Biden BAILS Out Art Students: Forgives $6.1 Billion in Loans

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to President Biden’s latest effort to provide student debt relief. #biden #studentloans

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Author: Rafael Nieves


47 thoughts on “Biden BAILS Out Art Students: Forgives $6.1 Billion in Loans

  1. The tax payers should be on the hook because the government guaranteed the loans which gave them a responsibility to make sure the loans were worth the risk. To protect the tax payers going forward the government needs to get out of the student loan business.

  2. Honestly this is like watching an abusive relationship. She accused him of everything she herself did. She’s abrasive and rude. I agree with her take on Israel but not much else. But even on subjects I agree with her on, I still find her delivery caustic and counterproductive. Bri please take a chill pill and be a little more self-aware; you’re doing neither side a favor by being an obnoxious bully.

  3. This is straight up theft. The loans were freely entered into. If the school was fraudulent- make them pay. Take the assets of the owners and those that enriched themselves. Take their property. Why are you taking my money? I wouldn't have underwritten these loans.

  4. I’m so confused on this show and the hosts. Is this the news giving us information or two annoying adults just talking over each other trying to get the last word and be right.

  5. Bri thinks she understands finance and economy. She does not. It absolutely matters what happens with our tax dollars, and no, the govt can't just print indefinitely with no consequence. Also the way the govt takes money out of circulation is NOT through the mechanism of taxation, but through repo markets, bank funding requirements, interest rates, bond issuance, etc. For every dollar the govt takes in in taxes, it spends $1.50 on its programs, which is money going right back into the economy, just where it targets it. It's more redistribution of wealth than shrinking the money supply. Consider how much we're now paying in interest on the bond debt the govt has issued? How dumb do you have to be to believe the nonsense Bri is spewing? That said, I'm all for people being able to include student loans in bankruptcy like other debts.

  6. another reason that college should be FREEEEEEEE!!! that way no body owes anything cos it's FREEEEEEE!!! such an easy solution even AOC understands the concept … just make it all FREEEE!!

  7. QUESTION! if you had to guess, which way people with "art degrees" voted..which way do you think they'd go? .. This is just buying votes. And i do enjoy hearing opinions i disagree with, but from smart sources. this show is quickly falling apart with how much Bri sticks her head in the sand on complex issue..Robby "we end up paying for it" Bri "no, the government does"…the government doesn't make money you twit, it can only take money that WE earn. and belittling those who disagree with you is intellectually weak, "you dont care about this demographic".. no i believe they should pay the bills they signed up for, if I can't use your degree for my benefit, then i shouldn't have to pay it.
    And just to Bri's uneducated opinion bout debt…Biden added over 8 trillion dollars to the debt, in 3 years, wages haven't grown once under his admin..but she thinks we need to spend more?!?! that hasn't worked thus far, but sure, lets throw more of OUR money at the problem.

  8. The government, starting under Obama, did sue this for-profit company and they had to settle, about 100 million despite defrauding the government about around billions, maybe more. The company then went bankrupt. There were several years of litigation that made this happen. There’s a lot happening here with lots of documentation, senate reports, briefings. It’s a big case that has been going for years, the schools are now bankrupt and closed. This is not simply a one-off give away for votes tho I wish it was more expansive. These students had loans and no one to pay it too not to mention no reason to even if they had the money. Imagine spaying for a college that no longer exists, and the governnment forgave your loans because they settled with a company that had to cough up before shutting their doors.

  9. Is it healthy new show where somebody talks 80% of the time and complains that they're not getting enough time to talk? Give her her own show or give other people a chance to talk.

  10. You know if they don't reign in Bri I'm just going to stop watching the hill, she very emotional and infantile the way she interacts with other people on the show. And the logic is terrible. Failing out failed companies is different than bailing out defrauded people whether they deserve it or not.

  11. 8:22 they can confiscate the diploma actually. why couldn't they? if one is found out later to have been a cheater then the record of being a graduate is erased and said person won't show up positive on an employers background check with the university.

    The knowledge may remain but how would one use it? Most people went to college to get a corporate job. Just like lawyers pass the bar to work for the justice system. They can be debarred. Other professions can lose their degree/ certification . If the degree isn't making a ROI for the graduate then the grad doesn't mind losing it say in bankruptcy. The issue of the right and uneducated is that they don't want that degree( asset) back either. But that part does not matter!

  12. its 3:24 revenue the government shouldn't have had to begin with. Because the loans were made out of thin air and the graduates are not being given pay from the public commensurate with the cost of the college loan i.e. ROI. If the cost of the loan plus cost of living and inflation outpaces the income generated by the lendees then the loan program does not make fiscal sense. Theres nothing to squeeze out of the graduates. Thats the point.

