Harrison Butker Of KC CHIEFS Homage To HOMEMAKERS, Riles Up SOCIAL MEDIA: Watch

Amber Duke and Jessica Burbank react to Kansas City Chiefs player Harrison Butker’s comments in his commencement address at Benedictine College. #HarrisonButker #Chiefs

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Author: Rafael Nieves


35 thoughts on “Harrison Butker Of KC CHIEFS Homage To HOMEMAKERS, Riles Up SOCIAL MEDIA: Watch

  1. It seems Jessica Burbank is having a hard time being wrong. If the husband is supportive and cares about what his wife really wants, then it will not be a problem for a woman to choose to have a career if she wants it.

  2. I’ll believe his whole “family over career” thing when he gives up his career to raise his children, or does he mean only women should give up their careers ? Just another cheap religious hypocrite

  3. Amber saving the day. Jessica, being a parent is the most important thing you can do with your life. just because your offended by being a women, doesn't mean he is out of touch, you are jessica.

  4. Your children will always be more important than your career. Total respect for all the mamas that do whatever they have to take care of their babies. I also think it’s incredibly honorable to stay home and pour everything you have into your children. This was a Catholic College commencement speech… I feel like that is not understood to the degree it deserves. The catholic faith teaches all of the principles that Butker speaks on. I’m with Whoopi on that one. If you want respect you need to give respect. It is not disrespectful to tell women about the joy of motherhood… because he’s right, society has lied to us.

  5. The problem is the same people applauding him denigrated Other for kneeling in defense of black peoples being killed by police then were gaslit claiming they were against the military. Also, these are the same people who a yr from know will call women irresponsible for not working to pay off the school loans they just accrued. Even the baby crying in the background knew he was full of $#!+ he should have given this speech to a private high school before these women ( most of who took out loans that they just work to pay back). Also he mention ls vocation but I guarantee you men who think this way foget that people in vocations also take breaks, get vacation time, are allowed to express their opinions about how the job should be run, and are often vocal about their vocation. All of which most men who have “ homemaker” wives don’t want to hear their wives opinions.

  6. A lot of folks get a degree & never work in their field. Some are more successful than others, that's the reality of the world. I understand a lot of folks went into debt to get a degree & never got one out of that. It's why some folks are having their student loans forgiven. I understand that some parents were/are being held accountable to repay student loans because they were cosigners of the the loan. There you have it, get a degree and there's a lone of people that will still try to lowball that, male & female, regardless of race.

  7. When the facts don't fit a liberal's narrative, they ignore the facts. Jesssica, the fact is the speech was well-received by the women in the audience as evidenced by the cheers and prolonged applause. When you go to a traditional Catholic college, which you would never do, then you can complain if you don't like what the speaker says. He isn't talking to you and you aren't speaking for the women he was talking to. So, get over it.

  8. When Ms. Burbank is less overcome by her rising gorge of indignation, she will recall that journalists perform some of that "research" that she's (never) heard of, thereby learning that Mr. Butker understood his (not *her*) audience at Benedictine College quite well. Ms. Burbank uses the heavy, judgmental cudgel of censorship chosen as the weapon-of-choice by Pagan America when anyone speaks publicly of faith-driven opposition to its "narrative" (that is, its secularist propaganda). She is counted among those who want to control what people say so that they can control what people think, in each case without regard to audience or speaker or context.

  9. Jessica is spinning a lot of lies and showing a lot of ignorance in her arguments.

    For example, Butker did not say that being a member of the LGBT community is a "deadly sin." He, quite literally, said " Not the deadly sin sort of pride…" Jessica is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, of which Pride is greatest. He was literally calling pride a deadly sin, which Catholics have been doing for over 1600 years.

    Also, I bet she doesn't know that "vocation" has a special meaning in Catholicism and does not mean the same thing as career.

  10. I went to a Christian college and was 100% more interested in getting a husband than a degree. I didn’t land one since we had a 4:1 female to male ratio lol, so I got a degree and then got another one and was 100% more excited about getting married and having babies. I have my dream job, work part time only because I have to, and wish I could do it less and be with my kids more. I think what he said stands for most students in a religious school.

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