Judge Delivers DEVASTATING FINAL VERDICT against Trump

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the final verdict issued by Justice Arthur Engoron in the New York Attorney General civil fraud case against Donald Trump, his businesses, Don Jr., Eric Trump, and other co-defendants.

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Author: phillynews215


31 thoughts on “Judge Delivers DEVASTATING FINAL VERDICT against Trump

  1. I do NOT like politics. HELL, I try to stay as far away of them as possible. And I did… Until a dear friend lifted a rock and found me hiding from politics, there I was. Ignorant as can be, and I didn't even know about Trumps first presidency ( other than it being a huge stain on the history of the U.S. in 2014) I tried to find my way. (I'm Dutch from Europe, just look it up) And this is what I found;
    – A 80+ year old thinking he is above the law
    – An (admitted) dictator who will REFORM democracy to suit his needs (sounds familiar, we, in Europa, had the same in the 40ties… (If your American please look up WWII)
    – A greedy rich guy who thinks he's KING/EMPEROR OF THE WORLD, that can surrender territories and entire countries, THAT ARE NOT HIS, because he said so…
    (For Americans it is the same as giving up all 50 states because it was once Mexican/Indian/etc. Take your pick. Because the Vatican said so)
    – For some reason Trump is pro SOVIET, and no this is not mistranslated. Basically, all Americans have issues with communism/socialism, but you're okay with communism returning to the SOVIET UNION????
    – NATO has a security pact, namely article 5. This pact, ensures the safety of all, by defending all when attacked. Only one nation EVER, evoked article5 and that is the U.S. We stood by and helped in the war against terrorism. Now a war is coming to Europe and Trump is, instead of defending its allies, encouraging Russia to attack???????????? If he, I mean Trump, has a valid argument, I don't know about it. First of the 2% rule is a guideline, not a rule. Secondly, most (significant) countries abide these rules. And a quick comparison between EU and Russia tells you that EU more than matches Russia's manpower and has a far more capable military (PvP). We can do without America and match Russia, while Russia is already stretched as is.
    There are loads and loads and loads more honest questions I have towards the American people, but to put it into one sentence. WTF???

    It seems to me that there is a strong lobbying force within the republican party to promote war by any means. If you look at the dates around wars and correlate this with the decisions made, you'll get the bigger picture. Depending on who will be president in the US, another full scale war in Europe (a.k.a. World war 3) is likely and NO-ONE is profiting from that.

    AND YES, I still hate politics 😭😭😭

    Ben, How is it that Republican Reps, Jordan, Comer, Greene et al can go into a secure facility to read a FD 1023 and take pictures and blab and spew and post the content to the public and nobody says Hi, Yes or No.

  3. Sorry Momma's Touch, but "Final Verdict" in your caption is not accurate. Trump will appeal all the way to the US Supreme court where this judgment has a 100% chance of being tossed out on plain and clear 8th amendment violation grounds. This is a state court you say? The US constitution trumps state law and jurisdiction. But at least you think you got the desired outcome, to use your corrupt leftist courts to tar and feather the man and interfere in the election. The reality is, Trump will absolutely prevail in the end and he won't pay a cent of this fine (not now, nor ever). Not only that, but people all over this country (and the world) are now just waking up to what exactly your side is all about and how far you are willing to go to get it. It's going to have the opposite result of what you are hoping.

  4. Doing unamerican thing? completely ridiculous verdict, i see all of you liberals are not somewhat corrupt, you are completely corrupt!!

  5. After reading the order for myself, I think half a billion dollars is not enough. The level of Trump fraud is astounding, and the fact that none of the players own up to it and take responsibility should itself double the penalty. I only hope criminal charges are eventually filed.

  6. Not that I really care but at this point the only way to save The Trump Organization may be to take it public! The thing is if that happens Trump loses control.

  7. Not sure who will be running the place now, given Trump, Jr, Eric, Weisselburg, etc. can’t hold those offices. Will Barbra Jones also appoint other officers along with the new Compliance person? 🔆

  8. Donald Trump doesn't need a bond in this scam called America, he has the complexion for his protection that has been in place for hundreds of years!! Stop acting like this is not a white man's paradise, it is in your face written in this scam of a CONSTITUTION!!

  9. A very important issue is that the judge completely absolved Michael Cohen of any crime, misstatements, etc. and declared him completely credible. I hope that he is able to restore his reputation, (not as a fixer, but as his recent exploits prove, a champion of truth and justice).

  10. This political activist Judge is disgrace. He doesn't care about the 22k employees could loose there jobs? They depend on Trump Origination for there lively hoods. He only cares about Grand standing

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