The End of Google Stadia: A Look Back

On January 18, 2023, Google officially ended support for its Stadia gaming platform. In this video, we look back at the company’s attempt at breaking into the cloud gaming space.

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30 thoughts on “The End of Google Stadia: A Look Back

  1. I play all my games on the Nintendo Switch OLED and PS5. HUGE fan of a lot of the PlayStation exclusives and prefer console gaming to gaming on a PC. Also at the moment I'm loving God of War Ragnarök!

  2. I used Stadia every day playing Elder Scrolls Online. It was always a better experience than GeForce Now and Xbox's cloud service. The game selection though looked picked out for preschoolers. If not for ESO, i don't know if i would have played it much. Like most things Google, the tech was there but not the commitment.

  3. Stadia reminds me of when you hear about network adapters for consoles like the SNES, enabling online play. A perfectly valid idea just too early to catch on and for the idea to realise the potential it would eventually have. Maybe in 10 years we'll have a modern Stadia equivalent that does really well

  4. The Stadia was born too early for its time. Hopefully it'll make a comeback in the future when cloud gaming is more popular ☁️🎮

  5. The name.
    I don't know how much it would have different it would have been, but Google Game would've been a better name.

  6. I've been saying this for years. Game streaming will never be a viable alternative to localised play from a dedicated machine. I was given an onlive box at a game show in 2011. It never worked properly. My internet was far too slow to even get it running. Still twelve years later it's still shit no matter who owns the technology and tries to sell it to consumers.

  7. I think it's the future of gaming still but it needs to be so fluid that you wouldn't know that it's coming from an internet. For example a high-end PC is just so expensive. The hardware is always getting more powerful and not everybody can afford the power but still want to see these games in the way they were meant to be seen. Eventually internet will be fast enough to not notice a difference from its console counterparts but we're not there yet and I don't know how long till we are possibly decades.

  8. I was really hoping stadia would succeed. Simply so server based technology would have to improve. But being operated by Google I had strong reserves it would

  9. Arcade, PC, Console, Stadia, Nvidia GFN. That's my gaming journey. Stadia gamers are gamers wanting options and ways to migrate away from the issues facing console gamers. I think that GFN Priority meets that goal. $20 a month for an RTX 4080 rig in the clouds fellas! If you have good bandwidth and latency, then you can play your favorite game on the cloud from almost any device.

  10. stop acting like consoles are some antiquated gaming system. The only other option is PC gaming, which is a joke. even if you have a modern PC, there is no guarantee that any PC game will run on it and PC gaming is incredibly prone to bugs. Consoles provide the best consistent experience. Any particular console, like PS4, PS5, Xbox, switch, etc is exactly the same for all users, so any game for a particular console will run exactly the same for everyone playing that game on that console. you PC gamers like PC gaming because you can mod, hack, and cheat with PCs. Also, consoles where doing full 3D gaming long before PCs were and you have to upgrade PC hardware every other year if you want to be able to play the latest and greatest games but you only have to buy a new console after 6 to 10 years.

  11. I own the Wassabi green Stadia controller. It's sad that the service didn't live on for a few more years.

    Hopefully in the future the service will come back but as a subscription service where you pay monthly and you have access to every game. Buying a game and then having to pay to play on a cloud based service wasn't the way to go with a cloud service.

    Hopefully fiberoptic internet will be more widely adopted in the future to every home in the United States and the World. Fast internet is important for everyone especially gamers.

  12. What kept me from getting on board with Stadia was the fact that I would need to re-buy the games. If it were like Game Pass, I would have given it a go. I'm a huge Linux advocate, and I think Stadia could have made it more mainstream for the average person by getting more developers on board with making native games.

  13. I'm really not surprised, pricing was a complete disaster.
    A subscription fee should have been the ONLY payment, games were priced to make it a failure right from the start.

  14. If Google is smart they would invest on an actual console more power than a ps5 or possibly more powerful than what a ps6 could be. And make it easy to develop for

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