Bully Cop Is No Longer In Law Enforcement, Department Won’t Tell Me Why

Georgia Gaurdian

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26 thoughts on “Bully Cop Is No Longer In Law Enforcement, Department Won’t Tell Me Why

  1. I think James Freeman is a jerk. Very Inappropriate question and very rude to that secretary. Lost a lot of respect for this dude.! I'll pass on his videos..

  2. Define "Good" cop, as I'm still unsure what that is. I've never seen this rare unicorn of a beast. I've seen bad apples, bad cops and thugs with badges. I've not seen a badge-wearing individual do "good," and only do "good," though, because the job requires assault, trespass, burglary and many other criminal behaviours just to call it a day. Peaceful people who have not done anything wrong have been attacked, stolen from, lied to–and many other forms of criminality–by these same people claiming to be "the good cop," but then they go and get along perfectly with their fellow "bad" order followers. 3 types of cops exist: the good cop, who leaves the FORCE cause everyone else is bad, the cop who is just simply bad and, lastly, the cop who is undecided which one they are, so they will choose a side. Some reading this may think that's not the case, although I assure you, it is this way. I took Law and Security Administration in college, and I've seen it firsthand, and through others experiences. I'm still searching and seeking this valuable, super-resource called a "good" cop. In order to just turn your mind off and become an order follower, one must choose not what to do, but what to follow. Therefore, one who follows orders, cannot "be good" because to act against orders is not an option, and to follow orders is the highest priority of any badged individual.

  3. hahaha Time 7:40; "….I can't answer on whether he was a good cop or what." So what the "good" middle manager (Captain is a military term) is saying is he was NOT a good cop and HE KNEW IT. Ergo, the manager is not a good cop because, at least for a time, he allowed a bad cop the work for the department.

  4. PSA; Never run from a cop built like this, physically and/or mentally,. They damn sure aren't running after you but they will still chase you with bullets.

  5. I had a cop do this to me once, he basically walked very rapidly towards me from about 10-12 feet away. I watched him coming, timed my one step forward, and managed to stop him in his tracks right in my face because he was so shocked. Lucky for me didn't punch me or shoot me because this was 20 years ago when cops weren't afraid of everything. It helped that he was 10 inches taller and 100 pound heavier too. Based on the cop I had interaction with, I can almost guarantee what I see in the video is the behavior of a coward. I hope he really is out of law enforcement.

  6. Cpl walt keeps trying to latch on a leg and go to town humping, with all the asked answered questions. He comes off as really slow on the uptake. Hopefully his departure from law enforcement is permanent. The lady who answered the phone got a little too triggered by your question. The captain kinda did too. He tried to deflect the shitty cops getting what's coming to them, with good cops sometimes get hit too. And you responded perfectly with they usually get caught in the bad cops bullshit because they don't do anything to stop the shitty cop. Truer words have rarely been spoken. But are even more rarely acknowledged by the blue line gang of ass covering thugs. They fail to realize they would be infinitely safer if they just stuck to protecting and serving the public, rather than harassing and extorting their fellow citizens. It such a simple concept, even a caveman could do it. But then again a caveman has a closer connection with humanity. To be clear I don't unconditionally hate cops, just the shitty ones, and the self proclaimed good cops who do nothing when they have a shitty cop in their presence. For their information seeing shitty cops do shitty things and doing nothing about it, makes you a shitty cop by association. Hopefully that clears up any confusion. I tried to be as clear as possible because cops slow on the uptake like cpl Walt exist far more often than they should in law enforcement.

  7. If shes just a secretary, then surely her job is to put you in contact with someone who CAN answer your questions, no?

  8. Ever wonder if wearing a badge is like someone getting herpes? Herpes don't go away they just go dormant. But when they surface they will spread the sickness and can't be corrected. I believe the only way the herpes die if the host dies.

  9. That fat sob needs a good spraying!!! You can tell he was a fat slug in middle school and now with qualified immunity it is his time to get his revenge as he has literally un-fetteted power to do what he what he wants to do on whoever he chooses!!! In easier words he can now get his revenge and get paid!! He started out in a manner that get him a good southern asswhoopin!!!

  10. One cup say, can we talk without the camera? I just assume that they want to do something that they know can’t be caught on camera

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