FED UP Moskowitz Makes MINCED MEAT out of GOP Leaders

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas interviews Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowtiz following the latest Republican plan backfiring in their faces as another one of the GOP fake whistleblowers got arrested.

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Author: phillynews215


35 thoughts on “FED UP Moskowitz Makes MINCED MEAT out of GOP Leaders

  1. Did he just say…"At least he's honest!" Did he really just say that??!! Wish he had clarified that cause you know MAGA world will selectively pick that one out and then the jumping up and down and finger pointing begins!

  2. Disgusted that Jasmine had to lower herself to be on your show.. Jessica will vote to make sure you dont have a right to abortion or ivf because of her "godly ways" i hope Jessica is always childless

  3. In consideration of the excellent reviews by both represented the Moscowitz from Florida and Representative Crockett from Texas, I would recommend two new names for them. For Moscowitz I would recommend we don’t call him the Smurf but call him Master Yoda! This is due to the excellent and artful way that he’s able to weld his Jedi sword, his thoughts and words, against the Republican, Comer Pyle!!!

    I would also recommend that we consider Representative Crockett an excellent Republican Vice investigator, not unlike Crockett from the TV show Miami Vice. So now we have a new Dynamic Dual, Yoda and Crockett for the Democrats! So, a broadcast compilation should be put forth called, Republican Vice starring Yoda and Crockett! Nuff Said!

  4. These fools have a humiliation threshold that may be a world record.
    Calling this A hole Gomer Pyle is a huge insult to Gomers everywhere!
    But they are great a giving Trump hummers

  5. Comer and Grassly need to be Impeached when all three branches of government are blue again! Republicans opened the door when they Impeached Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

  6. I can’t believe Pucker even went over there! Appeared absolutely terrified during that Putin so-called interview. Putin ate him alive. He’s fortunate to have escaped that country.

  7. trump is handing the democrats a landslide victory as long as he keeps pulling the strings on the clown show GOP. trump is not right in the head, and the rest of them can't think for themselves, and are too incompetent to do anything on their own. trump is taking them straight to hxll, and when the prison doors start slamming shut on all of trump's co-conspirators, there won't be much left of the republican party, unless Rikers Island lets them hold meetings.

  8. Trump will end up in Russia and in bad trouble, owing ogliarchs especially Simeon Malkovich the most wanted person in the world living in Russia. Bye Donald

  9. Just curious Midas touch…. How many different contributors cover the same topic, multiple times a day, over a few days? I feel as if you take your viewers for fools thinking you are cutting edge and covering subjects that no one else is, However its all revenue grabbing grifting at its best… Well played

  10. 😮 you see what I mean you just said it yourself you got 72 hours when you get back from this holiday oh well they said we have to go on a holiday no no no no no no no that's wrong you are giving up and I don't like it

  11. Democracy is so important and my idea of a short thing is that it's people standing for people human rights men women and children to do the decent thing democracy is so important putting Church above state is you know they say it with a smirk which is I'm trying to say they're not being truthful they're saying one thing and they're going to do another thing I mean they're telling you so so come on Democrats get in there please pretty please 💪

  12. So I don't understand that so the Republicans called whatever a holiday 2 weeks 3 weeks whatever why didn't the Democrats stay and write bill after Bill after Bill and you know just in indeed the Republicans with the rule of the people to do what Democrats say that they do to bring it forward to not let the Republicans run over Rockstar over the Democrats your Democrats can sit there and write like I said bill after Bill and most importantly be there working for the people

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