Biden Under ATTACK From ALL Sides On ISRAEL; NETANYAHU Says He Will Go At HAMAS Solo

Jessica Burbank and Amber Duke discuss President Biden’s big week with The Hill’s White House columnist Niall Stanage. #Biden #economy

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Author: Rafael Nieves


42 thoughts on “Biden Under ATTACK From ALL Sides On ISRAEL; NETANYAHU Says He Will Go At HAMAS Solo

  1. Hamas violated international law and is being eliminated to prevent a reoccurrence of atrocities. Biden is catering to his leftist base for votes. Israel already has sufficient supplies to accomplish goals.

  2. The United States have the best economy in the world 🌎 and that's true how is dumb Donald Trump going to make it better give the rich man tax cut

  3. As an American citizen I reserve my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH without punishment or prosecution from any fictitious governmental entity. With that being stated…. Solo? Hope they haven't forgotten that without their Mother Britian government and Daddy U.S. government; they wouldn't have anything they have been GIVEN since leaving Europe. To be GOD's chosen people they sure have depended on man's intervention to achieve their goals. Britian and U.S step aside and lets see their God work this go round. Simply because of British and American interest in Africa/"Middle East" have they been HANDED a nation and everything else that came; they only have to control the region. These people have never done anything on their own. Good luck!

  4. All of this could have been avoided from the beginning with a demand for cease fire. Cut aid. Our reputation has been further stained supporting this genocide by Israel.

  5. Biden comes through in the fourth quarter. After a dismal presidency so far, Biden ends strong with both restoring capitalistic values to the American people instead of just for big business with the FTC ban on non compete clauses and scores another touchdown saying no to US weapons being used for mass killings of civilians. I don't like the woke or men in women's bathrooms. But these two accomplishments are enough to wash away the horrible woke agenda he has embraced compared to his competition. This may be my first time in 30 years voting for a Democrat.

  6. Gazans do not have anti-aircraft, tank fleets, or an infinite supply of 2000 pound dumb bombs. How can you define Israeli actions as defensive, this would be classified as offensive if it were any other country doing this.

  7. Read the Geneva convention. Every civilian death is responsibility of hamas. If you're too lazy to read a 30 page document, ask any criminal lawyer about the following analogy.. in every state or US federal law, if a civilian is killed by law enforcement during an armed robbery, for example, the perpetrator is responsible for that death. Why does that make sense to you, but you still flap your gums about civilians in Gaza?

  8. Sir could uou tell us where HAMAS supposed to be? In their own houses, hospitals, university's? Arw they not Palestinians leaving in Palestine? Or they suppose to have their own neighbourhood in the ruins of your constants bombardments?

  9. Biden was Obamas shoeshine boy , Nancy Pelocy , The Clintons , George Zorro are all in One Team to bring America to its knees..theyre all team up to align US with Islam…Wake up America .shake em out..Get Trump in…Vote Trump for a Better and Safer America.

  10. "NUTTY-YAHOO-WEE" is lying through his teeth. Without U.S. financial backing and military support ISRAEL can't last 3 months against HAMAS or anyone else!!!

  11. Israel is absolutely correct! Civilians are getting killed because of Hamas and how they put them in harms way! I am sick of the people who think war is clean and easy and only criticize Israel an no other country like this in history.

  12. He could stopped war just at beginning and he supported it, there is no winner in this war, so many innocent people have been killed. Where is today humanity gone? Why we sending our money to Israel. Here people live on paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to buy a house!

  13. It’s not as if Hamas has vast lands to response to the war Israel is waging against them. This foolishness that they are using civilians as human shields is a lie, they are underground and IDF can’t go in there and find them.

  14. Biden is failing miserably on the foreign relations front having slaved himself to the middle-eastern Israeli regime and bringing in enormous insidious foreign influence on American politics. Instructing the State Department to lie to us, the tax-paying citizens, considerably shrinks his case to run again for continuing his genocidal policies towards Palestinians. He should not be re-elected.

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