Bodycam Shows Shootout With Officers and Suspect Outside of Springfield MGM Casino

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Springfield, Massachusetts — On Saturday, February 25, 2023, at 2:20 a.m., members of the Massachusetts State Police Gaming Enforcement Unit, along with members of the Springfield Police Department assigned to the Gaming Enforcement Unit, responded to a report of 48-year-old William Tisdol being involved in a confrontation inside MGM Springfield. During that confrontation, Tisdol reportedly threatened to shoot the a party with which he had a confrontation with at a gaming table. MGM security was able to provide a location to Officers as Tisdol was leaving the casino, heading south in the direction of Main and Union Streets. When approached by officers on Union Street, Tisdol attempted to elude officers. During the encounter Tisdol did not comply with the troopers’ legally valid attempts to stop him. Instead, Tisdol fled while keeping his hand in his right jacket pocket while troopers issued commands for him to remove his hands.

A Springfield Police officer attempted to stop Tisdol by tackling him; however Tisdol evaded this officer and continued to flee while keeping hand in his right pocket. Troopers continued to issue commands while following the subject. When a trooper announced the use of his taser, Tisdol turned towards the trooper and discharged his firearm on the trooper armed with only a taser. Both troopers returned fire at Tisdol. Tisdol was later declared deceased at Baystate Medical Center. An autopsy by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined that a projectile had entered Tisdol in the right upper chest area, which caused his death. The law directs that district attorneys bear the responsibility of investigating cases involving deaths by unnatural causes. In instances such as this it is also the district attorney’s role to determine the appropriateness and lawfulness of a police use of force leading to another’s death.

Hampden District Attorney Anthony D. Gulluni employs national best practices in these situations that are designed to ensure communication with a decedent’s family and community leaders while the investigation continues; conduct an objective and thorough investigation; and reveal to the public all evidence, clear findings of fact, and conclusions that apply the law. This investigation into the death of William Tisdol has followed this same protocol and concludes that the troopers acted in the lawful exercise of their duties and used only necessary and reasonable force in both self-defense and defense of others. Hampden District Attorney Anthony D. Gulluni stated, “Tisdol’s actions dictated the course of events and the reasonable and necessary use of lethal force by the troopers. There is clear and copious evidence that Tisdol accessed, pointed, and fired his gun at troopers. The entirety of the amassed, uncontroverted evidence all stand clearly in agreement that the use of force by the troopers was an unavoidable last resort, to which they arrived after issuing numerous verbal commands and then were fired upon by Tisdol. Their actions comport with the policies of the Massachusetts State Police and with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer Santos
2:06 – Bodycam: Officer Cusek

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Shootout With Officers and Suspect Outside of Springfield MGM Casino

  1. '“We know he was shot and killed. We know the police did it. We know he was unarmed. So, what we need here are answers. We’re not claiming anything. We just want some answers,” said Pastor Bruce Carter of Hartford, Tisdol’s cousin.'
    Honestly, spreading misinformation like this to incite panic and protests needs to come with charges. and the news is to blame too. How the fuck are you gonna interview the family and let them recite the accounts that they have no info to and publish it before the police have even finished their investigation. What happened to journalistic integrity? news publishes unarmed, and low and behold, it all started because someone threatened someone's life and then shot at the cops. Sounds pretty unarmed to me. kind of logic like "well after the alumni hopeful unloaded his entire magazine, his gun was basically a stapler at that point and thus was unarmed".

  2. You can clearly see the perp's gun's muzzle flash @46 seconds in. If you ask me, they were more than patient enough with a guy that was making claims of killing others by shooting them earlier. Glad this was the outcome and not a cop that was killed. Race doesn't matter, stupidity and criminal behavior does.

  3. Wonder if his family will come forward and correct their claims that he was unarmed? Or take accountability that their beloved son could have killed a police officer for literally no reason?

  4. Wer so frei die Waffe einsetzt der sollte, zum Schutz der eigenen Kameraden, eine taktische Ausbildung zwingend absolvieren. Wie viele Polizisten werden jedes Jahr von den eigenen Leuten erschossen oder verletzt.

  5. As much as we all love seeing an attempted Cop killer go down. There's nothing like watching a human life leave their body and knowing that you caused it. Especially when they talk to you right before they go and express regret.

    Glad you boys are alright.

  6. i just cant understand why people are so willing to throw their lives away for nothing like this. do they just not know theres a God who loves them?

  7. Oh wow I’m in CT and didn’t hear about this, I still don’t understand why people think they’re going to make it out alive if they shoot at a cop.

  8. Someone way somehow the family is still gonna say the cops murdered this law abiding didn't do nothing citizen.

    There gonna cry and loot until the city pays for the criminals dumba$$ mistakes.

  9. It’s crazy how these criminals don’t know right from wrong, Monday from Friday, or how many kids they have… but they can accurately predict and confirm their own death within a variance of 1 hour with such confidence and accuracy… 3:49 🤯

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