The PlayStation VR2 COULD BE a game-changer! – Would You Buy It?

The PlayStation VR2 COULD BE a game-changer! – Would You Buy It?

We had the chance to put on the Sony Playstation VR2 through its paces and it’s an impressive piece of hardware.

Full Hands-On review here:

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43 thoughts on “The PlayStation VR2 COULD BE a game-changer! – Would You Buy It?

  1. I’ll keep saying this until people like you understand that it’s not expensive at all when compared to good pc set up and that is exactly what it competes with in performance. With the option of foveated rendering which most of the launch titles seem to be implementing will make it far exceed the graphical prowess of its pc equivalent. To build a pc as powerful as the ps5 with a quest 2 will run you $2500 compared to $1050 for a ps5 and a psvr2. Then it won’t have the advantage of foveated rendering which most pc vr titles are not implementing in their games because there are no headsets with eye tracking. Just ignore the yikes and get a ps5 and psvr2. You won’t regret it.

  2. is “yikes” supposed to be baiting?

    it’s cheaper than the PSVR 1 at launch when you bundle the cost of controllers and external camera, sony is selling it at a loss, and it’s also vastly under priced compared to PCVR headsets with similar features

    is it still expensive? yes. but the tech is still expensive to include & manufacture

    sony only get their money back and then makes a profit after multiple game purchases and a continued subscription of PS Plus but mostly just through the games.

    if you can afford it, it’s gonna the best bang for your buck experience out there

  3. i skipped out on the first ps vr cause i knew its a prototype product to gather data to improve ps vr 2 although ps vr 2 is also a prototype as well and i dont think there will ever be a final complete build of a ps vr but for the price is reasonable. i never tried a vr before so this is all new to me, already pre ordered the ps vr 2 so i cant wait to finally experience the vr immersion

  4. I'm getting it and horizon call of the mountain and swordsman vr and later down the line maybe sas2 and others but excited to play it the wait will feel shorter soon cause I'll be playing Hogwarts legacy until this releases

  5. I going to be honest ps vr one suck but psvr2 is up there with top vr head set and with Sony gaming support it could take the market by storm prices is cheap with what this headset is capable at the price point

  6. I have 8k Sony TV that costed 9000$ and it worth every penny. Japan made fair products allways as much as they selling it, nothing more nothing less. Sony vr is a MIRRACLE at all. 550$ is just free

  7. I understand that such a mass product should be made for buyers ability, but it's kind of device everyone who knows what this is waiting for 6 years, and I don't sure will it be this great as expected with 550$ price. Kind of customer will use it 6 more years and I personally would like it to be best of the best that possible and ready to overpay for 6 years of use if it could be even better :)) Sony rules!

  8. original psvr 1 with controller and the camera was also around 500 $
    even the pc vr headset witch cost 2-3 times more then psvr 2 dont have the half the spec of what psvr 2 is offering.
    i would say its a steal
    i just hope it work with pc with some mods like pc modders did with psvr 1 it will sell like fire if they manage to find a way to use it with pc

  9. For a bit of context regarding price: PSVR 2 is $550, and requires a PS5 which costs another $400-500. Total cost: $950-1050
    – PSVR 1 was $400 ONLY if you already owned the stereo camera ($50), which was mandatory but not included at that price. The Move controllers were also not included ($100 for a pair), but weren't mandatory for all games. A PSVR bundle including all of these items cost $500. It also required a PS4 which was much later in its life cycle than PS5 is. It cost $300 when PSVR launched. Total cost: $800 in 2016 money or roughly $943 in 2022 money.
    – The Quest 2 costs $400 for the cheapest option, which has several shortcomings, most notably storage capacity, battery life, and comfort. Each of these things can be addressed, but to address all of them, you'd likely be paying more than the cost of a PSVR 2 (though it doesn't require any other hardware to run). Even beyond that, the Quest 2 has disadvantages vs. PSVR 2 (resolution, FOV, IPD adjustments, haptics, lack of eye tracking), but it is wireless and can be connected to a PC so it has those advantages. However without connecting it to a powerful PC, the games are very limited by the mobile hardware. Total cost: $400 for standalone without addressing its problems, $550-ish for standalone while mitigating its biggest problems, or $2000-ish to have the headset and a decent PC to run it off.
    – The Valve Index costs $1000 on its own, and requires a powerful PC to run ($1500 minimum). It has some advantages (better finger tracking, wider FOV, higher max refresh rate, better but harder to set up tracking), but has a far worse resolution and lacks many of the PSVR 2's features. Total cost $2500 minimum
    – The HP Reverb G2 costs $600 on its own (though sometimes goes on sale for $300), and also requires a powerful PC to run. It has a higher resolution, but the controllers it comes with are apparently garbage and basically need to be replaced. It also lacks many of PSVR 2's features. Total cost $1800-$2100 depending on if you can get it on sale + the variable cost of new controllers.

    So really the only option that's cheaper than the PSVR 2 is the Quest 2 without a PC, and that's giving you a very limited experience in terms of the sorts of games it can handle. It will never be able to run a game like Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, or Horizon when playing without a PC.
    As for the value of PC VR vs. PSVR 2, a PS5 costs less than just the graphics card you'd need in a PC to be able to achieve comparably high-end visuals, so the PC side really can't compare in terms of price with the PS5/PSVR 2 combo (though there are some major software advantages to PC VR).

    It's sort of ridiculous that the author of this video didn't explain any of this even at a cursory level. Instead it was just "OMG! $550!" without any context. $550 is cheap for a headset of this calibre. Show me another headset that has eye tracking in it for less than $1000. That alone makes this video sort of a joke, and I'm not even getting into the myriad of factual inaccuracies within it either.

  10. Another video spouting nonsense about the price. It's funny how all of a sudden the PSVR1 was this super cheap discount VR system in people's memories and not the $500 set up that it actually was. It's almost like a narrative is being pushed, but I can't for the life of me figure out why that would be.

  11. Why is everyone including the price of the ps5 in this. I'm sure there are better ways of wording it. When you include the price of other vr units, you don't include the price of the pc you attach them to.

  12. Wow, can you be more clueless? Orbs? They are not called that by Sony, never were, never will be. $550 is expensive??? The original after purchasing the required camera and move controllers was more expensive. The original was OLED display NOT an LCD display. At least you did get that the eye tracking was a breeze to calibrate.

  13. So….6 years have passed… they include the mandatory controllers…inflation…significantly beefed up hardware…I’d say that’s worth $50 compared to the $499 price tag of the original w/ motion controls. People are trippin.

  14. The original wasn't LCD. It was the only full RGB OLED panel available in any consumer headset ever. Even now we still don't have that in headsets. Granted the actual resolution was lower, but the subpixel density was higher and effectively reduced SDE. It was punching way above its price point

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