Marijuana Reclassification: Biden’s HISTORIC SHIFT and Prisoner Shares Her Story: 9 years for WEED

The decades-long war on marijuana is slowly ending as the Biden Administration has taken a step toward reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug. More than 50 years since then-President Nixon declared a war on drugs, the United States has spent $47 billion combating drug use, with 15.7 million people arrested on marijuana charges in just the last two decades. This week on What’s America Thinking, host Julia Manchester dives deep into this change with Executive Director and General Counsel of the Last Prisoner Project, Sarah Gersten, and Director of Advocacy, Stephanie Shepard. Plus, Julia also goes on the record with Decision Desk HQ’s Scott Tranter about the latest in the 2024 presidential race and current polling between President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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23 thoughts on “Marijuana Reclassification: Biden’s HISTORIC SHIFT and Prisoner Shares Her Story: 9 years for WEED

  1. Legalize federally now. What's legal to possess and consume in over half of the populated areas of The United States should not make you a criminal in states still being governed by woefully ignorant prohibitionist politicians. Cannabis consumers in all states deserve and demand equal rights and protections under our laws that are currently afforded to the drinkers of far more dangerous and deadly, yet perfectly legal, widely accepted, endlessly advertised and even glorified as an All-American pastime, alcohol. Plain and simple! Legalize Nationwide Federally Now!…

  2. 2:35 It means money for the States that make it 100% legal. The yahoos hate it because most of the Blks in for profit prison's are there for non-violent possession charges. Nearly 3/4th of the prisoners in the USA are in for non-violent crimes.

  3. It will destroy the medical markets in EVERY state. The fda is NOT going to allow, people they don’t monitor(and then collect millions from) to grow a medicine they are in charge of. PERIOD.

  4. It's easy, if you don't support legal regulated use of cannabis by adults then you support the illegal unregulated black market. Allow legitimate banking and fix the outrageous taxes cannabis business is currently robbed by. If not, make alcohol as illegal as cannabis and close all bars and places that serve alcohol. If you think that cannabis is worse, medically or socially, than cannabis, then you are ignorant.

  5. Rescheduling it does absolutely nothing for the average America. It only allows scientists easier access to "study" it. Big pharma will help fund this research, create synthesized drugs, sell those synthesized drugs to the public and make sure it is never legalized at the federal level for recreational use. Biden has zero interest in allowing legal recreational cannabis at the federal level. He has not and will not shift his stance. Just more smoke and mirrors.

  6. I'm 62 years old and I have a host of medical problems and in constant pain. Prescription opiates are also out. I can't take them because one of my conditions has caused me to lose 6 inches of my colon. And I would like to keep what I have left.

  7. Anyone in Prison for Marijuana (only), should take this argument to the Supreme Court if you want out of prison and probably have all charges reversed. Really, I'm not kidding, just keep reading.
    Lets say you are caught speeding, going 65mph in a 55 and get a ticket, 3 weeks later they change the speed to 75mph. You take this argument to the Judge and explain the change in speed limits. I do not feel you will get out of paying the fine for the ticket, the speed limit was posted at 55, you violated the law, just because it later changed does not mean you didn't violate the law.

    Now, if you can prove the speed limit being 55 is not Constitutional but 75 is, then you may have a case but seeing how the Government has full authority to set the speed limit, I think you are SOL. and the same goes for being in prison, unless you prove Marijuana being illegal is un-Constitutional then in prison you must stay. Now, if you can prove its an un-Constitutional Law, then you will be released extremely fast. I personally feel Marijuana being illegal is un-Constitutional, well I'm off my rocker aren't I…

    My argument is: Marijuana is Constitutional because its Biblical: If someone would take this argument to the Supreme Court, Marijuana would instantly become legal.
    Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.
    What God has given to man, no man nor government nor king has the right to take away from man. Marijuana should be free to grow and or buy, just like corn or potatoes. Marijuana is all natural, I don't care if one can use it for medicine or pleasure, I believe it was given to us by God himself at the time God spoke to man in person.
    I am not pro Joe Biden, I am a Conservative, but God is above the law, God is the law. God created the 1st laws before man even thought about laws.

    If Marijuana is to become legal across all 50 States, it must be taken to the Supreme Court with a Biblical argument. When the Bible says I give you every seed bearing plant, God did not say except Marijuana, every plant means all of them.

    When it comes to legalizing Marijuana, I can see no greater argument for the Supreme Court than a Biblical Argument and the Constitution. And because the argument is Biblical and Constitutional, Marijuana should have never been illegal in any of the 50 States, so if your crime was simply about Marijuana no matter how much you had even 50k Pounds of it, it does not matter, it would be the same as having 50k pounds of corn, its not illegal and nor should Marijuana have ever been illegal, the crime will be reversed in all cases. In my opinion that is, but its a really good argument for the Supreme Court. Anyone in prison for Marijuana right now, should take this to the Supreme Court.

    I am a hard right Conservative, I'm not Republican, I'm Conservative, there is a difference.
    I don't think anyone has ever used or pushed Marijuana is Biblical and Constitutional, really, I have never heard of anyone using that argument, but its so simple, based on the Constitution separation between Church and State which is a limit on Government not on the Church and not on Religious Rights, I feel you will get a 9-0 ruling from the Supreme Court pro Marijuana is Constitutional because its Biblical because of what the Bible says in Genesis 1:29 alone.
    I can't get anyone to listen or take this serious but I'm telling you, the Supreme Court will see it this way.

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