NYC’s Mayor Adams Calls Migrants ‘EXCELLENT Swimmers’, Says They Should Fill Lifeguard Vacancies

Amber Duke and Jessica Burbank react to NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ recent comments on migrants. #EricAdams #immigration

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Author: Rafael Nieves


49 thoughts on “NYC’s Mayor Adams Calls Migrants ‘EXCELLENT Swimmers’, Says They Should Fill Lifeguard Vacancies

  1. As a Mexican, I will say that that statement made by Amber about Mexican governments being in bed with the cartel has been debunked, even very recently, and speaks of a lack of good faith in the treatment of this issue. I had to stop watching after that, it's very disrespectful.

  2. This is a fake issue. The "migrants" are paid actors. None of this is real. The media and others are making this all up to get federal funding for fake programs in NY and an excuse to put NY in the news. They love the attention. The federal money for these fake programs is going to get stolen. The acting job for the "migrants" will come to an end and the problem will magically go away. Meanwhile in California where homelessness is real (sorta they're paid actors too) gets completely ignored.

  3. Amber Duke you obviously lack the knowledge to opine on close and open borders, when was the last time you visited and studied the Mexico US border area? This is coming from a legal immigrant/US citizen that opposes Biden's "OPEN BORDER POLICY"!

  4. An open boarder is something like we had with Canada before 9-11. I remember driving to the boarder an after answering a few questions they just wave you through.

    "Open Boarder" in the case of the Southern Boarder is just a political term to complain that the boarder entrance isn't as strict as you would like. Has nothing to do with the boarder being "open."

  5. Jessica, a Biden apologist, has just shown herself to be completley ignorant about the realities at the border. Amber had once again shown herself to be informed, reasonable, and an actual journalist.

  6. This is one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard a politician said. Or it was one of the worst jokes ever made. Either one is inappropiate.

  7. I live in El Paso Texas. The border is open. Border Patrol just has them wait until they can get more vehicles to transport them all.

  8. <s> It's comforting to know that with the political imprisonment of MS13 members in El Salvador, that their claims for asylum here in the US will be so much easier to verify and expedite.</s>

  9. Mayor Adams is about to issue an executive order requesting New Yorkers accept migrant family in their own homes due to the anticipated severity of the incoming winter. NYC will compensate all expenses for migrants' housing and food, but not utilities

  10. When are you two going to admit that all of this is by design, that it's irrelevant which party is in the Whitehouse when it comes to the border? The birthrate among Americans is 1.6/couple, putting the country in literal freefall. It needs to be at least 2.1 in order to maintain a 'growth' based economy. So really, so you think it's in the best interest of oligarchy (bc that's what we are, NOT a democracy) to restrict our borders in any way? Please — they will not and cannot close the border, or 'growth' is finished. This issue is a political bullet point and nothing more; it's already decided what's going on down there and it's laughable to suggest that the POTUS controls that.

  11. This guest is coming across very dumb internationally. This migration I believe has been planned by the world economic form for many years. We all heard Biden invite them all to come even before election. She should review her information

  12. 🙄 the 4th grade reading level/critical thinking. Biden lied to them and Kamala … they literally have video of them telling people not to come. But ok👀

    Amber, please use aaaalllll the facts not cherry picked from the brainwashed.

  13. Can't believe she really is going to argue that there is no 'open border' because there is a legal process in place. No! When you invite anyone who wants to cross, to actually cross, and because there are so many you release them and say "please come back on your court date" and there is absolutely no shot, they will in fact come back on their court date. You are essentially just having an open border, flooding people in who vanish. Can any of these people be honest for once? Like at all???

    Biden supporters are so whack and such apologists for the reality of what is allowed to occur.

  14. It’s fun to watch Jessica play dumb with policy when it comes to Biden boarder policy saying well he says it’s closed so that’s the reality. But then ask her if that same logic rains true for his two state policy in Israel. It’s amazing how she can then have clarity on how stated policy is very different from the effectual policy.

  15. Perhaps if they had came correctly to this country then they would have jobs. Perhaps if the govt didnt have immigration built around how much money they have.

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