Johnson & Schumer INVITING Netanyahu To Capitol; MTG’S Motion To VACATE Speaker Expected To FAIL

Mychael Schnell, congressional correspondent from The Hill, gives update on what’s happening with the attempt to oust Speaker Johnson in the House. #johnson #speaker

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Author: Rafael Nieves


48 thoughts on “Johnson & Schumer INVITING Netanyahu To Capitol; MTG’S Motion To VACATE Speaker Expected To FAIL

  1. It's reasonable for him to address the Congress so that our representatives can hear is version. Right now the loudest voices in DC are those that wish to destroy the Jewish State.

    Isn't this his 2nd visit before Congress?

  2. Netanyahu shouldn't be speaking at the Capitol, that's easy. He should have to speak with workers at WalMart and McDonalds around the country and explain to them why their tax-dollars are better suited in Israel than in their own US House districts. He should have to tell the guy working 40hrs at WalMart and grossing 40K and driving Uber for 10hrs on the weekend to make ends meet, why Israel's bombs are more important than the busted up roads the guy has to use on his commute. He should have to look them in the eye and say, "Keep working hard for us." If he does that in each state and doesn't get told to "F Off", he can take our money. Me thinks he won't be nearly convincing to actual working people as compared to the bought and paid for crooks in Congress.

  3. "What makes Democrats strong is their unity." Sadly, it's their unity with corporations & military contractors. Maybe we can invite Count Dracula & Vlad the Impaler while we're at it. They'll fit right into Washington DC.

  4. "What makes Democrats strong is their unity." That's kind of true. A more accurate statement would be "What makes Democrats strong against acting in the interest of their constituents is their unity." It's all that allows them to keep a stranglehold on establishment power.

  5. I really hope Netanyahu comes to address congress. I can't wait to see the biggest anti Israel protests and have the MSM cover it. It'll give more fuel to the conspiracies that Israel runs Washington.

  6. To understand the current takeover that the conspiracy theory accredited person is actually accurate in pointing out, regardless if she actually knows what she is pointing at.. you first must understand the methods of Mongolian (for lack of better generalized term) proven and recorded methods and strategies for coups.
    You know that thing “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does”, well imagine 4 unwitting hands all serving the same puppeteer.
    Total checkmate.
    The Berlin defense really.
    Remember the word Mongolian is more than our western history minds conjure when the word is heard or read. I am of the Alanic tribes of which the Don is as well.
    I wish only speak of my own kind here to say that when the four corners of the Frankish empire moves in toward the target, there is no where to turn and run.
    If your dna evolved through many years of this same strategy, then you just sorta can see between the lines if you will.
    We are not far removed from time when USA was very cruel to the people living in the woods and rivers here, not long ago at all. Those people of the 4 mothers are also the people of the 4 wends, the 4 Wei’s and the Four Eyes of Janus of you wanna go Roman deep.
    The USA insulted the very soul of the people who historically not just seek revenge always for even insults but it is a religious spiritual experience they have in doing so.
    I think it’s high time to stop allowing laws to outlaw blankets on homeless and start taking to task those who infected blankets with disease and all that was done to steal this land.
    If we become wise and able to say sorry properly, we could be neighbors still. But if not, I would practice digging trenches and living in caves cuz the Phoenix Is already on the burning rise.

  7. Kick Mike Johnson out from the Speaker seat NOW!!! That guy has shown he's a complete traitor to our nation, the republican party, and the values he called to hold.

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