Even Lindsey Graham CRITICIZES Samuel Alito For Upside-Down American Flag; Justice Blames Wife

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to revelation the an upside-down American flag flew outside Supreme Court Justice Alito’s home. #alito #upsidedown

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Author: Rafael Nieves


40 thoughts on “Even Lindsey Graham CRITICIZES Samuel Alito For Upside-Down American Flag; Justice Blames Wife

  1. What is the problem? Are their no partisan lefties in SCOTUS? No partisan AG? No partisan FBI? No partisan DOJ? Imagine being on the side that prosecute the leading presidential candidate 77y old with no criminal record. But if they se a upside down flag they crie like babies. I mean, ask Joe Biden, he won't even recognize the flag and he runs the country. Thats what you all should talk about 😂

  2. my wife had told me she was sitting with a sick friend. Now I find out she is going on road trips with Hell's Angels. Should I continue to believe she is sitting with a sick friend??
    Really folks, it appears to me, and others, that members of the Supreme Court may have been involved in a coup. We need an investigation into the Court. If a court member is/was engaged in a coup we need to know and take corrective action.

  3. Both Alito and Thomas should not be allowed to judge Trump in regards to 1/6, due to their wives behavior. It's one thing to support Trump as a candidate, it's quite another to openly support his insistence that he won an election he did not win. SCOTUS can legally put normal political signs in their yards, 1st amendment and all, but I doubt that they do because it would LOOK BAD. This is much worse.

  4. If you can't place your hand over your heart and recite our pledge of allegiance, if you disrespect our flag, your disrespecting our nation. Anytime our flag is disrespected, it's a crime that is unlawful and carries lawful penalty in court.

  5. Don't like her. She now backs her thoughts with the NY Times quotes. The left makes a negative about anything that supports the right. They want Alito out. So anything he does is ready for the mill. She says there is no evidence of election fraud in 2020. That says to me she reads the times and probably watches C NN and MSNBC. There is more evidence coming out every day. The upside down flag is NOT an issue. Why keep pushing it?

  6. I was pretty certain that the historical symbolism of our flag raised inverted was that our nation was in dire distress and or turmoil……. Isn't that basically what MSM and Democrats/liberals have been proclaiming of Jan 6th, that it was worse than 911 and that our country and democracy was almost destroyed that afternoon??
    BTW this was the first time I had heard it had anything to do with "stop the steal" proponents…… If media reported that the flag raised at half mast represented Jan. 6th rioters, white supremacists, fascists etc…. does that mean the history of it as a symbol for honoring fallen Americans supposed to be "memory holed" and now represent whatever and whoever they say it represents??
    TBCH, I'm half confused and half disheartened at this recent "breaking news".
    Specifically because those of whom average and below avg. Americans like myself consider to be the best or at least better ones among us(journalists, public servants), seem to have no limit to what they are willing to desecrate, disrespect, fabricate, lie about or deceivingly misrepresent, in order to create a narrative as being true and "newsworthy".

  7. Dems try to turn everything to do with America into something bad . Just cause this woman thinks it means stop the steal doesn't mean everyone eltce knows what she is talking about.

  8. Americans, demand the impeachment of this crooked judge. We cannot wait for dems or justice dept because we have been under an attack, under a take over of our democracy. No agency has done a thin about it and the media reports all these acts as something normal in our country. The intelligence agencies should investigate the 2016 election, because trump may have had fake electors. Americans who want a democracy must stand up now before it is too late. This is not a dems vs reps, we must defend democracy!

  9. But the white dude dont understand a judge should not b on anyone side. He should not b flying a American flag upside down period if he knew what the upside flags mean. Come on white dude.
    It like this white dude u n i can do a flags any way we want to even make love on it. but i don't think a judge should turn a American flag upside down for any reason expertly if he a Trump supporters n everybody knows the way he might vote. I think the dude is tryn to say without says it he supports Trump.

  10. It is very wrong for the Highest Judge in the USA should be so upset over his less prominet neighbor puts out a sign which his his free speech right. That the Judges wife is so hurt at his sign she PROTESTS the sign. How small minded is the Judge and his wife. The Magma cult followers are scary BUT FOR A JUDGE ON THE HIGHEST COURT IN THE USA TOO BE A CULT FOLLOWER THAT IS SCRY"

  11. Where's Bri on James Comey could maintaining objectivity regarding charges against Hillary Clinton as his wife and adult daughters attended the Women's March in DC after Trump's inauguration, vehemently protesting his presidency?

  12. For once Robbie is right and Bri speaks nonsense. Let people think what they think. Upside down US flag and APPEAL TO HEAVEN flag says what the nation needs to hear. This nation is becoming an ABOMINATION

  13. It's a good thing the Supreme Court stands on Christian Values. If these conservatives on The Court are replaced America will have no morals and will be an AbomiNation. Then i say run for your lives.

  14. Ok, Briana, in the USA if I want to put my flag upside down or any way a want in this free country of ours why yo democrat so costipated to think that you can control everything that come close to you imagination or mind. That you dislike.

  15. Curiously, many parents believe that if their children are born as boys they should always consider themselves as boys but if an LBGTQ flag is waved at an event where a SCOTUS Justice speaks no one should be concerned. 😢

  16. What I am so confused by here is that Bri says that it is out of pocket to feel like the nation is in trouble after rioting at the capitol means that nearly everyone I know, democrat or republican, is straight out of pocket. The assumption of what Alito was signaling is a stretch to me. I hated what I saw happening at the capitol on January 6th and accordingly felt like our nation was in distress.

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