates

  5. I also don’t like their naming but I think these tech reviewer should know how to pronounce the product they reviewing

  6. Hi, can you help me, plz ?
    I can't find the shortcut icon, in the shortcut menu. How to explain this… You know, when you swipe down and there is a bunch of customizable shortcut icons to enable/disable stuff.
    Is there none for quickly enabling or disabling Mobile Data on this phone ?
    Just upgraded it to Android 14.

  7. Did they fix the overheating yet? I have a III and here in Las Vegas I cannot even have it mounted in my car while I am driving because it overheats.

  8. Really love my 5 IV. The size is just perfect and the cameras are amazing.
    Do wish tho the camera app had a simple version as it is a bit lackluster for non camera entusiasts.
    Also think the prize should be a bit lower to compete harder with other smal phones.

  9. Already siffering from bloatware since I made updates from 22 – 24 onky had samsung galaxu note 20 ultra and Chromebook, instagramyoutube are consuming alot of ram and power. Only had the phone for 16 months never had a power drain with any sony xperia ohones and my last sony phone I had that kept dying was xperia xz1 that had 2900 but it lasted two does without charge yet samsung galaxy note 20nultra could barely hold 20% in an hour. Going back to sony sony as VI is out

  10. I have loved all my xperia since 2014. I have (had) the Pro-i. It runs really hot when using video. Mine burnt up the battery and was dead… Right when i landed in Dubai… In October. I still haven't sent it in for repair. I bought a new pixel 8, knocked down to 400 after discounts. I like it a lot, but it's no Sony, for good or bad. I REALLY miss the dedicated camera button. It's one of my favorite Sony features. I also miss the sd card and advanced camera controls.

  11. Didn't expect this channel to pronounce this phone's name as vee and not as mark 5. I'll wait for the Experia 5 vee ai.

  12. Google should stop making phones and do a true partnership with Sony. I would be hesitate to buy this phone due to lack of long term support. Shame cause I think Sony can give Samsung a run for it's money. Nice review 👍

  13. Damn, they took away the notification LED for this one? That's a shame. I've had the 5ii for almost 3 years now and it's still awesome, no need to upgrade any time soon. The lack of software support is a bit of a bummer but oh well, everything else is great. The one thing I still don't understand is people calling Sony phones "enthusiast" phones. Yeah, they have the extra apps for the cameras, but other than that, they're just regular phones with all of the nice hardware features that the other companies don't want you to have. So long as Sony keeps doing phones the way they do, they're just about the only phone manufacturer I'll consider.

  14. I'll tell you a secret: Sony Xperia phones are the best on the market, bar none. Even iPhone and Galaxy Ultra cannot keep up with the photo, video and audio abilities of these phones. I'd argue that the design on Xperia phones are also some of the most beautiful ever made. google some images… BUT, they are aimed at audio, video and photography enthusiasts. Or anyone who wants the best value for money. You forgot to mention that the sensor on this phone is a world first – it captures double the amount of light than any other sensor ever invented, which is why it can also double as a periscope lense and still get incredible detail.

    Xperia's are phones that can do it all, and do it in style. For those in the know, there is nothing else that comes close.

  15. They've somewhat shot themselves in the foot with their poor updates/support policy and rather poor refresh rate handling. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone over the S23.

  16. As heavy Sony addict (A7slll, A9ll, A1) and semi professional photographer I switched from Xperia V Mark4 back to Samsung. Because we all know the best camera is the camera you have with you. But it's not the Sony.

  17. Can anyone please help me and tell me, which framerates are supported when u switch from 24 mm to 48 on the main sensor?
    i only know, they dont support 4k 120. but is still 60 fps in 4k available? thanks!

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