Elon Musk WINS Censorship Fight Against Australia Over Sydney Church Stabbing Footage

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss an Australian court’s decision to refuse to extend a temporary order to block videos of a Sydney Church stabbing on X. #ElonMusk #SydneyChurch

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Author: Rafael Nieves


48 thoughts on “Elon Musk WINS Censorship Fight Against Australia Over Sydney Church Stabbing Footage

  1. The so called e whatever Australian speech person is apparently American which already asks the question 'Why is an American in charge of Australian freedom of speech?"

  2. Most Ozzies are with Musk…..though of course in an ideal world it would be GREAT if all posters were MAGA and conservatives…just sayin'. lol

  3. The Australian government is infected by super wokery which has just passed disinformation laws that has in effect made free speech a crime. The cherry on top is the Federal Government are the only group or persons immune from this law and so can lie and propagandise to their hearts content. There is an election in about 12 months and hopefully this one term dictatorship will be given the flick, but the majority of the population is obsessed by choosing Safety over Liberty (a population full of scaredy cat cowards) as seen in their capitulation to government control during the recent Covid Scam so I am not anticipating any change in the statis quo.

  4. He says it should be up to the society or the government, because the rest of us have to go in front of a judge when we say stuff online, which rubs people the wrong way. Not everyone is in the US, and so I think that was his motive.

  5. Congrat for musk or community group actually maybe ai chatbot… whatever. Even though we guess you maybe not fight for free speech at all. You just hate the tune those gov demand you do something like they are boss while they just employee of some low profile company.

  6. Bri, Elon Musk cannot fight the entire world all by himself. He has to pick and choose his fights. Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

  7. 4:35 This is the only way Robby can speak on this channel, when Bri gives him permission. Also, people accuse you of being Anti-Elon Bri because you could not talk about the topic of the video for 2-secounds without going to into your beef with Elon. Just educate us on what is happening as it is related to the Headline of the video, and if you want to talk about your issues later fine, just inform us first what is going on to the reason we clicked on the video.

  8. Bri seems to miss the old twitter regime. She would prefer no free speech at all compared to Musk delivering mostly free speech. I have never seen her complain about Facebook or any other censorship site. She only has a problem with sites that are trying to do free speech. I think free speech makes her uncomfortable but she doesn't want to admit it to herself.

  9. Elon has saved us again our Marxists government has been defeated . Their politically motivated attempt to control information highlights their lack of confidence in their own policies which are largely communist fantasies destined to fail. Go Elon Aussie in Thailand 😊😊

  10. Australia’s fascist, overreaching, Orwellian labor government has zero authority over how an American business is run outside the borders of Australia. This isn’t even a matter of discussion let alone one of debate. Even a ten year old could grasp this

  11. So musk is censoring X because governments are asking him to?
    Huh that’s a weird thing to do for the guy who claims twitter is pro free speech

  12. Communist countries will start banning X. That communist fraud leader installed in Brazil comes to mind. Brazil is being destroyed as we speak thanks to Lu La Low life in Brazil.

  13. Elon Musk fans and it seems Robbie as well that Elon Musk is all for Free Speech but when asked about China and India they jump through hoops to defend Musk's hypocrisy.

  14. It would have been nice if BJG would have bridged over to USA world wide censoring/suppressing so many videos and content creators during the pandemic. That would have been a more appropriate discussion regarding worldwide regulations.

  15. you know what's more disturbing than a video is the fact that we live in such a world where these horrific acts occur, where death and suffering are everywhere – governments are more concerned with covering up the fact that they are such failures rather than working to make the world a better place.

  16. Bri can't stand being wrong, especially corrected. She then tries to subtly strawman the topic into something other than what the topic is about (Australia's attempt to censor something for the world). Give recognition when it happens for the segment, don't Immediately pull up different issues.

  17. The core argument is, Australia's position doesn’t extend to China and is anti-western in principle.

    I do not trust Musk, he sucks up to China too much

  18. Thanks Robby for keeping Bri in check. I know Bri seems sympathetic to free speech but her progressive bias does damage from time to time. We need more support for free speech in the world and Musk seems to be risking so much for that. I think that he seems to be trying to be consistent, even against the business profitability of X. Notwithstanding all his efforts, Bri seems unable to give the guy more credit and support. Yes he may not reach the absolutist goal that he seems to desire given all the constraints, but he has made a lot of progress and doing way better than other platforms, with serious security and negative business consequences. Musk is literally defending free speech across several countries in the world and we need more Musks, not less. Keep it up Robby and hope Bri can do better going forward.

  19. You can absolutely say that is what your goals are. Politics is the art of the possible and one must make compromises to achieve one's objective. "Only the impotent are pure" – Gough Whitlam (Australian PM, 1972-75)

  20. Elon is doing what all he globalists do which is some rules for thee but not for me. is he a free speecher or a just a capitalist?

  21. I'd wonder if Australia's government would've wanted the video censored if it was a Christian attacking an well respected Imam something tells me no

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