WOW! GOP’s Biggest Talking Point BLOWS UP In Their Face

Texas Paul reports on the plummeting number of border encounters and why Republicans rushed to push through their sham impeachment of Mayorkas.

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Author: phillynews215


36 thoughts on “WOW! GOP’s Biggest Talking Point BLOWS UP In Their Face

  1. the impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas was and is the same political circus as was the impeachment of Trump…..and they are flooding the border….this guy is better than Saturday Night Live….

  2. Thank you for calling the bad-influence Republicans MAGA. There are others that have voted with Democrats since before Trump. Sorry to hear your state's surplus was wasted. Voting blue ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Texas Paul, I really appreciate you and your truthful words. I was raised a republican. My siblings and my 95 year old mother are Republicans. I am the only one that knew the real trump and what he was about and refused to vote for him back in 2016. They still believe in trump while I will vote for Biden. While the family may bring up politics at a family gathering, I do not speak one word, I just listen to them talk about all the lies they believe. It isn't worth the arguing. Since my dad and 3 siblings have passed away, it's no longer 10 to 1 but now 6 to 1. Vote blue ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

  4. The trash in the republican party support the bigger trash Trump to head their position in the party and don't care that they are destroying the country. Remember history will view what each of you has been a part of

  5. What a bunch of B$! Follow Diaper Joe and do not believe that bunch of freaks with him? Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Let me just say I also believe that Trumplstilskinhead Stiled the 2016 Election also be ause as we all know in 2016 he and republicans were in bed with russians since 2014 and its just continued its 2024 and all that information concerning russians being the largest donors to the maga party ,russians handing them fraudulent information about america ,russians spending time inside the white house in 2017 ,18,19 and 2020 involved in the planning of the attack on the U.S.Capitol along with the maga diciples ,I do t put it past rump to use them to fake a loose for Clinton in 2016 ?

  7. I was disappointed for the people of Texas. when Beto Orourk didn't get elected Governor of Texas. he seemed like he would have been a good Governor at minimum better than Abbott.

  8. I know of the trumped up taking points they routinely complain about, but I don't see the republicans following up and resolving any of the public's problems. The most violent crime ridden states are republican lead states with low quality of life metrics. Since the Republicans 2020 convention, they no longer publish a platform that defines what they stand for, except for one thing, make Donald Trump look good. Which is hard goal to accomplish for a lifelong scam artist facing 4 indictments representing 91 felony charges.

  9. Come on dude how many from China and other countries have come in?? How many terrorists have come in. How many rapists and gang members have come in? You have to be the biggest liar on YouTube!

  10. Dude, you lie like a dog!! We have seen all the people on video swarming across the border. all year. Don't try to fool our eyes with your lies. Mayorkas said the border is under control. Now Biden is saying it is out of control. You can't have it both ways

  11. I'm from republic of Ireland this guy is on the money ..we are seeing this in Europe as well with regards to Russia …we are more aware about russia

  12. Listen to the truth for once and stop lying to the people and try doing your job to the people who voted you in,and Mr Trump pls get out while you still cYnefore it's too late,shame on you

  13. The GOP has used scare tactics since 1945. They used the โ€œRussians are comingโ€ to win votes and stay in power. Then the USSR fell and they lost their big scare. This is just the latest attempt to find a way to frighten their supporters.

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