  13. You can tell how watches this show, those who have had the benefit of privilege. The Bible says, “24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24. Why? For a few reasons, one many get to the point where they feel money can answer most issues that they deal with, so they lose their desire to have a need to call on God. Secondly, they lose their perspective. It is human nature to view issues, ideas, and concerns through their own personal optical prism. It takes a special person to willfully, suppress their own views and go outside of themselves to try and step inside another person’s world, in attempt to get a sense of “how and why” they see things the way they do. Finally, as a result of the these prior points, many simply become less empathetic and calloused in their rational towards others and simply make decisions that insulate and cushions their own personal state of being. At some point they become so hardened, that they fight vehemently, to validate their position which again is based on fallacious foundation. Bri, u r a voice in the wilderness but that’s typically the path of righteousness and truth. But remember, the truth doesn’t need any help! Keep doing what u are doing, it is warranted and appreciated!

  14. Robby asked an important question. if a country doesn't need taxes to spend then why have taxes at all?

    If I have this MMT correct in my brain, a country that's in the economic powerhouse and world reserve currency state of the US can print/borrow "as much as it wants" and worry about raising the revenue/repaying those loans later. This is Bri's argument. Of course this can't apply to every country, as the US is in a unique position. And all this printing/spending may have other long term consequences but lets put that aside for now. If there was no tax revenue the country would just be printing its currency into inflation oblivion. Taxes are a means of removing currency from circulation to prevent hyper inflation.

    So, the US can spend without raising taxes/revenue, yes. But there is a fine line to tread with respect to inflation, and the debt must be paid. Does the US NEED your tax dollars to spend? Not if they don't care about destroying the currency. Which means, yes the US DOES need your tax dollars. In the end, yes, taxpayers fund everything, because the debt must be repaid.

  15. I never agree with Bri, but in this instance on these particular loans from the AI, she is correct. These students were defrauded by a bankrupt organization. Many of these students never got a degree when these campuses closed or had their degree basically nullified as not being from an accredited institution. The students were not at fault and were lied to.

  16. So, an artist gets student loan cancelation, but I can not? Lol. What if we stop giving billions away to foreign countries and use that toward all of the student loan recipients? Any money the government gives or spends comes from taxpayers, not the government.

  17. Wait so this is a bad thing? I thought this was good thing finally something for Americans but this is a bad thing. I mean I guess we could burn more money to two wars that have nothing to do with us. If that’s what make Americans happy. Seriously what do we want? I’m lost and I don’t even like Biden. I’m just happy people are debt free.

  18. The high interest is the problem not the loan itself.

    Just as The National Football League Financial Education Program (FEP) provides players with valuable knowledge to manage their personal finances and improve financial decision-making. SO SHOULD COLLEGES TO STUDENTS WHEN TAKING ON LOANS.

    Biden is completely out of touch with reality. 10-20k forgiveness wouldn't help most borrowers. It would be a waste of money for the government.

    My spouse enrolled into the Obama forgiveness program 11 years ago, @$170k/6.9% with payments based on her income and has ranged from $550 to now $790 a month that doesn't cover interest, her balance has gone up now @$180k, so all those payments have basically been flushed down the toilet.

    She is happy to pay back the loan itself, but the cost in doing so feels hopeless and creates enormous stress.

    School interest% should NOT exceed 2% if any at all.

  19. Students were defrauded by this school. They made false claims about future job prospects. Don't get mad at individual students. Get mad at the predatory student loan system that gives for-profit colleges access to unlimited federal loans with zero accountability.

  20. I thought volunteering to go to the Marines, Army or Navy allowed someone to go to college for free? I’m all for loan forgiveness, but now additional Military benifits for veterans or people currently serving needs to expand. Veterans should still go to school for free like the initial sales pitch, as well as get a $50,000 check. Otherwise, stop promoting free college for veterans and just say free college for everyone. Now veterans are feeling played…..some are sleeping in tents because they couldn’t pay rent. Students should have free school…but military vets should have free school and an additional big-time perk

  21. Seemingly ever since the Kim Iverson era this show got locked into the conservative media algorithm pretty hard and the lack of progressives in the comment section has been fairly consistent. The level of hatred toward Bri regularly in the comments is bizarre thing to constantly see especially given how she commands so much respect among progressives. I tarely dosagree w/ her and she regularly displays a wide knowledge of the issues. It sucks the comment section doesn't ever acknowledge that.

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