The Google Pixel 7 is UNDERRATED! (Review)

The Google Pixel 7 is UNDERRATED! (Review)

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In this video, Harley reviews the new Google Pixel 7. Does it fix the problems of the Pixel 6, or is it another bug-filled release? Find out in our review!

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00:00 The Pixel 7 is here!
00:27 (Slightly) improved design
01:13 Still has a nice display
01:36 Improved fingerprint sensor
01:53 Face unlock
02:14 Tensor G2 performance
03:10 Battery life
04:58 The Pixel 7 takes stunning photos
06:38 Video capabilities and ‘Cinematic Video’
07:47 Pixel UI on Android 13
08:06 Pixel-exclusive features
08:32 Software and security updates
08:38 Pricing and configurations
09:00 Should you buy the Google Pixel 7?
10:05 Should you upgrade from the Pixel 6?
10:28 What are your thoughts?

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39 thoughts on “The Google Pixel 7 is UNDERRATED! (Review)

  1. The 7 is good. But the speakers could be better and the volume is a little weak. The volume buttons are not where most are its awkward. Little querks but to the positive I like it better than the Samsung I had.

  2. Good review but you gotta cut out the overly expressive hand talking. You look like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights because you don't know what do with your hands 😁.

    The Pixel 7 looks pretty solid for its price and what it delivers. I know many people complain about the charging speeds but it's not a big deal honestly. If you charge it at bed time, you won't notice the amount of time it takes to recharge anyway. It's very tempting to trade for this phone because it's now $449 on the Google Store.

  3. Was on a short vacation in NYC. Walked into the Google store in Manhattan and was just browsing around. Asked one of the reps and they offered me $247 to trade in my old and slow Pixel 3. Got the Lemongrass Pixel 7 and have been loving it ever since. I can't believe I'm getting this great a phone for essentially $400 (after tax and trade in).

  4. Hi Harley, this is a very informative video and helped me decision to get the Google Pixel 7 (from Vivo X50)
    Thank you so much for your honest and helpful feedback on the phone and its camera.
    Your fan and subscriber from Sydney, Australia.

  5. I just ordered my Pixel 7, I am coming from a Galaxy Note 9 that was a hand me down from a family member. I really wanted to get the Pixel 7 pro however after doing my research I just didn't see the logic for me personally to spend the extra money on a phone i only really liked initially for looks and a cool camera. I have always owned Samsung phones so I am feeling a little anxiety stepping out of my comfort zone on this one. However, the reviews I have seen have a lot of positive feedback on it. Keeping my fingers crossed I like it.

  6. I have the OnePlus 9 pro ..i think the pixel is total overrated..the only thing looking better on pixel 7 pro if you watch the OnePlus 9 pro vs pixel 7 pro speed test ..the only thing looks better is the camera …and defently the telezoom..other than that my 2 years old 9 pro looks faster..and the video looks like only 4 k on pixel ..mine goes 8 k

  7. I bought pixel7 and I was disappointed. My old Moro G50 power was better. Better security, better camera, better battery and better price. I returned the pixel7 next day and bought different brand. I do not recommend pixel7! You can buy better mobile for half of the pixel price.

  8. 100% agree! Best flagship.. the only thing I like about the S22 more is the screen brightness.. but aside for that Pixel all day long.

  9. One thing about Android 13 and the Pixel 7 that should be discussed more is that Pixel is THE work phone. If you have multiple streams of emails, slack channels, etc coming through different workspaces/inboxes, and just a ton of activity in general, iOS could be holding you back. Android 13 is incredible at notification handling. iOS is fun and cool and nice, and the hardware is great, but it sucks under high volume, busy use cases. The only cool thing about iOS is Messages and sync with Mac. That's worth a lot in some moments, but when you're on the go or away from your desk, the Pixel just serves up a more organized view of your activity.

  10. IMO the benefit with Google's Pixel phones is their software. They have so many utilitarian benefits. Small little quality of life things that add up to a better experience. Google voice assistant.
    It's quick for all those actions, it can go deep in them as well. It's not the "gaming phone". But it does do all these small tasks better than anything else. Want the best transcription from audio. The best call features etc etc. Then that is what you get. So the processor might seem weak for the standardized tests, but in what it excel at, it excel at. For example if you need to use google voice assistant it's fast and deep. Besting any Samsung or iPhone.

    The photos are amazingly good because of AI Software, it's basically budget phone beating flagship in most common areas.
    Oh it doesn't charge in 20 minutes. I can live with that, Just charge it when I sleep. I am also not glued to my phone like a crack addict. So battery last a decently long time.
    Cleanest Android experience.

    That is how is see it. I don't need silly $1500 flagship phones. Why pay 3x more for 10-15% better in some areas and they still lose in other areas.
    I never game on a phone, I mean except the simplest of games. So ZERO need for that need of performance. Photos it's already top quality. Just look at Marques test he did. Pixel phones top it.

  11. Interesting and very informative video. My preference is for the Pixel 7Pro but unfortunately, that phone has a curved screen which for me, is a deal breaker.

  12. People have been complaining about the video conferencing quality of their google phones for years. Poor quality of Video calls on the Pixel 7 as well. It's very grainy and choppy. Especially on Google Duo which is Google's own video calling app. Its same problem for WhatsApp and Zoom. This is not mentioned in any of the reviews. Please let’s make it appear. I don't think your reviews are objective.

  13. One odd thing that happens with this phone. My YouTube apps crash randomly and sometimes the play bar for some apps disappear randomly. Uninstalling updates took care of that.

  14. Finally someone at least touched on one of the most important features of the Pixel, the calling features. It's why I can't go back to any other phone.

  15. ordered one for black friday, had $100 off and with my pix 5 trade i was able to upgrade for only $100. good deal and big upgrade. wish it was smaller and lighter, like the 5, but seems to be everything else i'd want.

  16. Coming from a Galaxy S20 FE to a Pixel 7, which is my first non Galaxy phone in many years, about a week ago, I am quite pleased with the stability of the Pixel. It's not perfect, but for its price, there is no question the Pixel is much better!

  17. Any Pixel 7 moms or dads who can tell me if the camera does well capturing wiggly toddlers/pets/action shots? I am really interested in the P7, but getting good pictures of my kids is my big selling point. My current phone's reviews were too kind when it came to the camera…

  18. Bought a Pixel 7 because they are basically free right now with a contract. Coming from a Pixel 5 I'm pretty happy with it so far. Similar enough experience, everything is just a little bit better.

  19. With the current Black Friday sale, I could trade in my Pixel6 and $20 and get a 7. Sounds like a no-brainer, although I wouldn't have done it otherwise. Thanks for the review.

  20. Upgrading to the 7 from the 6 because of the 100$ off deal going on right now and almost 500$ trade in value. I will miss the look of my Sorta Seafoam, but I have it in a case anyway. Excited for the 7 to arrive 🙂 Face unlock and connectivity upgrades were what sold me… all other features are just a bonus! Oh and I also really like the size, its slightly smaller and bezels look smaller due to the silver frame, instead of black!

  21. Any idea why Verizon's Pixel 7 is $100 more expensive than an unlocked Pixel 7? They are saying something about mmwave 5G or something but I am almost convinced that I can settle for the unlocked version on my Verizon account. Any thoughts?

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